Ivo of Vega: Who Am I?

“In the days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man. And now I’ve reached that age I try to do all those things the best I can.” – Led Zeppelin, “Good Times Bad Times.”

My quote: “I like psychology. I’ve spent a lot of time sorting out my own head and in doing so, I understand others better as well. The funniest part is, I’m still figuring out that what I thought I was I’m not. What I thought I was was a response to stimuli I encountered, but it’s not me. What I thought I was was a reaction to everything I encountered, but it’s not who I am, it’s how I reacted to things.”

Ivo: What you thought you were was who you were told you were, and you also learned who you were through reacting to your parents’ reaction to you. That way you learn the wrong message indeed: You are learning more about what your parents can tolerate than what you are capable of. Children learn to see themselves as if their parents are perfect and parents are not perfect. Nobody is perfect on earth if you want to use that criterion.

Me: It took years to figure it out though. I learned to behave a certain way because of my parents’ reaction to me and they were both traumatized. They lived through wars and starvation. That’s why they had such a focus on food being some kind of god, which they passed down to me. Having enough food and money constituted a good life for them, well, until such time my father undertook his spiritual studies and became a mystic. That kind of upset the apple cart. LOL

The reason I took that quote from a Led Zeppelin song was because Robert Plant is focusing our attention on the idea that he was told what it means to be a man. Stick around this rock for a while and you’ll see that the definition of a man has changed radically as society has changed. For my father being a man meant holding down a job, wearing a suit and donning a hat with a small feather in the side. I don’t even know what those old hats are called but you see some men wearing them now like Adam Reader who does rock commentaries. He always has my father’s hat on his head, that and his Zenni glasses. Now most men wear baggy pants that fall off their butts, wear baseball caps and tee shirts, and sneakers. The outward appearance has changed so presumably the inner landscape has changed as well. But they still don’t know who they are. They haven’t even seen themselves either.

Ivo: It is that you were born with no memory of who you are so you are a blank slate upon which society can put its intention for you.

Me: Yup. So you go through your life thinking you are what you like and what you don’t like, what you look like and even what you don’t look like, you think you’re upset easily by certain things and you don’t care about other things but when push comes to shove, most people can’t tell you who they are.

Ivo: What you are you believe, is consciousness, an energy having a physical experience. Arguably not even that because what you believe to be solid physical matter is still energy. So you are consciousness having an energetic experience. You are consciousness having an energy exchange. That is all.

Me: Have you ever seen yourself? I have. I saw myself one night when I looked in the mirror in semi-darkness. There was bright white light shining out of one of my eyes. I don’t know what was up with the other eye but I was grateful to see myself reflected back – I am white light. Along the way through all the dimensions this light takes shapes and splices off in order to create certain experiences but you’re white light.

So if we’re all white light than that white light can create any experience it wants to, is that right Ivo?

Ivo: Indeed it is because white light is the collection of everything. As you know from colour study, white is the assemblage of all colours. Energetically white is the colour of wholeness or Godliness and you are white light. All humans are. If you are on the soul matrix then you are white light.

Stare at a flashlight with an LED bulb or stare at hallogen headlights for a second and see how the white light emanates out from the basic body and you will see yourself and your auric field. This is what you look like.

You are not the person who you have incarnated to be in this lifetime. You have lived many lifetimes and have been many people, so this is not you. It is what created these incarnations that you are. The incarnations or avatars are the pieces you play the game of life with.

You are taught on earth that you are this or you are that, that you are not this or you are not that, but this is all false. These are all reactions to who you have incarnated to be, this is not the truth about you because you are an electro-magnetic being that is white light.

Me: Isn’t white light the unified field?

Ivo: Yes, but there is more to it than just the light. The field is comprised of all different types of energies and only some are electro-magnetic. There is plasma energy, tachyon energy, crystalline energy, many types and you only know of a few of them here on earth. The human is part of the unified field – the electro magnetic part.

Me: Oh. I see.

There’s a reason I wanted to clarify this and it’s because I’m going through some exercises to try to retrieve my higher memories. I have some of them but I believe I have to go through a process of incorporating my higher self, which is Tiannia and in doing so, I have to retrieve her memories. This has to do with overcoming the veil of amnesia and that’ll be in another video.

Ivo: If you actually had free will, you could understand yourself better. But you don’t, your minds are being controlled and manipulated. And for this reason, you believe that you are something you are not.

Me: Okay, let’s leave it here. Keep it simple in this message. But unless your parent tells you you’re white light, they’re lying to you. They’re only reacting to the way you’re behaving and that’s all for the learning but if they define you as anything more than white light consciousness with a free will to do and be anything you want, then they’re not understanding you right and they’re doing you a disservice. But that’s all for the learning too.

Ivo: It is. Thank you my love.

Me: This white light is going to have a nap. I’m allergy fatigued today.

**Channel: Sharon Stewart