Archangel Michael: What is Grief?

Dearest Ones many of you are going through a period of mourning and grief at this time. When someone famous dies such as the Queen of England ,it is very common for this to bring back memories of your own losses . You may have actually lost a close friend , a family member or others who you have known in the past. You may also be grieving the loss of these last few years of a pandemic when your liberties were apparently lost . Grief can bring up many dark feelings of sadness, depression and anger in you all. Dearest Ones when these dark moments come upon you remember who you really are.

YOU Dear One are one of my Spiritual Warriors and as such, you are STRONG and you CAN cope in these dark days .Remember it is always Darkest before the Dawn and that the Dawn will be coming very soon .YOU are a SHINING LIGHT and now is not the time to lay down your SWORD of LIGHT .

In these dark moments when you awake in the middle of the night ,call on me and let me help you through the storm.

Imagine that you actually have my SWORD of LIGHT in your hand and you look up to the grey sky above you . When you see these dark clouds of thought forms above your head, imagine my sword bursting those dark clouds as if they were bubbles and eventually you will see the sun come shining through. The strongest of you have all been through these dark days and you know that you can come out through the other side. It is not always about LOVE and LIGHT for you have to KNOW the dark to appreciate the LIGHT.

There is much talk about the evil that was done by those who have passed. Do not dwell on this so called evil . It matters not whether a soul in this life was evil or not for every single soul goes back to God . Your job is to SHINE the LIGHT on them and BLESS them no matter what they have done or not done .YOU are worth far more than castigating a soul who has passed. BLESS them Dear Ones for they know not what they do and they are in God’s hands now.

Every single soul whether they are beings of LIGHT or the so called Dark ones are all CHILDREN of GOD. As a soul You have all experienced both sides. YOU as LIGHT WARRIORS may be here now to bring in more LIGHT upon the Earth but you too have been a part of the Dark and you have evolved as will these other beings of the so called Dark.

When you think of the evil ones that you see around you think on what Jesus said ” Let He that is without sin among you cast the first stone”

And so Dear Ones be not angry about what has gone on in the past and is now coming out into the LIGHT .Let God deal with the Dark Ones and keep shining your LIGHT. YOU are the Ones who will change the darkness into LIGHT so keep shining that LIGHT on all around you .

Turn off your media ,listen not to the News, be your own newsreader and make it Good news. Go out into Nature and talk to the trees .Watch the Animals and birds. Help Mother Earth to evolve and grow .

Your Light shines before you and YOU will be changing every soul into LIGHT as you go about your daily business , soul by soul and silently, as in the words of the famous hymn “I vow to thee my country” .

And so Dear Ones see the LIGHT behind all of this darkness that has descended upon the Earth at this time and bring your own LIGHT to shine upon it .YOU are the ones to save the world that you all came here to change . YOU are the bringers of the NEW DAWN .


I AM MICHAEL the bringer of PEACE and LIGHT.

**Channel: Thea Grace Sirius


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