US Congressman Claims Govt. Has Alien Tech & Some UFOs Are Reverse-Engineered

One of the mysteries that the whole world is waiting to be solved is what UFOs actually are. Top agencies around the world spend millions of dollars to unravel this truth, finding what is behind many UFO sightings. However, the US Navy exempts itself from releasing more classified videos as they believe it poses danger to national security. In the midst of that, US congressman Tim Burchett is in trend again due to his bold statement on UAPs. He has claimed that some of them are reverse-engineered.

In the joint venture with the Pentagon, NASA has established an individual team that studies UFOs and figures out what they are and from where they have come. The main goals of the study will be to identify and characterize the available UFO data, lay out the best ways to collect observations in the future, and determine how the agency can use such data to advance our understanding of these puzzling sky sights.

NASA’s new investigation of unidentified aerial phenomena could have bigger impacts on atmospheric science than on astrobiology. But what if UFOs are reverse-engineered?

According to a member of the US House of Representatives Tim Burchett, it may all have started after the government recovered crashed alien vehicles. During an interview for On Balance With Leland Vittert, Burchett was asked about the Navy’s possession of more videos of UFOs that it is not willing to release to the public for reasons of National Security.

congressman Tim Burchett UFO photos
Congressman Tim Burchett says, It’s a Bogus, it’s a Cover-up. Image credit:

First of all, Burchett again highlighted the UFO cover-up by the intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense, recalling what happened at the last public hearing in Congress. “We are the most technologically advanced nation in the world, and they present us with these lousy videos, which — during the hearing — weren’t even able to pause properly to show us two or three frames,” he said. “Everything is bad, they don’t trust us. It’s all about power and control,” he added.

Vittert then asked the Congressman about the statement issued by the Navy and how they are refusing to release any more videos showing UAP. He questioned whether this might be because it is a proprietary technology that adversary nations should not know about. The Congressman replied by saying that he thinks the United States Government had probably reverse-engineered alien technology. He claims that many sightings are made on military installations or over restricted airspace.

The Congressman was also asked about his thoughts on whether the Navy was working on technology that could have applications in space or similar to that. In addition, he was asked whether he thought Roswell was a weather balloon. “They are covering it up, and American taxpayers should sue them. It’s so compartmentalized that probably a lot of the people working on it — reverse engineering projects — don’t even know what they’re working on,” he said.

In 2021, Militarycom reported that a new defense bill would allow funding future to “replicate any such advanced characteristics and performance” – or reverse-engineer the UAPs. Under the National Defense Authorization Act 2022, All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) is established by the Pentagon whose aim is to:

1. Surveillance, collection, and reporting of UAP-related activity;
2. Identify UAP system capabilities and their design;
3. Conduct intelligence operations and analysis of UAPs;
4. Mitigate and “defeat” UAPs;
5. Provide governance for UAP-related activities;
6. Obtain science and technology of unknown systems.

Burchett has come up as the new face of UFOlogy who criticized the government for UFO-coverup and was not pleased with the Pentagon officials’ testimonies as according to him, there are other witnesses with much better information. Moreover, he stunned everyone during an interview with Ross Coulthard in his new Blockbuster UAP / UFO – Full documentary.

In the documentary, Rep. Burchett shows Coulthart very clear polaroid photos of a hovering metallic flying saucer on his phone. “I am just saying that I have been briefed by the people. I have talked with the navy pilots who have absolutely nothing to gain by telling me information. You know they have shown me photographs of very unusual and in fact, there is something in our airspace we do not control and that would be very concerning,” he noted.

Rep. Burchett claimed the search for the truth is being hampered by a lack of transparency, “which isn’t just unfair to the public but it could put the safety of our pilots in jeopardy.” He said: “Plenty of military pilots have reported UAP encounters that have no logical explanation. Some of them have warned it was only a matter of time before an aircraft got into a mid-air collision with an unexplained object.”

The US attorney Daniel Sheehan has expressed great concern over the UAPs issue. He asked the whole system who is in charge of UFOs. He said the US military has no vehicle that can go down from 80,000 feet to 50,000 feet in less than a second, moving at approximately 43,000 miles/hr and going underwater. He stated further that these things are wandering all over the navy ships and nuclear facilities and turning off nuclear missiles, and yet nobody knows who those people are.

In his recent interview with reporter Regina Meredith, Mr. Sheehan said that the CIA’s “Electromagnetic Intelligence Center” developed an entirely new technology separate from the radar that allowed them to track the signatures of UFOs.

Meredith first asked him why the government changed UFO to UAP. He replied: “There was a substantial uptick in the appearance of the UFOs and that they were now being able to be picked up by much more sophisticated radar. We have developed an entire other technology that people don’t know about now but it was in the ‘Central Intelligence Agency.’

They had set up a thing called the ‘Electromagnetic Intelligence Center’ so that they were developing different forms of electromagnetic discernment equipment that was able to track the electromagnetic signatures of vehicles (UFOs) not just radar that bounced off of them, they were picking up a lot of these UFOs with that new technology.”

He confirmed that there is another major group called “Geospatial Intelligence Center” that actually houses the information about Roswell. He further explained how the Pentagon snuck this secret UFO program called Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) led by Luis Elizondo under the weapons program which was focused on the object’s movements.

**By Vicky Verma