Apollo 15 Astronaut Claims Extraterrestrials Created the Human Race

Although traditional science believes this to be simply absurd, numerous evidences have been found around the world that support the ancient alien theory.

Perhaps the most important connection between the emergence of civilisation and alien beings can be found in the very history of mankind, hidden in ancient manuscripts and clay tablets that have survived for thousands of years.

An example of this is the list of Ancient Sumerian Kings, which describes the kings who ruled the Earth for a total of 241,200 years, since the original rulers ‘descended from heaven’.

This ancient list is written in the Sumerian language, which was the first language written in cuneiform characters. It is an isolated language, meaning that we know no other language that relates to it ancestrally, and contains numerous generations of kings who ruled ancient Sumeria, detailing its duration and the location of the reigns.

Traditional scholars believe that not everything written on the list of Sumerian Kings is real, and often claim that the list of Sumerian Kings is a mixture of prehistoric and mythological accounts, which speak of Gods who ruled the earth, enjoying absurdly long reigns.

But if we travel half the world, from ancient Mesopotamia to the Americas, we will discover how the holy book of the ancient Mayans, the Popol Vuh, describes the beings who created humanity.

Weld-Blundell’s prism from the cuneiform collection of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford represents the most extensive version, as well as the most complete copy of the list of ancient Sumerian kings.The creators of our race in Popol Vuh are referred to in the texts as: “The Creator, The Ancients, The First, The Dominator, The Feathered Serpent, Those Who Created, Those Who Gave Life, and Those Who Hovered Over Water Like The Light Of Dawn”.Although these ancient texts, mentioned above, are extraordinary, perhaps even more so, they are the countless artefacts that have been found scattered across the globe, representing beings eerily similar to modern astronauts.

In an interview with Good Morning Britain, while talking about the astronauts, Al Worden, who was an astronaut and member of the Apollo 15 mission, said something fascinating about alien life, which you can see in the video


Al Worden was an American astronaut and engineer who was the pilot of the Endeavour Command Module during the Apollo 15 Lunar Mission in 1971. He is one of 24 people who went to the moon between 1969 and 1972. The former astronaut is also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as “the most isolated human being”, after spending 6 days alone orbiting the Moon, completing 75 laps around him.

While speaking to Good Morning Britain, Al Worden was asked if he believed the aliens were real and his response surprised everyone watching the interview.

The former member of Apollo 15 said that not only are aliens real, but that they came to Earth in the distant past and created our civilisation, and if we want to look for evidence, all we have to do is look at ancient Sumerian literature.

“We are the aliens, but we just think they are other people. But we were the ones who came from somewhere else, because someone had to survive, and they got into their little spaceships and came here and landed, and then civilisation started here. And if you don’t believe me, go get books about the ancient Sumerians and see what they have to say. They’re going to explain it to you right away,” Worden said.


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  1. spiritual924

    Science has no idea what’s going on…it’s always wrong…and this man is correct. You have been inbred by aliens. Wake up and open your heart..you have been controlled manipulated and dominated for eons of time because that is what this matrix is constructed of so you would raise your consciousness above this….it’s been a game and in order to win the game you need to play…that means dissolve this matrix to rise above…it’s a consciousness game and you lose if you choose not to play…unless 3D is where you choose to reside. Your choice but the time is up…God Bless 💜

    1. Spectrum

      “:…and in order to win the game you need to play..”.

      And how does that work, Mr. Know-It-All ? You do understand that there’s a difference between being politically awake and being spiritually awake, I hope ? I am the former, but not the latter.

      I am struggling to come to terms with the ascension process and the many demands it makes upon one. It’s especially hard when you’re a thinking, analytical type like me, instead of a heart centered person that is more emotionally based. It’s like I have to change my entire personality, which seems foreign to me.

      Perhaps in your wisdom you can explain to me why I am not noticing or feeling ANY of these light energies, DNA upgrades e.t.c. that are supposedly flooding the planet to “aid” in our ascension ? They appear to be bypassing me altogether. I am the same person as I’ve always been, I don’t feel any different at all. Even the :”powerful” Schumann Resonance had no effect on me, yet most others noticed it. Why do I feel discriminated against – most others are “progressing” yet I’m stuck in a state of spiritual inertia, and it is stressing me out, because naturally I WANT to ascend but it seems spirit doesn’t want me to. Isn’t this ascension though, meant to be for everyone ?

      1. popgoestheweazle

        Look at it this way: For some of us it’s been a long ardeous run to make it to the finish line, depending on what we needed to integrate whilst others came into this life “more complete”. People like you HAVE LIVED where others had to struggle to get to. We are SO BLIND to who we are, that’s the problem.

        And don’t worry about “The Game”: TO EXIST is how it’s being played and it’s long been won.

        Did you ever wonder why you named yourself “Spectrum”? 😉

      2. AzureLeaves


        Good day. Noticed your comment and I wanted to share my PERSONAL perspectives, realizations and understandings on these things, and perhaps the info might help you in some way.

        This is gonna be a really long read though (8 or so parts), so read on if you feel guided and your logical reasoning and gut feeling agrees with your Heart-feeling to read this.

        Before you read the rest, I kindly ask that you first read Andy Weir’s short story “The Egg” online or watch an 8-minute narration with illustrations on YouTube from the channel “Kurzgesagt – In a nutshell”.

        Also take note of these quotes and concepts:

        —“All the world’s a stage”–William Shakespeare
        “…and God plays ALL the parts.”–Neville Goddard

        (i.e., we are all fractals of the Divine Source; each taking different roles in this Divinely orchestrated Grand Play in an attempt to learn lessons and create even better Existence for everyone. I am you and you are me. We are the Universe experiencing itself. And ALL of us, are all co-creators, co-directors, co-scriptwriters, and co-actors of this Divine Grand Play.)

        —“Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter.”–Master Yoda

        (i.e., we are more than our physical bodies (crude matter) and all of its associated societal labels, for our Souls are eternal, and Divine fractals of the Divine Source Creator)

        —“Indra’s Net”

        (Wikipedia has a good general description of this, just look it up).

        I want you to keep in mind the concepts presented in that short story and the quotes and concepts I presented, as you read along my info.

        Done? Then read on:

      3. AzureLeaves


        –[“:…and in order to win the game you need to play..”. And how does that work, Mr. Know-It-All ?]

        -There are many ways, one of them is focusing your attention on positive, uplifting, “good vibes” information and letting such positive information/energies affect you mentally AND emotionally, and even spiritually and physically.

        From that, share that positivity with others; be kind to others, filter the words you say to others through the Three Gates of: “Is it true?”, “Is it necessary?”, “Is it kind?”, and if its structure AND information passes the Three Gates, then go ahead and speak. If the structure is not “kind” (e.g., “necessary bitter truth”), then just do your best to make it “sting” less, like how a doctor would tell a patient that they/their relative is dying soon.

        There isn’t even a point in venting your personal frustration to others by name calling them and being sarcastic like what you just did. Note that I am not admonishing you for your behavior and sarcastic words to that one commenter–just bringing it into your attention–just in case you haven’t noticed–on where you have made an action that won’t possibly benefit your progress in your goal of spiritual ascension, in accordance with the concepts I presented.

        And then from that, either strive to ignore–or just acknowledge and go your own way–anything negative AND preventing such negative information/energies of any kind from affecting you mentally, emotionally, and even physically and spiritually.

        -Another way to “play” is to meditate, breathe deeply, steadily and slowly filling BOTH your chest and stomach with air and relax for at least 10 to 15 minutes or more a day.

        Quiet your mind. Let the “monkey brain” with its incessant chatter and presentation of worries go; let it speak should it speak, but don’t engage it, just observe, focus more on your breathing and on the darkness, you see with your eyes closed and relax, and overtime, your mind will be still and quiet.

        More info online of course; just research. Monks on YouTube gives nice Meditation insight and techniques too.

      4. AzureLeaves

        [3/8] (1/3)

        –[You do understand that there’s a difference between being politically awake and being spiritually awake, I hope ? I am the former, but not the latter.]
        –[because naturally I WANT to ascend]

        Then why continue to stick and declare to yourself that “I AM politically awake but not spiritually awake”?

        If you want to evolve and develop yourself spiritually and expand your consciousness and become your Greatest Version (i.e., “Spiritually Ascend”), shouldn’t it be more natural to focus more on Spiritual Awakening rather than Political Awakening?

        Being kind to yourself and to others, and not letting any negative information and energies of any form affect you emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically, as well as the realization that we are all interconnected are one of the first steps to awaken Spiritually.

      5. AzureLeaves

        [3/8] (3/3)

        Striking down your opponent with Hatred and negativities can only give birth to more hatred and negativities. Hence always adapt a Martial Arts Sparring mindset.

        You don’t even need to abstain from eating any kind of food (as long as it’s not detrimental to your health/exacerbates existing disease), because whether you like it or not, the human body has to consume and kill a living thing in order to sustain itself–no matter what you do, you’re killing a living organism.

        So, the best you can do is to bless and thank the once-living organism you consume for its sacrifice and strive to make its sacrifice worth it by striving to become your greatest version every day. Eat a balanced diet.

        That and there’s also a choice to go the Breatharian path, of living off of only water, light and (fresh) air; you don’t kill anything here, but it’s a more advanced skill.

        It’s all really about what you do with your consciousness, mind, heart and spirit and what energy, frequency and vibration (e.g., information) that you let yourself be affected with.

        As for the Physical Body, just do what it’s ought to do as it requires–provide it with what it needs to stay healthy, food, exercise, etc.; Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs are a good start. Just take good care of your physical body and health, and then have a good mental, emotional and spiritual “diet” of concentrating and feeling the positive and acknowledging the negative while not letting it affect you at all.

        Meditate on this: Let your mind and heart be like a Lotus Flower, “blooming radiantly” despite its “roots” being submerged in “muddy waters”.

      6. AzureLeaves


        –[It’s especially hard when you’re a thinking, analytical type like me, instead of a heart centered person that is more emotionally based.]

        There isn’t any rule that you should only use one or the other, is there? Why not use BOTH your Rationality and Emotions? And while you’re at it, include, your Gut Feeling/Intuition too.

        It’s often said we have “Three Brains”: a.) The Head-brain (rationale, logic), b.) The Heart (emotions, what you feel), and c.) The Gut (intuition/Gut Feeling).

        Usage of those three instead of favoring just one over the others are one of the ways you can help yourself progress in your goal of Spiritual Ascension. The Head Brain with its logic, rationale and analysis is the Husband, the Heart with what you feel emotionally is the Wife, with the Gut Feeling/Intuition being the child.

        Synthesis of those three is the most logical way to ensure that you’re not missing out on important information that can potentially help you with your problems, because all three of them supports each other.

        They need each other to function at their best, and grant you far better results than relying on just one (which is akin to a vehicle running only on one wheel, when it’s actually meant to run using three wheels).

      7. AzureLeaves


        –[It’s like I have to change my entire personality, which seems foreign to me.]

        It’s not really about changing your ENTIRE personality, so much as it is all about getting rid of PARTS of your personality/who you are as a person, that only serves to: drag you down into negative and Entropic way of life, wallow in negativities and defeatist attitude, hurt yourself, and worse, innocent people with actions and/or words and such.

        And from there, allowing yourself to develop behaviors and attitude/character that is more kind, loving and understanding towards others; something more positive, more Negentropic (instead of Entropic), while taking no BS from others, and knowing when to take action to defend yourself and those you care about–without hatred for others.

        The purpose of such Negativities in your personality is to teach you a lesson and be the “training weights” to intentionally weigh you down and make you stronger once you overcome the “weights”.

        Once the lesson is learned, there’s no need to hold on to it; it’s just deadweight, so just let go of PARTS of your personality that doesn’t serve you positively and in a Negentropic way, and only makes you go down an Entropic way of life, which is opposite of the way you want to go (Up), since it seems you DO want to Ascend as you said.

      8. AzureLeaves

        [6/8] (1/3)

        –[Perhaps in your wisdom you can explain to me why I am not noticing or feeling ANY of these light energies, DNA upgrades e.t.c. that are supposedly flooding the planet to “aid” in our ascension ? They appear to be bypassing me altogether.]

        How can you notice or feel anything if you don’t acknowledge such energies?

        To begin with, not everyone can notice and feel these energies due to lack of training one’s Spiritual Senses, and because they work in a very subtle way; way beyond the confines of your physical body and work more on your Consciousness (i.e., the “Awareness of Being”; your “I AM-ness”) that inhabits your temporary, perishable Meatsuit.

        Instead, what these things does is to help you expand your consciousness, to subtly lead you to an information or another person, that can help you overcome your problems and help you on your path towards becoming your Greatest Version.

        Here’s an analogy from my personal understanding:

        These energies: DNA upgrades, light codes, Schumann Resonance and etc., are just “winds” that are blowing in a certain direction (towards one’s personal and spiritual development, becoming one’s greatest version and Spiritual Ascension).

        They exist, they are there, and you are on a “boat” (your physical vessel), going on a path of learning various lessons and developing itself.

        Now, if you don’t open up your “sails” to catch these “winds”, then they won’t be able to help you move forward. “Heaven helps those who helps themselves”.

      9. AzureLeaves

        [6/8] (2/3)

        How to open up your “sails” in order to catch these “winds”? Various ways, but some of them are:

        -Be open minded; acknowledge and accept information you come across, and judge carefully whether or not you will let that information affect you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

        -Take the time to Meditate; quiet your mind, calm your body, calm your emotions, relax, breathe. And once you reach such quietness and stillness, either bask in its feeling or ask a question to yourself; whatever question, and you will get a clear answer.

        Another way to “receive” such answers is: before and after sleeping, during Bathing/doing digestive system-related business in the toilet, and while travelling by riding (NOT driving) a vehicle.

        These moments, the so-called “Bed, Bath, Bus” brings your Brain Wave into the Alpha State, allowing more receptivity towards creativity, and new ideas, and hence, also, answers to your questions in life.

        So be open and RECEPTIVE, to any new ideas and realizations that comes to you (silencing the mind through meditation can help) during such situations.

        And due to the increased Light Energies, et al., realizations and answers to many questions of the people are more easily accessible and noticeable now; many are spiritually awakening after all. So just be receptive to them and use your Three Brains to help you.

        -Utilization of Mantras such as your “I AM” decrees, i.e., the words and sentences that you say that follows the word “I AM” AND feeling that your “I AM” decrees are already a fact, to help propel you towards greater personal and spiritual development.

      10. AzureLeaves



        (In relation to Neville Goddard’s teachings and the Gospel of Thomas book.)

        Martial Artists can break bricks with their punches and kicks with having little to no injuries, how?

        By intensely (as in, with great focus and with absolute faith and confidence, FREE FROM DOUBTS) yet calmly, visualizing (imagining) AND feeling the brick being ALREADY destroyed.

        And focusing on such emotions and thoughts alone, they then execute their technique (a punch or a kick) to manually break it, and hence CRYSTALLIZE/MANIFEST the result they have imagined from the world of their Imagination into the Physical World.

        However, if the martial artist doing the breaking is filled with fear (e.g., fear of breaking their bones and getting severely injured) and doubting themselves (that they can do it), while constantly telling themselves (“I am going to get injured”, “I can’t do this”, “I am afraid of getting injured”), then their Subconscious Mind have no choice but to manifest their decrees, and hence will result in them not being able to break the bricks with their punch or kick, while also getting injured with broken bones at the same time.

        This is because their subconscious mind materialized their fears and doubts before even taking an action, as opposed to the other martial artist who “impregnated” their Subconscious with CONSCIOUS thoughts and feelings of “the wish-fulfilled” and executing their technique to break the bricks while living from the “state of the wish-fulfilled” (of the bricks being ALREADY destroyed), to bring their conscious imagination into manifestation.

      11. AzureLeaves

        [7/8] (2/3)

        The subconscious is the mother, the womb of creation; the conscious is the father, the seed that impregnates the subconscious. Whatever “seed” your consciousness used to impregnate the subconscious (be it doubts, fears, or faith, bravery and success, positive and negative), it will faithfully give “birth” to them (i.e., manifest them), WITHOUT judgment, and whether or not it is beneficial for you, or destructive for you.

        You represent the “Martial Artist”, the “Bricks” represent your problems and challenges that you face or will face (such as the ones that this particular post presented); the “punch/kick” that breaks those bricks represent the physical and non-physical efforts, actions and decisions you must do in order to materialize/manifest the outcome that you desire (represented by the “broken bricks”).

        Hence if you “break the bricks” WHILE simultaneously feeling and thinking that you will get “injured” or you won’t be able to “break” it and doubting yourself and your power and ability to do so, then that’s what your subconscious will faithfully, without judgment, manifest for you.

        But if you “break the bricks” while simultaneously feeling and thinking that you CAN “break” the “bricks” with your “punch/kick”, without getting “injured” through having full faith and confidence in yourself (through the power of your “I AM”/”Awareness of Being”).

        As well as feeling AND thinking (consciously imagining) the “bricks” being ALREADY DESTROYED, then, by the power of your Subconscious/”I AM”-ness, your “punch/kick” will be granted with enough power to make your imagined result/desire–that you have absolute faith in, without any doubts–to be “manifested” from the world of your Imagination to the Physical World that you experience. That’s how powerful each of you are; and it’s only just the “tip of the iceberg”.

      12. AzureLeaves

        [7/8] (3/3)

        I hope this analogy will prove useful in overcoming any personal challenges and problems that comes your way (even the “grim future” that this Blue Star person presented on this post).

        Face them, and overcome them WITHOUT fear and doubts, and with love and faith in your heart and mind. You can overcome any obstacles and problems if you also have both your heart and mind set for the positive outcome/the outcome you desire. Because you have the power, you have the right, to write your destiny.

        You are a co-creator, co-director, co-scriptwriter, co-actor, and co-fractal of the Divine Source, in this Divinely orchestrated Grand Play; you have a say, you have the power.

        “All the world’s a stage.”–William Shakespeare
        “…and God plays ALL the parts.”–Neville Goddard

      13. AzureLeaves


        –[Isn’t this ascension though, meant to be for everyone ?]

        From my observations, it’s meant more for people who DO “The Work”; you cannot and should not expect all these heightened energies, Extraterrestrials, etc., to do all the work for you, because they are nothing more than “Supports”.

        At the end of the day, the individuals themselves are the ones who have to do all the heavy lifting.

        In gaming analogy, each of us are our own “Carry” roles, while all the others, be it people, Extraterrestrials, energies, light codes, DNA upgrades, Schumann Resonance, etc., etc., are the “Supports” and “Equipment”, that we can utilize to accomplish our objective; in this case, personal and spiritual development, expansion and evolution of one’s consciousness–i.e., Spiritual Ascension/Ascension.

        They cannot–and should not–do the work for us because the individual won’t grow and evolve if they don’t overcome their obstacles using their own power (and some help and support from others here and there).

        In some cases, though, “nature” finds its way and initiate a “Rude Awakening” to the “remaining sleepers”, leaving the Light/Spiritual Workers to help them in the aftermath.

        Nature runs its course; it seems to generally have that “Adapt or Die” method of doing things. Can’t fault it.


        Lastly, if you have time and you want to learn more, I highly suggest that you study and practice several spiritual teachings such as Hermeticism and its principles.

        Another I recommend is to study and practice Neville Goddard’s teachings, which can be found freely online on places such as the subreddit at r/NevilleGoddard in their very useful Wiki Index containing useful beginner resources and free, public domain books, and an audiobook of Neville’s teachings at “Giving Voice to the Wisdom of the Ages” YouTube Channel.

        And that’s it. I hope you made it this far.

        My sincere apologies I couldn’t make this whole thing any shorter.

        In any case, I hope this helps.