From 3D To 4D And 5D: Disclosure

Even if, having “understood” everything, we want to leave school and look for a more pleasant occupation, this is not a plan of our Monada (Soul), which NEEDS our stay here and now as long as possible in THESE conditions. And ONLY she decides, when we can leave.

The school and University are not chosen by us and not by our 3D consciousness, perception and understanding.

Our multidimensional Monad chooses, which, for some reasons, came here and right now from other dimensions and Local and Super Universes. Though, from our 3D point of view, she could freely choose paradise.

Yes, our memory, with her full consent, is switched off on Earth, because our Monad doesn’t need the experience of our past lives. She ALREADY KNOWS it perfectly and don’t want a repeat. She needs a new one, from a clean slate, and for this she chose this physical body for us in this location.

But our Monad remembers absolutely all embodiments, knowledge and experience that it gained while incarnating her manifestation bodies in hundreds and thousands of other worlds and dimensions.

And she will be grateful for ANY experience she gets with our help here and now. Perhaps someday it will be useful for our Monad to build her own Local Universe, ideal from the very beginning for everyone, including its manifestation body, i.e. us.

Sure, the conditions of study in the Earth’s school are extreme due to the constant and most severe bullying by our classmates, society and its rulers, not only physically, but also emotionally.

It’s not solely students who have a hard time. For example, on September 16, 2022, at 01:39 PM CET, Darks inflicted a series of powerful energy strikes on the Lightwarriors ground team. They tried until deep night to kill group members, but couldn’t.

On the morning of September 17, Lightwarriors were more than half dead, but alive. They are keenly aware that the colossal, unprecedented opposition to their work will increase, but don’t intend to give up. There are a lot of similar examples.

Since the beginning of September, problems began with the publication of Schumann Frequency monitoring data. In a few days the freqs grew sharply, but suddenly updates stopped being disclosed.

Many other sources confirm that Earth entered another, higher energy level, and the monitoring of Schumann Frequencies has stopped showing the real picture. The protection worked.

For several days, the resource staff was either afraid to show us the truth, or deliberately tried to hide what was happening to the planet. But they realized that they wouldn’t succeed. Every day we will learn more and more, because the time for this has come.

In that, we are helped by much powerful forces. As soon as the Darks threw giant portions of despair, panic and other negativity from various hot spots into the Earth’s energy field, Galacom, via the Logos of the planet, sent us new energies of GREMO (Love) and other quantum waves to revive our awareness.

They disclose our cosmic memory, and through DNA they load into our subconscious the True Knowledge about us, the Greater Cosmos, the Absolute and the Source. We begin to understand who we really are. And it can’t be stopped.

These streams of Disclosure energies are directed through the Portal of the Sun in the form of Solar tsunamis. Class M flashes alternate with Class C. The proton flux density exceeded 50 units.

The Earth’s magnetosphere was pushed to a considerable depth. The immediate reaction to this was an earthquake of magnitude (M) 7 points on the Loyalty Islands in New Caledonia.

Only on September 16, 2022, in 24 hours, three earthquakes M5.0 and higher occurred; 36 – M4+; 96 – M3+; 232 – M2+; and 633 earthquakes of magnitude less than 2.0. In the area of Yellowstone Park, USA, 91 earthquakes occurred at once per day with an average of 3 points.

Tectonics has activated volcanoes throughout the Ring of Fire in Pacific Rim. Two volcanoes are erupting in Kamchatka.

Shiveluch spitting out a column of ash from its mouth to a height of 6 km above sea level. A couple of hours before, an ash column 3.5 km high was recorded on another Kamchatka volcano Zhupanovsky. Due to the rampage of giants in Kamchatka, an “orange” aviation danger code has been declared.’

At least 10 dead after ‘water bomb’ flash floods likened to ‘earthquake’ hit Italy. Around 40cm of rain fell within just two to three hours after torrential rain and flash floods swept through the streets of the central region of Marche in the late hours of Thursday night.

Local authorities said they were unprepared for the sudden “water bomb” – compared to a “tsunami” – to drop within just two to three hours. The water has submerged the streets of several towns in the region’s capital, Ancona, on the Adriatic coast, and Pesaro-Urbino provinces. Residents frantically scramble onto rooftops or up trees as cars were washed away…

Yes, millions of people in different parts of the planet suffer from these disasters, which do not add to the comfort of staying in the Earthly school of life. When cataclysms are especially destructive, it is difficult to think that they are strictly selective and focused ONLY on those places where the greatest and strongest negativity has accumulated at the moment. And it needs to be urgently collected, burned, washed away, and the resulting tension relieved through volcanoes and tectonics.

These cataclysms are our EXAMS, a crash tests of how we, our 3D consciousness, will behave in this situation. Will we make another angry claim because they continue to wake us up, or some author in some site published “message” that is unpleasant to us, or will we just go and help someone, like the residents of the Italian town of Cantiano are doing now?

**By Lev