Operation 4th Universe Part 10

In Operation 4th Universe, one of the most difficult problems was the Monads. Partially, DNI already covered this topic (see – Operation in Germany, Part 2; and Our Monad, Parts 1, 2 and 3).

In this sphere, the former Black Co-Creator of the Local Universe has left a terrible legacy. What was it? Why it was so difficult for removing?

Fulfilling the Absolute’s Will, the main builders of the 3rd Universe were two of Its Manifestations, two Supreme Beings. This is Christ, who developed the Matrix of the Perfect Man and, on its basis, 144,000 Monads, born in the Pleroma, and his older twin brother, who was responsible for creating eons for the settlement and evolution of these Monads.

After the split of the Pleroma (see Part 2), each of the brothers went their own way. The former continued to build and populate eons of Light; the latter created the Anti-Universe. To inhabit it, he used a copy of the Matrix of the Perfect Man, which he could duplicate before his betrayal of the Absolute and the Source.

Using this copy, he gave birth to the first 144,000 Monads in his image and likeness. But they were non-viable, because could not transmit the Absolute’s Perfect Light, had no Feminine Foundation, Causal and Subtle shells, were unable to generate the Life Energy and provide it to their manifestation bodies.

Many Dark and Gray space races have grown out of this Monadic Stream, maintaining their existence even after the return of their creator to the Light Side. How it was possible?

These were 100% parasites that could live only by feeding on someone’s vital power. It was full analogue of the virus, living at the expense of the organism into which it penetrated.

In such cases, according to the Pleroma’s Laws, the creator must destroy his offspring or seek help from others to make it viable. Supreme Hierarch did neither, but secretly hid these Monads in the Dark eons.

His goal was to create a monster, a universal soldier with the soul of the devil, but the face of a Perfect Man. The demonic creation (together with its Matrix) was supposed to help him capture the Pleroma and the entire Local Universe, and take the place of the Absolute.

Hierarch not only used these monsters to drain his karma on them, but also invented an ingenious scheme for feeding them by vital power. Through his son Yaltabaoth, he could insert his Monad-monsters into the Earth’s incarnation field.

Since these Monads did not have Causal and Subtle Bodies, they could not incarnate in the earthlings’ body. Knowing this, the Black Hierarch chose a person, incarnated on Earth and, with the help of Yaltabaoth, embedded a parasite into man’s Causal and Subtle Body.

Usually, it took place in the period between conception and birth. After birth, parasitic Monads exploited all human bodies and his Personal Logos Matrix for spreading lethal viruses, energy attacks, and draining karma onto possessed.

As a rule, the victims were men, because, due to the absence of the Feminine Foundation in the parasite Monads, they could root only in male bodies. There are a lot of such people, and they don’t know anything about it. Even if they did, they could hardly do anything because of their low vibrations.

In parallel, there was another villainous scheme. In it, other Monad Streams were sent to incarnate on Earth. Unlike the first ones, which were in the recipient’s body for a long time (sometimes all his life), the embodiment of such Monads is very short. As a rule, it lasted from a few hours to several days. These are the so-called karmic kamikazes.

Black Co-Creator and Yaltabaoth managed to infiltrate such Monad carriers into the Earth’s incarnation field. However, Nature cannot be deceived: after birth, such half-humans (or inhumans), being unviable a priori, quickly perished.

Dark Hierarchs were not preoccupied. Immediately after conception, they dumped a large dose of karma on the unfortunate, theirs and their closest associates.

The child was born, often, in dysfunctional families, had off-scale diseases and deformities, and, according to the Karma Laws, had to die immediately. He wasn’t viable, because he didn’t have the higher Divine Structures inherent in man.

The discharge of karma from the Causal Body of karmic kamikazes occurred at the time of the kid’s birth. The karma of Black Co-Creator and the Dark Archons was safely written off, and the poor child quickly died.

Other gruesome technologies were also used. To get their hands on the Source’s Spark, Yaltabaoth and his genitor repeatedly tried to extract it from the integral Monads, in the cores of which were united the Feminine and Masculine Foundations.

They managed to split the Monads into these two halves, but they were never could extract Source’s Flake of Fire from them. But now, non-integral Monads have had to evolve in a separated format. Being forcibly divided from each other, they had no chance of meeting and merging again.

So were born a variety of Monadic Streams (Families) – Black and Gray, in addition to Light.

All the harmony and balance of the 3rd Universe has been disrupted. The Sacred Matrix of Life (the Flower of Life), the fundamental basis of the human Monad, has been broken and perverted.

In our Gray eons, Yaltabaoth cut the Matrix of Life, first, from 24 to 12, and then, to a 6-petal shape corresponding to 6-helical DNA, leaving only two active in the human body.

That wasn’t all. At the moment of splitting of the integral Monad, Dipole Synthesis stopped, i.e. the process of unification and fusion of two Foundations in its core (dipole Monadic reactor), as a result of which Perfect (Absolutized) Light is emanated. It, in turn, materializes into Universe’s Vital Energy.

The non-integral Monad is incapable of such synthesis on its own, therefore it cannot provide itself with the Life Energy, and therefore, it is mortal. From now on, they lived as much as they received energy from their Maternal Monadic Logos at their birth. Every Monad Stream could live as long as the “battery” was working.

Any split human Monad was doomed to eternal loneliness, to eternal search and striving to unite with its half, especially since they always belong to the same Monadic Family.

But unification was impossible in principle – Black Co-Creator and Yaltabaoth did a good job. They made it so that the two halves of the divided Monad could never get together, neither in the incarnation nor in the Logos of their Monadic Family.

If such a meeting and unification had taken place, then Dipole Synthesis would have been restored and activated, and the Monad would have become whole again. Archons couldn’t allow this in any way.

To eradicate that terrible legacy, Co-Creators and their Lightwarriors’ ground team conducted several important operations. What were they exactly?

**By Lev