Working with Life-Transforming and Intense September 2022 Energies

Blue Ray Ascension Symptoms, Ultra-Sensitive Empath, Celestial Solar Cosmic Awakening Birthing the New Earth

Many of you will be retrieving lost aspects of your ascended soul and the Divine Angelic Human templates, including that of Nature, the Stars, the Cosmos, Heavenly realms and beyond. Your experiences will likely not be in books to look up or even have been spoken of before. Be prepared “Blue Ray” Ultra-Sensitive Empaths, Angelics and Star Seeds to know that this celestial period can be life-transforming.

You will also be navigating through the geomagnetic solar activity that can make you feel more sensitive in many ways, affecting the pineal gland, memories, thinking and the emotional body. It will be big, and it’s already happening. The energy essence will keep going until the full moon and beyond through this whole month.

Know that this will be occurring for you at a very deep spiritual inner core level. These experiences are unique, per person, as each individual receives according to their “faith” in the unseen. For those who are ripe and ready for this profound indwelling Presence and ascension ongoingly, we enter realms beyond duality, ever-increasing levels of truth, Love, and deepest healing for all bodies—mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, energetic, etheric, and even beyond.

Ascension Symptoms, Upgrades, Energy Shifts, Higher Dimensional Embodiment
Use care: It is suggested to consult a healthcare professional with any symptoms of concern as not every symptom is from ascension. And though it may be an ascension symptom, you still may need assistance with the process.

Digestion, Diet, Eating and the Emotional Body and Sun – You may experience challenges with foods that were once acceptable now causing stomach upset as you are going through major alchemy within. Tweak your diet accordingly as you go through various aspects of upgrades of light, frequency and purification. The emotional body is being expanded and upgraded through your divine feminine of sensitivity, intuition and empathy. There could be emotions and feelings that are guiding you in your healing. The sacred feminine intuition needs to be honored and this is a way life is speaking to you.

Is there something that is arising that you can no longer stomach and/or digest in your life? As you embody more of your sacred self and honor the divine feminine within, your intuition increases. So does the light of your solar plexus connection to the sun to expand in you self-confidence, personal power and internal strength. As the sun erupts with geomagnetic activity, you may feel this within your own solar plexus and life; utilize what the energies are sharing with you.

Magnification of Your Intuition, Sensitivity & Empathy

Relationships – You may be experiencing the ending and/or pulling away from relationships and taking back your power. As you’re shifting and expanding in your divine holy power and ascension, Self-Realization increases. You may need to pull back to spend time in your own energies for integration and alchemical upgrades.

Emotional Energetic Body Cathartic – Releases can come with tears at times; allow these energies to come up through you, allowing the divine masculine within to hold space for your divine feminine to release anything that no longer serves for the wholistic healing process to ensue. Let go, let God, taking deep breaths, allowing the cathartic release of water energies—a holy purification—as you come more into your core. You need not linger in any kind of pain, emotion or trauma; release it to receive its blessing.

Heart Expansion and Sacred Divine Feminine Healing – Many of your emotional discharges will give rise in the spiritual awakening of your heart and love. As the emotions are released, your heart may feel both expanded and temporarily more vulnerable. As your sensitivity and connection to God-Source increase, and as emotional purification is a significant component of the ascension process, these released obstacles, emotions, traumas and beliefs allow you to embody more light and your true nature.

Hard to Work and Function – There are a lot of energy and transformations occurring on multiple levels, making it challenging to work and get things done, even if it is spiritual work. Your emotional body, psychic and nervous systems need time to simply be and allow for renewal.

Mission Purpose and Life Review – Revisions and upgrades to the work, services and the path that you are on.

Body Temperature Fluctuations and Light – Feeling a wave of heat going through the body. Feeling, sensing and/or seeing light [waves] emanating from your body.

Internal Body Shaking – Waves of your light body vibrating and where you feel your body shaking. Feeling lightheaded or dizzy for brief times and new sensations of being in the body where you are unsure of walking and connecting in the physical. Internal shivering at times. Odd feelings but not to fear as they should pass as quick as they come providing you are releasing rather than holding onto anything that no longer serves our highest Self.

Opening of Third Eye Energy Center – Seeing a new way. Individual expansion and ascension is highly personalized, unique to each person. Intuiting things new to you, coming through your inner vision and sight. Light flickering at your 3rd eye when you’re meditating. Much more. Allow it in awe. Be grateful for these unprecedented experiences.

Needing Silence – Peaceful integration periods where you just allow yourself to be. You may feel drawn to spend more downtime, being by yourself or in Nature with the trees, the water, the ocean; Solaris the sun, the stars and planets may be calling you to spend time with them. There are times when you may need to go into total inner silence. In this space, you will be able to receive clarity. A renewed level of Presence and information are waiting for you in the silence. It can be powerful and holy to spend time there.

Know that all powerful downloads, inner work and the ascension process can be taxing to both nervous systems and all bodies, mental, emotional and spiritual. It is imperative to create harmony, peace and balance for yourself this month; rest, sleep and nap when you feel such; intuit your way, using all bodies harmoniously within. You have an internal guidance system (intuition is one word for it) which, once activated and allowed its full berth, will become your best-ever friend. Welcome your Highest Self.

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