Your Effect Times Three Thousand

Lightworkers generally avoid listening to the news but sometimes it gets noisy enough to make you wonder what all the fuss is. So, you listen, hopefully through an intuitive window of knowing as a necessary filter. Even so, listening to the news can end up being about as much fun as ripping a bandage off a big wound!

The latest crisis in the news is especially steeped in danger. As such, we are reminded that a crisis often brings, not just danger, but also opportunity.

Today, the Russian Bear is being backed into a corner by Western governments. Cornered animals are dangerous and unpredictable enough, but bears can be the worst. No one seems interested in the civilized option of creating a peaceful resolution. The news media would have you believe that Western leaders are determined to keep intensifying the war even if they lead us into World War Three.

So much for the distasteful task of reviewing the danger. Now, what about the opportunity?

I’m so glad you asked 🙂

For the next two weeks, lightworkers have an incredible opportunity to influence the world for a peaceful resolution of world conflicts. All it takes from you is a decision to spend some time doing exactly what you came into this life to help achieve – the transformation of the energy of anger into a new balance that favors peace and enlightenment.

You may already be aware that there is a Cosmic Plan for a millennium of peace and enlightenment on planet Earth. This plan is designed and orchestrated by the cosmic beings who are responsible for the administration of God’s created universe. These beings exist as huge, galaxy-size fields of consciousness and are normally referred to as the Supreme Lords of Karma. They head an administrative hierarchy of karmic lords and agents who exist on all levels of life in the universe.

Planet Earth is somewhat of a special case. Human conflicts that go back eons are being resolved here on earth today. The Cosmic Plan will manifest regardless of human action or inaction but, because earth is a freewill zone, the effects are variable and depend very much upon the actions of people like you and me. The effects include the degree that the people of the world will suffer from the consequences of wrong thought and action.

Everyone, especially lightworkers, will have the karmic effect of their spiritual actions amplified by 3,000 times (yes, three thousand!) now through October 9th, just when the world is facing a critical military expansion.

The actions of leaders who create situations that cause widespread suffering will be counteracted, balanced, and even neutralized by the actions of people in spiritual service to the world.

This period for the next two weeks makes possible a radical shift in the balance of world karmic energy. This empowering magnetization period is made possible by thousands of helpers from the higher realms who have inserted themselves into our 3D physical level of existence and operate advanced metaphysical equipment to manipulate higher energies from the Sun through cooperating lightworkers.

Types of Action that Qualify for Energetic Enhancement

All spiritual practices intended to bring peace or enlightenment to yourself and others.

All prayers for higher energies to uplift humanity or to help a stranger.

All truly selfless spiritual activities performed on behalf of humanity.

Every heartfelt act of helpful service to another.

Instead of believing a news media whose mission it is to anger and disempower you, get up each day deciding that you will have a peaceful mind today and radiate such thoughts in meditation (using the time that you saved by not watching the news!)

Most of all, practicing the powerful and effective World Healing Technique:

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  1. spiritual924

    I have participated in meditation practices of global affect called Fire the Grid…when mass meditation occurs, at the same time, worldwide it has a HUGE affect on humanity. It’s the same affect that is taking place now, but in reverse. Fear has been prominent so fear it has been….CHANGE YOUR MIND AND MEDITATE AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE FOR WORLD PEACE, ESPECIALLY THE NEXT 2 weeks…the Shift will happen. It’s up to you. 💜