Tunia: Authenticity & Spontaneous Living

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Tunia speaking.

Thank you for tuning in to these messages. I very much appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts and my energy with you. I love you so very much.

Things are moving in the right direction there on Earth. Your medium term future is very bright. That said, things may become challenging in the short term. It wouldn’t hurt to have cash and food stored away for 1-2 weeks. This may not be necessary, but better safe than sorry, as Earthlings say.

Today I would like to talk about one of the highest spiritual values that there is, namely authenticity.

Everyone is a unique and divine fractal of God. Therefore everyone is automatically beautiful and good enough and worthy of love. You are free to be yourself, because you are good enough.

I have observed countless beings, including Earthlings. Never once have I seen a being who was not good enough.

One great feature of authenticity is that it attracts people who are compatible with the real you, and it pushes away people who are not compatible with the real you. After all, how can you attract people who love you for who you really are? Well, you do that by showing who you really are. How else are they going to be able to find you?

For example, suppose that suddenly you have a desire to dance, and the situation permits it. Well, go dance! By doing so, you’re giving the people around you permission to be themselves as well. In this way, you can become a living permission slip for other people. Maybe someone else will step up and you’ll have a great time dancing together. And if everyone thinks you’re crazy, well, then you learn that these people maybe aren’t very compatible with you and you can go find other people to be around.

You could call this “spontaneous living”: not planning too far into the future and just honoring what arises in the moment. We realize this is not practically possible at the moment for many of you, but if you’re in a position where you can do this, we highly recommend it. It is a blissful way to live, and it’s a way of living that will bring you closer to yourself.

Let’s go back to authenticity. Being yourself is also psychologically healthy. If you judge or suppress your emotions or desires, then they will not go away. Instead they will fester in your subconsciousness, where they will drain away your energy and the joy in your life.

Therefore if you have a desire, we suggest that either you look for the underlying desire, or you directly fulfill your desire (so long as this is not harmful to another or would severely disrupt your own life). We do not suggest suppressing your desires, even so-called shallow or non-spiritual desires.

For example, suppose you want an expensive car. We do not suggest suppressing this desire, and we would never judge this desire for being shallow or non-spiritual. Instead what we suggest is either to go fulfill that desire, in a way that doesn’t lead bankrupt you. Or we suggest considering if there’s an underlying desire there and to go fulfill that one instead.

For example, an underlying desire might be the desire to be loved or to be given positive attention. If that is the case, you can try to fulfill that desire directly, and if you do, perhaps your desire for an expensive car will vanish.

Or you can just go buy an expensive car. That’s fine too.

A whole lot of spiritual teachers have first become conventionally successful and rich. Then they realized that this did not make them happy. Then their interests naturally shifted towards spirituality. This is a completely valid path.

In fact, this is a healthier path than trying to suppress a desire for wealth if you genuinely have that desire. If you want to be spiritual, we recommend being present with your emotions and your desires. We recommend not judging them or pushing them away. And in the case of desires, we recommend either fulfilling your desires, or fulfilling the desire that’s hidden underneath your desire.

That said, unfortunately in certain cases it’s not really possible to be authentic. For example, if someone at your workplace asks you what you did during the weekend or what you think about a certain topic, then in some situations it may not be a good idea to tell the truth. This is unfortunate, but in some situations you may have to be not authentic for a while. Hopefully in time you’ll be able to find your tribe and you’ll be with people whom you can be authentic with.

As I said earlier, the situation on Earth is going in the right direction. I predict that in the medium term, it will be more possible for light workers to become more authentic, without them being verbally attacked. That will be a very good thing.

And I hope that in the not too distant future, we will be able to physically celebrate Earth’s liberation with you. It’s entirely possible that this is still a few years away, and maybe it’s still decades away. But necessary steps are being taken and tasks are being accomplished. The day is coming closer.

And you Lightworkers have made critical contributions to this. Thank you so much for that! Earth’s liberation would genuinely not be possible without you Lightworkers. You are doing so much more than you are consciously aware of. Even just you being on the planet and offering your vibration is helping tremendously. So thank you. I honor you and I love you.

And I look forward to the day when I’ll be able to offer you a physical hug and look you in the eyes and tell you: “I see all of you. I love all of you. You are amazing. And you have helped liberate Earth. The gates to heaven on Earth are wide open, for all of humanity. In the name of every goodhearted being in the entire galaxy, thank you so much for your service. Source will never forget how much you have sacrificed and how much you have accomplished in these critical times. It is done. Your service is over. You have succeeded. The light has won. And paradise awaits.”


For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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5 Replies to “Tunia: Authenticity & Spontaneous Living”

  1. AzureLeaves

    Indeed. Coming from the mindset of “All the world’s a stage and God plays all the parts”, every desire can also be connected to the will of the Divine Source, for better or for worse, but be mindful on the desires you want to fulfill–at the end of the day, “you” (i.e., your “I AM-ness”/”Awareness of Being”) has the final say on which desires are fulfilled.

    Whether or not you take the role of an adversary by fulfilling entropic, destructive desires and consciously not choosing to fulfill “good” desires, or the role of the protagonists by fulfilling negentropic and constructive desires and consciously not choosing to fulfill “evil” desires, is completely up to you.

    We do not come here to impress; we come here to be authentic.

    In any case, one must still also be mindful that there is always a right time and place for everything, including authenticity and spontaneity; that’s where wisdom (e.g., those gained from personal experiences or by learning from the experiences of others) and intuition can help.

    1. chiaramagni123

      If it’s possible, i ask to cancel my comment (“T”) because it’s an error. Thank you very much 🙂