Choosing the New

We continue to experience this new frequency of being in the New Earth and the immediacy of it. We are seeing what we think about and what we want to create happen. We’re realizing that it is up to us to express what we want to create and not simply accept what is supposed to happen according to the old framework. The most important thing right now is for us to accept responsibility for our power—the power of our heart consciousness—and to use it to create every day. Each one of us needs to do this.

Here’s an example. Someone mailed me a package on Monday. The tracking information online said it would arrive Thursday. I said, I want it to arrive Wednesday. And it did. So from our positions in the New Earth, we are orchestrating what is happening. It’s up to us to consciously do this. We have to drop our old beliefs of this is how it has always happened and KNOW that we can go beyond that. Maybe in short order, I will be able to create the package arriving in 10 minutes. We are steadily moving beyond what has been imposed into our intentional freedom.

I had an appointment to go to, and I wanted it to be over and done with as quickly as possible. As I drove, I pulled the experience into the 5D and said, I don’t want to wait for anyone or anything. My whole appointment took 10 minutes, the fastest it’s ever been. And there was no waiting. We are able to create these seemingly miraculous experiences now because we are in the magic of the new. This magic is simply us using our new abilities and powers in the high frequencies of New Earth.

We are now in the new and we will continue to move into more of the new. We will continue to expand more of the new around us. We will see parts of the old world fall away, because they are no longer a frequency match. And we will see and have more experiences that are a frequency match.

We are now in the new and we will continue to move into more of the new.

There are waves of super strong energy coming in now, and you might feel yourself vibrating from this at times. You may feel yourself unable to function in the cerebral ways you are used to. I have lost my ability to read instructions. I have to do things in a completely intuitive way, and it’s worked beautifully to do this. I am grateful for the people who are still doing the jobs that need to be done, working in the stores and gas stations and such, as those of us who came here to do this job—of creating the New Earth—work diligently and steadily as well. Our guidebook is within. We’re listening and following the guidance that continues to show us the way.

You may notice your vision improving, your sense of hearing, your sense of smell, all becoming more acute. We are expanding in our cosmic humanness, regaining our starseed makeup. As a kid I could fly thru the wall of my house and fly around my neighborhood at night to see what everyone was doing. There is so much we know how to do. We are increasingly gifted and increasingly experiencing the magic. A new friend in another state just shared with me that she talks to the trees. I do too, and I have ever since I found out they can communicate. Our world is so rich and so amazing, and in our New Earth we experience that on a daily basis.

Our intuition continues to grow. We can see all kinds of things, we can see lost things. Generally, in the past, I have been better at seeing lost things for other people than myself, but this week, I lost a store card from my wallet, but as I got into the car I “saw” it in the bottom of my purse, and sure enough, there it was. These “seeings” look like snapshots in your head, and how helpful it is to be able to see where something is when it’s been misplaced.

We become less able to do 3D things and less able to have 3D conversations. We want to talk about what matters—truth and love and peace and beauty and the miraculous natural world around us. We want to laugh and feel joy, we want to have fun. We want others to drop the heaviness and suffering and victim stories. We want them to stop talking to fill the space. Just be in that space. Celebrate who you are, embrace your power, love yourself. It all starts there. The heart consciousness is our beautiful new way of being. Let’s be it so that we can all be in the new. The old is so worn and tired, let’s let it go. This is the power we each hold. We are each creators. We each have choice. What better time than now?

**By Terry Andrews


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