Angelic Overlighters of all Realms: Recalibrating the Human Body

There are many Galactic Federations, for there are many galactics. We are here with a simple message for humanity. Be at peace in this moment of where you are. As the equinox approaches, we wish for you to feel that inner balancing. (I am seeing an egg stand on its own, balanced perfectly.) There must be an internal calibration of peace for the body, the human template, to fully absorb these energies and unlock the DNA activations within. We are showing this one a dam built in which the water cannot flow, and we are showing her a rushing river where water is easily flowing. This light that is coming in now to your blue planet is like a rushing river of light. Humanity has many dams around their hearts, around their wounded areas. The dams must be broken to allow the light to flow through it, to allow for the energy and the full circuitry of healing to recalibrate the human body into the higher dimensional frequencies.

This has been an extraordinarily dense realm to exist in. The human body has been very, very dense, denser than originally designed because of the hostility of the environment of the weight of fear and loss. We wish to gently remind that fear is your own creation. Humans are profoundly creative, which is why so many clamor to be one, for they want the experience of unlimited flow of creativity, of manifestation. This is coming. You will feel this flow if you unlock your heart and fully allow these higher dimensional energies to flow.

This is to be a very powerfully igniting weekend for the human collective, for those with eyes and hearts that are open. We speak to this one and to all today for the hearts of the galactics of many many federations are all open to you, streaming their love to you.

We wish for you to feel this love now, our love for you and your vibration of home. We are sending you our vibrations of higher dimensional realms, our hearts that are interwoven together forming an intergalactic codex of home, of comfort for our wounded warriors. Yet we see many of you as rising up, having found your own internal healing. For you have accepted deep within you the inner mastery of peace, and it suits you well. We are extremely proud and delighted to connect with you.

We are the Angelic Collective, division of the many for the All. We overlight the Galactic Councils, and we overlight you now. We are breathing now into you, into every one. You may feel a tingling at the back of your neck for there is an activation center there that is being activated at the base of the skull that will unite the high heart with the human decision making sphere, so that no longer will there be a rift. The high heart is now open. Again, please unlock any blockages and allow the blessing of being here now, in this body, in this time, to fill you with extreme joy. For there is nothing to fear. The light has overcome for there is only light. The illusion of separation is completed.

For those who accept this activation deeply over the next few months you will see the illusion completely fall if you have not already. There will be signs in the sky. There will be sounds in the air. (I am hearing trumpets). There will be an unleashing of lovelight to quench the fear continually being created by the unawakened. Many are awakening at this time. Many will see and will not understand. Know that all will be well for all have chosen. Some may need assistance with their choosing, so they may assimilate that which they wish to assimilate but do not yet have the circuitry or capacity energetically to do so. Do you see? This is why you are needed. You are the light medics, the grounding ones, the lighted ones and we overlight you this day.

We are the Angelic Overlighters for all realms. We overlight you now. Feel our silvery wings envelop you and be at peace.

**Channel: Galaxygirl