Daily 777 Message 9/23/2022


Time is not of the essence. Time is of the matrix. As the artificial matrix continues to be deconstructed, time appears to be speeding up. In truth, the illusion of time is being dissolved, as you expand in consciousness, becoming aware of your eternal, multidimensional self. ~Kejraj

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  1. CornFarmerForGod777

    My summer went by way to fast. I am glad were accelerating into a future paradise. But now we are going through another winter and its just too soon.
    My future self will only visit winter seasons occasionally and I will choose to live in warmer climates almost exclusively.

  2. flazak

    Well you have yourself in your body which experiences space/time in a linear fashion along the arrows path and you have yourself not in your body that experiences time/space where you see all times past present and future. A coordinate system. Then you have the interaction between both one and the other.

  3. flazak

    Yes, I have had this sensation of time accelerating recently, especially this month which so far seems faster than ever. When you stop to think about the events of the past week both global to all and local to yourself you can better appreciate the time span and realise it has been the same as always but in the now moment it seems to have elapsed much more rapidly.

    This is applicable to myself and my daily routine but I hope that for others who are having a difficult time the simultaneous clock we experience is ticktocking ever closer to a better now moment without difficulties but a time of healing and rejuvenation.


    Time and space are not illusions, they are real. Compared with your own consciousness as the reference object, it is an illusion. To discard this reference object, space-time is a resource. Beings below the 8 dimensions cannot understand this, just as they cannot understand karma. They only know some fur, and even fur is a guess. This is what others taught me.


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