The Hathors: Multifaceted Crystal Being

We are here to share insights that most all activities in the lives of humans are woven into their relationships.

We offer the observation that everyone is a reflection of some aspect of the self. Imagine a multifaceted crystal; each facet is one expression, one characteristic, one attitude or position.

The goal of each multidimensional star human is to be the clearest, brightest, truest reflection of the other. Each encounter offers you the opportunity to shine your most divine self and to honor and reflect the most divine self of the other.

However we have observed that rarely does that happen in human interactions with one another. There is usually a distorted reaction between the individuals. These distorted reactions are coming from the past patterning, the emotional wounding, the rules and beliefs the human has created in order to survive or their beliefs that these reactions are for their survival.

The patterns and beliefs are created from the place of not having their needs met as a child or an experience of fear that they will not have their needs met. The child becomes an adult and continues to use the old comfortable patterns in relating again and again. However now there has been additional data added to the storage and confirmation that reality does not meet their needs.

This cycle will continue with their experiences and all their interactions in relationships. They will continue to draw to themselves the experience that will cause the most growth and heal the distortion. This is a very simple explanation for a very complex and paradoxical reaction humans have in their relationships with one another.

Most of these complexes and paradoxical reaction are controlled by the ego. It is the ego within the system that manages the patterns and the programs. It is also the ego that activates the fears, the judgments, the sense of unworthiness, and the projections.

Imagine the psyche as a magic mirror. There is someone you are relating to and they shine forth a sense of who they think they are, or who they think you want them to be. The image they show forth might not be a true authentic image. In the magic mirror of your psyche, you have a distortion as well, therefore you do not see them as their true divine self. The images reflected and received are both distorted.

So your relationships act out of these emotionally distorted projections with one another.

That said, then how does one begin to transform these distorted reflections. The first and most important key to remember is that the distortion is that it is always within you. It is a form of misinformation that was installed as a child or as an adult coming from the patterns of childhood fears, wounds, and emotional scarring.

We have observed that humans are not necessarily kind. They are engaged in the protection of their beliefs and their distorted views of reality all managed by the ego.

We are offering these observations in order for you to see that all healing and all transformation begins within your own system. Once the human has taken responsibility to look at the dysfunctional emotional patterns they begin to shift. If you see that your reaction is the same each time and that reaction is not kind and it is not coming from a place that honors you or the other, it is time to investigate why.

Humans are a field of energy; they are vibrations, frequencies, and tones. There is much more going on between two individuals in each encounter than meets the eye. Your goal and the goal of all multidimensional star humans is to know that the other human you are relating to in any way is also a multidimensional star human.

When you see that your reaction is unkind or judgmental, pause and find a response that is kinder, more authentic. Most all reactions that are unkind are coming from some form of fear. Fear of rejection, fear of being hurt, fear of being judged, and fear of not being accepted. The ego is protecting you against any perceived hurt.

As an adult when you see two children playing with sticks and hitting one another, you take the sticks away. This is what we are inviting you and others to do. Take your sticks away. Remember that your sticks are emotional sticks, and everyone carries a few that they have gathered on their path in life. They are only a false method of protection.

The sticks are bigger between cultures and countries. However, they are still false methods of protection. They continue to harm yet do not resolve any situation.

We invite you today to clear the reflections of your multifaceted crystal, put aside your emotional sticks, and honor the divineness within each person.  Practice seeing the best in one another, practice seeing the best in oneself. Practice your level of joy, gratitude, and appreciation.

Allow yourself to drop into that place of perfect peace, take a deep breath and pause before you respond in your usual automatic pattern. When this is done often and with consistency it begins to transform how you relate to others in your reality.

When you begin to lay down your emotional sticks others will do the same. There will be no need for protection. Everyone will be honored for their true authentic divine self, and everyone will honor others for their true authentic divine selves. It all begins within. You have the answers and the key to unlock the distortions and the dysfunctions. This is not difficult it is a matter of intent and willingness.

When you honor yourself as a divine aspect of the creator and truly feel this vibration and truth within yourself all begins to shift. Each person offers you the opportunity to transform some aspect of the distortion that you carry. Each person offers you the opportunity to shine and radiate from the highest and most exquisite aspect of who you are as a multifaceted crystal.

So go forth this day, shine and radiate your joy; allow it to embrace everyone you meet. Observe how disarming this practice will be, everyone will respond to your vibration of joy, gratitude, appreciation and acceptance and they will radiate joy, gratitude, appreciation and acceptance back to you.

These are clear, authentic reflections. They are life giving, they are life sustaining, they are healing. They are global service. We see and honor you as the beautiful multifaceted crystal being that you are. Be at peace, Beloved. the ‘team’


“When you honor yourself as a divine aspect of the creator and truly feel this vibration and truth within yourself all begins to shift. Each person offers you the opportunity to transform some aspect of the distortion that you carry. Each person offers you the opportunity to shine and radiate from the highest and most exquisite aspect of who you are as a multifaceted crystal.” the ‘team’

**Channel: Peggy Black


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    The precondition of being manipulated originates from ignorance. Only ignorant people can be or easily be manipulated. It has nothing to do with self.

    1. Kay

      It has every.thing to do with self. I am that, I am. Working on the Shadow self is leveling up ascension work…and will come with awareness and growth. 💞