Ascension and the Sun: Solar Cycle 25 and the Year 2024

Dear Cosmic Community,

Since early 2020, have you noticed that your life lessons have accelerated? Perhaps you’ve seen an influx of change, with old patterns and personal cycles that have been 10 years or more in the making, constantly coming up for review? One could immediately lay cause at the feet of the Global Pandemic, yet all occurrences on our planet have cosmic origins. And those cosmic origins (in particular) can be mapped to the great cycles of our life-giving star, the Sun.

The Sun is a dynamic, constantly shifting hot glowing ball of plasma gas (hydrogen and helium) located at the centre of our solar system. It’s the incredible energy source which is responsible for our ongoing balance and existence here on Earth. And as such, every living being has an affinity with the Sun and its highly charged energy waves. We intuitively sense and feel the ever-shifting nuances of the Sun on both a physical and on a non-physical level. For at our core, we too are energy beings, a part of the cosmic whole, ever-expanding and developing in stellar consciousness.

It’s that development in consciousness which is the central development theme of your human life. In spiritual terms, it’s known as ‘the ascension process’ and it’s as infinite as you are. With ascension comes wisdom and an unfolding remembrance that you’re a child of the stars, here to learn and grow through the vehicle of your human life. And it’s your ascension path (your growing in self-knowing) that’s at one with the solar cycles.

In today’s all-new blog post, let’s delve into the 11 year waxing and waning cycles of the Sun, as you take a journey into the past, present and future. For the year 2024 features heavily in what will be a pivotal year for the elevation of consciousness and the next phase of humanity’s opportunity to work together and ascend or to further separate and create an ever-deepening divide.

11 Year Solar Cycles
Solar cycles, as we know of them today were first studied back in the late 1700’s by a Danish astronomer Christian Horrebow. He noted that ‘it appears that after the course of a certain number of years, the appearance of the Sun repeats itself with respect to the number and size of the spots’. But, it wasn’t until the mid-1800’s that a Swiss Astronomer, Rudolf Wolf established a sunspot numbering series known as the Wolf number, which is still in use today.

Known as the ‘solar cycle’ it’s observed that over a period of 11 years there’s a change in the Sun’s activity with significant variations in the number of sun spots generated on the Sun’s surface. During each solar cycle, levels of solar radiation, the number and size of sunspots, solar flares and coronal loops produce a cyclical pattern that waxes to a period of maximum activity before waning to a period of minimum activity.

Solar Cycle 25
We’re currently at the 25th solar cycle since records began. Solar Cycle 25 officially began back in December 2019, and we all know that the Global Pandemic had its origins at around roughly the same time. Based on modeling, this current solar cycle had been predicted to be a quiet cycle, much like the last Solar Cycle 24 which lasted from 2008 to 2019. Solar Cycle 24 peaked in 2011 and interestingly, also once again in 2014. 2011 was a year of significant planetary and personal life shifts. It was the year of the Japanese Tsunami, as well as other significant global events. You can learn all all about 2011’s events here

Solar Maximum in 2024
Recent solar activity (from February 2022 onward) is already indicating that Solar Cycle 25 may be more influential than predicted, with solar tsunamis and significant X Class flares already occurring, early on in the cycle. The solar maximum for Solar Cycle 25 is estimated to occur in or around 2025. However, I have a feeling that this may more likely occur in mid-late 2024, as do solar scientists.

Pole Shifts on The Sun – The Sun’s 22 Year Magnetic Cycle
It’s during the solar maximum, when the cycle is nearly at its zenith, that the magnetic field of the Sun ‘flips’. There’s a pole shift that takes place. After two cycles of these flips (22 years), the Sun returns to its original state. This cycle is called the Hale cycle.

Flipping From Feminine to Masculine Consciousness
When the poles flip, the Sun’s magnetic field will reverse. As this field reversal occurs, the magnetic field weakens, then drops down to zero before emerging once again with a reversed polarity. In essence, the Sun’s magnetic field will move from either a feminine flow (left rotation) to a masculine flow (right rotation) and back again.

When the Sun’s field reverses, it sends energetic ripples out into the solar system affecting every planetary body (including you). During the field reversal, Earth will see an increase in space weather, as we become more susceptible to solar storms and the increasing wave of higher consciousness that heightened solar activity always brings.

In late 2019, at the time of the last solar reversal, the Sun moved from a masculine wave (the north pole) to a feminine wave (the south pole). We now have an 11 year period where a feminine energy wave is infiltrating our solar system. From an ascension perspective, this means that you’ll be inundated with a call to act upon your intuition (soul’s voice) and to trust in your own innate wisdom.

Cosmic Chutes and Magnetic Portals of Communication between The Sun and The Earth
There are also portals of energy which directly connect the Sun and Earth. These portals have been proven to exist by astrophysicists

These portals of communication pass energy back and forth between the Earth and the Sun approximately every 8 minutes. Via these energetic portals, high-energy particles travel back and forth. We literally are communicating with our star on an energetic level.

Known as a ‘flux transfer event’ the connections that occur between The Sun and The Earth are brief, bursty and dynamic’, according to David Sibeck, an astrophysicist at the Goddard Space Flight Centre in Maryland in The United States.

Physical Symptoms Due to Solar Activity
To me, this explains why those of us who are awake and aware humans and who are sensitive to energy fluctuations, often experience headaches, anxiety, restlessness and increased inspiration during peak periods of solar activity. It truly is a physical interchange and experience. I’ve often said that we feel solar events ‘as they happen’ on the Sun, regardless of whether a solar event is Earth directed.

Consciousness Growth – The Ascension Path and The Sun

The Sun is a master teacher of the light within our localised physical and non-physical solar system. It’s the soul (sol) that supports and feeds all of its planetary children with an energy field that’s always evolving and generating light codes. And because you’re intricately linked with the Sun, you too are constantly evolving and embodying a greater capacity to transmit and also to emit the light.

The one great overriding purpose of human life is to serve the light and to be the light. To bring your consciousness up to such a level, so that you remember who you are, means that you can purposefully assist in the elevation of spirit. This is ‘the ascension path’ and it’s a path that we’re all treading upon to varying degrees.

The ancients were intimately familiar with this great solar ascension path. It’s why they venerated the Sun in ancient artwork, philosophies, architecture and literature. You walk along that same solar path. Indeed, we all do.

The Year 2024
If Solar Cycle 25 does peak in 2024, it would align with several influential happenings that will impact global consciousness that year…

  • There’ll be 5 eclipses in 2024, with the most impactful being the April 8 Total Solar Eclipse. It will be the third Total Solar Eclipse that has crossed mainland North America in 7 years

  • The next US election will take place in 2024. This will be a contentious energy period, spurred on by a peaking solar maximum

  • The next Russian election will also take place in March 2024. This will be a deciding factor for the future of world peace

  • One of the founders of Theosophy, Alice Bailey, made the prediction in the mid-1950’s, that by the year 2025, a group of ‘new world servers’ would emerge on the planet to take us into The Aquarian Age. You can read more in the book 2025 and The World Teacher
    Theosophists teach that every 100 years a conclave of spiritual teachers meet on the upper planes to decide humanity’s next steps

  • Many astrologers are already claiming that 2024 will mark the beginning of the post-Covid era of light

  • In January 2024, Pluto will begin its 20 year journey through the astrological sign of Aquarius. This is significant for all of us, bringing with it a 20 year period of unparalleled advances in sciences and technology, as what was hidden will be released into the light

I trust that you’re now are gaining a deeper understanding and awareness of just how connected we are as spiritual and physical beings with the waning and waxing cycles of the Sun. Go within, speak with your heart (with soul) and feel the cosmic love that you are. Make decisions that take into account your divine majesty and open up to the joys of higher consciousness that The Sun has to offer you.

**By Elizabeth Peru