Donald Trump: “I am the Father of the COVID Vaccine – Get Those Shots Everyone!”

Alex Jones recently issued an ultimatum to Donald Trump to come forward and admit that he was “fooled” by those who helped him develop and roll out the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

It is widely believed by some that Trump would not have won the 2016 election without the support of Alex Jones and his massive audience.

In a recent broadcast by Alex Jones on, Alex Jones revealed what Trump’s answer to him was, basically saying that Trump was not backing down from his position on the COVID vaccines, but was proud of his accomplishments, and took full credit for them.

Alex Jones stated that he still supported Donald Trump on many issues, but would not support candidates who continue participating in promoting the COVID-19 vaccines that are killing children.

I am embedding a video of Alex Jones’s comments below.

I am also embedding a video of David Knight, who was fired by Alex Jones and had his show on canceled in December of 2020, because of his comments against Trump’s actions during the COVID Plandemic, and in particular promoting the deadly COVID-19 shots.

These are videos of two men who both believe the COVID-19 vaccines are evil, but that’s where their similarities end. I encourage everyone to watch both clips.

Alex Jones:

David Knight:

Brian Shilhavy’s comments:

The following is my opinion as to what is really going on with this issue.

First, I do not believe that Trump was “fooled” by anyone, and I do not believe that Trump made a personal decision that he could now just reverse and admit he was wrong. I believe that he was following orders, and that he cannot speak out against the COVID vaccines, because it will destroy him politically, or worse.

Second, I do not believe that the American people elect their President, and that this has been the case for a very long time. Election fraud and rigging came to the forefront of the American public in the 2020 elections, but it would be foolish to think this started in 2020. I think it is just as plausible that the 2016 elections were rigged against Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote and had double digit leads in the polls heading into the election, in order to put Trump into office.

Third, I think the leaders of the Republican Party are kind of “testing the waters” right now with Trump’s popularity, and trying to find out if the public will stick behind Trump even when he takes a strong public stance in favor of the COVID-19 shots, which are the most deadly bioweapons to ever be unleashed against the human race, and are killing and maiming people in record numbers, as well as creating an entire generation of infertile men and women in what is obviously a depopulation agenda.

If the public turns against Trump on the COVID-19 vaccine issue, which at this point seems very unlikely, I think they have Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as the backup plan, who is almost a carbon copy of Donald Trump, but they are trying to portray him as anti-vaccine, which he clearly is not as we have published many times here. DeSantis has only opposed the COVID-19 vaccine, not other vaccines, and he has only opposed mandates and giving the deadly shot to babies and infants. For all other age groups he has supported the COVID-19 vaccines.

Choosing a particular political party or candidate with the expectation that such a choice will bring about real change, is complete foolishness at this point.

We need to band together as ONE Nation, regardless of political, religious, ethnic, or any other category that the Globalists want us to categorize people into.

At this point God is our only hope for real change, and as I have been writing since the beginning of the COVID Plandemic, the United States of America has become perhaps the most evil county on the face of the earth, and God’s judgment against us seems to be imminent.

Get your hearts and minds in tune with God’s Word, and make sure you are spiritually prepared for what is coming next, because no politician is going to save you, or this nation.

It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in princes (politicians). (Psalms 118:8-9)

**By Brian Shilhavy


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  1. simply4truth

    Es ist alles, ausnahmslos Lüge, da inzwischen bekannt wurde, daß jener Trump, also der Trump im TV, ein Avgatar/Clone ist.Bitte recherchiert selbst und findet eine Bestätigung dieser Erkenntnis. Danke !