Archangel Uriel: From Loss to Gain

I am archangel Uriel and I will talk about something that might be painful to read.

I will talk about loss. Chaos. Pain. Fear. And other negative aspects that you probably have encountered.

These energies, and following feelings are a challenge to live with and going through.

But see it like this for a second:

If your life where only a walk in a parc – and nothing more?

What if your life where a party where everything is being served to you – at all times – whatever you prefered.

What if you just could order anything, and also receive it when you liked it to.

Or what if you just simply could do exactly what you desire to do, and have what you want?

What would your life be? What would you learn? What would your soul learn from a life like that?

It is the same with your bodies: if you are healthy all your life, and I mean a long life, what would you think of that body in the end?

That your body just provided for you all along, and then there would be nothing more to say?

The truth is that when you are born into this world as a human being you also inherit physical advantages or dis-advantages.

Your soul have choosen where to live, in what body it will live. You as a soul have decided where to be born, what mother that will give birth to you.

You already know that you will have some special difficulties as a child. Because of the inheritance of birth.

And this makes you – GROW – as a soul! Because you just can´t begin to run around just exactly as everyone else does. You have to learn how to adapt. Adjust. Find a higher meaning!

For everyone else they just have it! They found no hinder, they just have it! And nothing stopped them. But they did not find a higher meaning just as easily as you did.

Sometimes in your life you just feel sad that you have had this or that to stop you, at many points in your life. Where you know other people just function or just can proceed with their life.

Sometimes you feel that all your hinders are making you so tired and depressed, almost like left behind?

But I see it in an other angle! And you know it too if you really think of it!

Your loss will be your gain! If you have lost a lot, sooner or later you will gain a lot. And how can this be?

It has to do with balance! Balance in life! All energies, all that lives, has to have a balance!

It is just a matter of  – WHEN – it will come to you, your gain!

It is never a question of IF – do you understand me!?

I want you to repeat this: All energies in all that lives there will always be balance, sooner or later!

So you WILL find gain, you will find that gain for all of your hard struggle, God will see to that and he always do.

Your hard work, your care, your love, your ambition to help other souls is being noted – always – and you WILL be rewarded for it, it is just as I said, a matter of time, as in WHEN it will happen!

Please have faith in yourself and in all your good deeds for humanity, and know that God watches over you and gives you protection.

God says prayers for you, and lights candles for you, and really lights the light for you, every day, as the force and love of God make the entire Gaya spin.

So cheer up dear beloved friends and just ask for my guidance whenever you so desire.

I love you


**Channel: Kerstin Eriksson


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  1. Marta

    Marta: Archaniel Uriel píšem zo Slovenska a žijem pod Tatrami , ďakujem za tvoj úsvit , budem každé ráno myslieť na Teba z láskou , keď budem hľadieť do neba , si moja laska ❤️