Love for the Divine Masculine

The equinox has begun and the energies are shifting once again into a new cycle of clearings and activations.

This time the masculine collective energy is going through what you could call an upgrade: a different level of awareness and awakening of his true self. The part of him that is flawless and perfect is coming through despite his experiences of the past and thoughts about himself.

As always the past of the collective masculine has a great influence on what is happening with him in terms of feelings and his thoughts. For a very long time the masculine has been forced to be the provider, the protector, the strong one, the one who had to be in constant control and carried a great responsibility of taking care of his family and it even extended to his country. He has died over and over again to serve and protect.

The sadness and the loss he experienced was not allowed to be expressed because he was expected to be the one that everyone else leaned on. He has never been given the ability and the safe space to be vulnerable and exposed in his emotions.

The masculine has been needed to be the solid rock everyone else expected him to be despite his own trauma’s that he has never been able to show to anyone.

Now he is facing his emotions and allowing himself to feel and see his pain. He is opening up his heart and exposing himself in the most vulnerable way. This is an internal process because before he can accept the love of others he needs to accept that he is allowed to be just the way he is. His pain is valid just as anyone else’s. His “mistakes” are not wrong and are just as valuable as any experience here on earth.

This is an internal shift occurring with the masculine which is opening up his solar plexus so that he can stand in his power and so that he once again can be in the pureness of his heart. This shift will release his guilt and doubt within him because deep inside he has always felt unworthy of the love that the divine feminine has for him.

The old ways of the masculine are transforming into the beingness of the true divine masculine self.
The one that is able to speak and act from his heart without the fear of judgment and rejection of his masculinity. And the one that does not push himself to DO but knows his strength in how to BE.

The time of proving his worth, providing from a place of need and the lack of self-love is changing right now.

Every person on earth carries the feminine and masculine energy with their body and consciousness. It is something that we all are all going through collectively. So even if you are woman you will feel this shift in yourself.

Do not forget to have compassion and understanding of this masculine part within yourself. You are transforming pain into love. Accepting these parts of yourself will help everyone around you to open up to the energy of the true divine masculine.

You are here on earth at this time because you chose to go through this transformation. Like a caterpillar that turns into a beautiful butterfly. You are growing into the essence of your soul.

Today, choose to love yourself exactly the way you are in this instant. Love your past and love your faults and flaws just like you would love those that you care about the most. No matter how awful you think you have been or how you should have been any different than you were. Give yourself the compassion and understanding you would extend to another who felt suffering within themselves.

You are worthy of love and to be loved fully and unconditionally.

❤Sending my love to each soul that is struggling to love themselves as they are.

**By Dana Grozdanova