Government Report Claims Cosmic and Phantom UFOs are Swarming Skies

A new report from astronomers claims that there are many unidentified flying objects appearing in the skies, and these objects “cannot scientifically be identified”.

The report comes from the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has been published on the preprint server arXiv. According to the Ukrainian astronomers behind the study, the observatory has been using its instruments to track fast-moving, low-visibility objects appearing in the daytime sky over Ukraine’s capital Kyiv and surrounding villages.

The observatory uses specifically calibrated cameras located at two weather stations, and according to the researchers, they are observing dozens of these objects that “cannot scientifically be identified as known natural phenomena.”

Additionally, the researchers report that they are unable to determine the nature of a significant number of the objects they’re observing. “We observe a significant number of objects whose nature is not clear. We see them everywhere,” the team wrote. The team of researchers divided their UFO observations into two categories, “cosmic” and “phantoms”. The report outlines that cosmic UFOs are objects that are brighter than the background sky, with phantom UFOs being the dark variant – objects that are darker than the background sky.

The researchers wrote in the study that phantom UFOs typically appeared completely black, as if all the light around them was being absorbed. Additionally, these phantom UFOs are estimated to be anywhere from 10 to 40 feet wide and were recorded traveling at speeds of up to 33,000 mph.

**By Brandon Spector


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