What is Energy?

All matter is grounded in creation, for how can it exist if it at first was not created? The creation of the universe has evolved over eons of time, but the fact that there was matter to begin with is the question we wish to ponder here. How is it that the fine particles that make up all things existed in the first place? Was there a ‘Big Bang’ that created the planets, stars and moons that exist today? Did God just wave his staff and create the world in a week as the Christians believe?

Matter is energy. Anything that exists in the world and the universe has been created through energy and thus vibrates energetically at its own natural rate. The creation of the universe can, indeed, be credited to the Supreme Source but not in the way Christians describe. The universe was created by energy colliding with itself and forming solid matter. In a space with no restrictions on speed or distance, the existence of energy and the manner in which it was travelling was destined to create matter of substance that began microscopically-small but built upon itself exponentially until the matter began to clump, stick together and form solid formations.

The Supreme Creator is an energetic force that creates with loving intention. The Supreme Mother/Father God is an energy of light and essence that is of no substance but has a consciousness of love and light that literally breathes life into anything it gives mind to. The particles of creation are called ‘Adamantine Particles’ and are the substance behind all matter that has ever been created. They are the energy behind the creation; the life-force energy that is responsible for all matter coming into being. The intention behind each creation determines the frequency at which it vibrates, and that is true with anything that is created by any human today.

Throughout the continued evolvement of galaxies, solar systems, planets and stars within the universe, the vibration behind each creation has been of unconditional love and the utmost respect for every living creature and non-living element taking form. In the creation of living and non-living matter a symbiosis of existence was developed and still evolves today, ensuring that no one element stands alone and that all life-forms will receive the nourishment they need to grow and survive.

A natural hierarchy of existence is the way of many planets, beginning with a simple food chain up to a complex eco-system, but it is not the way of all planets in the many galaxies making up the universal structure. The one underlying force of all existence are the adamantine particles of creation, and the only vibration that can be applied to them is love — that is all there ever has been in the universe and all there ever will be. Therefore, the name, ‘The Creator of All That Is’ signifies that God, or The Supreme Source, holds this energy and will only ever create in the energy of unconditional love and oneness with all.

Excerpt from Chapter 1, The Creation of the Universe in The Alignment of the Universe, Messages from Other Worlds. (Cochrane, 2015, Synk Publications.)