Message from God: Your Most Brilliant Incarnation

Will we ascend?

JJK: Will we really ascend and enter into the kingdom of God – and that in this life or after this life?

GOD: You will return to your heavenly home as soon as you have fulfilled your assignments on earth and brought your light to the people. This is the journey you have embarked on in this life. It is the most glorious incarnation you have ever chosen and for which you have qualified for many lifetimes. Long before you could consent to this life, plan it and determine your descent, you had to mature and reach the point in your spiritual evolution that is irreversible.

Your soul had to be freed and purified from the adventures and karma of many lives. For this, many incarnations were necessary. This phase was completed for all light warriors and light workers of this time even before entering this life!

Every human being who has dedicated himself today to the light and the light change of mankind and the planet is prepared for it and has attained the soul maturity to never leave this path again. By virtue of your consciousness, you have reached the point in your spiritual evolution that is irreversible. The dark can no longer permanently influence your souls and the ego has retreated to its place assigned by you.

You are the masters of this time, the prophets and healers, the pathfinders and the messengers of light who herald the new dawn and who bring about the end of the time of injustice.

Become fully aware now of this role, of your power and your strength!

What you are witnessing on the streets of this world – the resistance, the outcry, the unmistakable NO to a future you do not want – is only possible because you have learned from the lessons of the past.

Use of power

The sinking of Atlantis is long behind you, but this event was stored in your cellular and psychic memory for thousands of years. What you failed to do then through inability, you will succeed in doing now: responsibly mastering powers that benefit you.

True mastery is achieved only through the responsible use of power – and you are up to this challenge today.

Thus it happens that you are given power to an ever-increasing extent.

By virtue of your divine consciousness this matrix will collapse and by virtue of your realized love the New Earth will come into being.

It becomes apparent which people are suitable for the New Earth. It becomes apparent how many people bring a largely cleared soul for this glorious future. All people who do not meet these requirements will leave this earth and they will leave it even before they can cause further damage.

The selection

For you, however, the path to the Kingdom of Peace is irreversible, and so you will reap what you have sown and manifest what your soul longs for.

The dark and malignant events of these end times describe the last rebellion of those forces who know that their game is lost, but who do not want to admit it until the end. What has begun is the self-empowerment and is the selection of the people!

Everyone will find himself there where he can make the desired experiences. Who is stuck in the victim consciousness and who still has to experience what others have experienced long ago, will find the suitable environment for it.

Earths are many and so for every stage of human development there is the suitable environment for learning, for being and becoming.

The earth, however, which is now raised, is the home planet of those who have shaped history up to now and who also now, at the end of time, write history.

This earth is and remains the lightful inheritance of all generations that follow you.

But you are freed from death and rebirth and far from the inert vibration a new cycle begins for you in the light world of the happiness.


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation to English by


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  1. Ajah

    Thank you my source creator! I am excited for the future. Looking forward to a new beginning. I am a fun and adventurous type but I also enjoy the comforts of home. Let us soon live quiet, peaceful, and humble filled lives. Also with lots of fun!