Divine Union

HOLY DIVINE UNION, Holy Trinity & Grail Activations have been clearing any remaining gender reversals, splits, wars and distortions, false perceptions and projections, thought forms and beliefs, that kept the Divine Masculine and Feminine apart and at war with One another, as well as kept us looping in unhealthy patterns, behaviours and ways of relating with One another and all of life everywhere, stuck in distorted Polarity Consciousness and separation. This is allowing our old Templates and Blueprints to be fully cleared and reset now, as part of this Cosmic Consciousness and Paradigm Shift, that is at the Core of our Ascension and Full Reset of our Realities.

The mind has surrendered to the wisdom and Love of the Heart at last! The Divine Masculine has offered his Love and Heart to the Divine Feminine, as they rise and deepen ever more gently into Pure True Divine Source Love as ONE, re-birthing the Holy Trinity, Grail and Diamond Codes across the Grids, igniting the new 12/13D Diamond Grid System and Organic Creatrix Field.

The end of the war between the genders. The end of distorted Polarity Consciousness and fear-based living, thinking and experiences!



This is all about a total shift in perception of how we see the world, our roles played, and how we relate to One another. We are fully re-claiming our power as we re-member how we are all-ways co-creating all of this together as ONE, all of the time with every word, thought, feeling, belief and action we take. The new Organic Ascension Realities and Edenic/ Paradisian codes and keys are held within our very own Multidimensional DNA and Consciousness, that now fully awakens our ancient future memories in no-time at all. All through our own process of Purification, Alchemisation and Transformation, aligning through our Embodiment and the Frequency we hold, with these Realities as our true history records are being fully ignited and re-membered now from deep within us.

This is dissolving all false Consciousness and history records/ lower DNA codings, artificial and inorganic systems, inserts, implants, seals, membranes, creations, negative entities, structures, materials, systems, AI, signals and architecture, along with all the false memories and false Akash of the old inverted Realities and artificial Matrix holographic overlays. Clearing out any reversals, lower DNA codings, forced breeding and hybridisation traumas, and now fully healing the Mother-Child bond and DNA-RNA codings, which is what is allowing us to heal our inner Child and come to Divine Union within and without, all part of the Collective Ascension process.

This massive Timelines/ Reality collapse completes now, along with the inverted, limiting, false thought forms and beliefs/ programs, projections and perceptions, that they were based upon. Clearing the Collective Psychosis and fear-based programming as we shift to loved based Consciousness and the Tri-Wave current of the new Diamond Grid, all part of the new Cosmic Consciousness broadcasting system of which we are the anchors and transmitters of, which is based in Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony, Equality, Balance and Unity.

The new Cosmic Consciousness broadcasting system and network that allows telepathic connection and communication across time and space instantly, also part of the Cosmic Emerald and Diamond Grid Network.

Eternal Love,

**By Ramona Lappin