What it’s Like as an Arcturian on Arcturus

In this transmission, I am talking about a subject I know many of you are curious about and that is the beloved Arcturians!

I am sharing specifically about the star system Arcturus, where the Arcturians reside.

I have quantum travelled to Arcturus many times to receive crystal wind healing and codes from the Arcturians! I am going to be sharing how I perceive their home planet on my journeys. It is absolutely fascinating!

I cover sound technology in Arcturus and how the Arcturians use this advanced technology to help humans heal.

Finally, I will be sharing some exclusive information on how to travel in the quantum to visit star races in their home star systems!

As we near the Arcturian Gateway between October 15 – 19 and peaking on the 17th, I am sharing new videos all about this amazing star race that I am so deeply connected to.

What is it like on Arcturus?

Arcturus is a very interesting land! It is very different from other star systems like the Pleiades and Andromeda. On Arcturus, from what I perceive myself, it is more barren and barer.

It is like a fantasy reality with mountains and crystal buildings that are very high and connected with suspended bridges.

The Arcturians

On Arcturus, I have only ever perceived the Arcturians. The Arcturians kind of hover around the land. They are extremely tall and all of their communication is completely telepathic.

They also have a lot of very advanced technology. There are pods and chambers for healing.

The Arcturians love making sounds and exchanging frequencies. The Arcturians aren’t really in groups all the time having parties like the Pleiadians. They love studying and going deep into subjects and therefore are a little more solitary than other star races.

Working with the Arcturians

Working with the Arcturians is amazing because of how advanced their intellect is! They love to co-create with humans because it is part of their pathway of evolution.

They have formulas which allow them to teach advanced things to human brains. Humans have a very little brain in comparison with the Arcturians, who have access to a huge amount of information. They know how to bring all of this information into a package that the human brain can comprehend.

Through these interactions with us, they advance intellectually themselves. They advance through their heart portal and their intuitive centres as well through brain enhancements.

The Arcturian Healing Chambers

On Arcturus, the Arcturians have these chambers where they use sound frequency to heal. They place the human in the middle of the chamber and use their sound vibrations for healing and alchemy.

The Arcturians have an advanced throat chakra

The vibrations that come out of them shine from their throat chakra, not their mouth. They keep their face still, but the vibration comes from their whole being. Their whole being vibrates the sound. 

They also use crystals in the chambers when they sound, and the crystals reverberate the sounds with various modular frequencies.

Arcturians have all of these sound frequencies available to them in Arcturus that we don’t have here on Earth. It is literally mind-blowing to visit Arcturus and receive healing from them.

I don’t hear them or see them, but I perceive them. It is beyond all of the senses.

Frequency shifts just happen in the body.

How to travel in the quantum to visit the Arcturians on Arcturus and other star races

The more we start travelling in the quantum, the easier it gets to do. I always encourage people to ground and to be in their own quantum space.

Our quantum space is like a sanctuary. It is a place in our meditation practice where we feel comfortable, aligned, and safe. It is a place where we can completely relax.

From this place, we can start travelling and visiting other star races.

There are different techniques when it comes to co-creating with star races, we can either go and visit them or we can welcome them into our quantum space. The latter is the most common as it is easier because our Arcturian guides are closer to us.

In my Star Race Activations inside the coded library we travel in the quantum to visit star races.

In my Star Race Healing Pods, we invite the different star races in our field.

Co-creation with star races

I love to go every now and again to travel in the quantum to visit crystalwind and the star races. I have taken many people on journeys in the quantum inside 1:1 sessions with my clients over the years as a psychic, channel and trance channel.

It’s always so beautiful to experience! As we start approaching the realm, we already feel the frequency shift. And every time we go back, we receive new gifts from them to help us co-create with them.

When we are shifting realities and anchoring new timelines and pillars of our soul mission, we will likely receive quantum technologies from star races as gifts to help us.

Co-creation with star races is power respecting power

When we work with star races, we first must step into our power. We then must acknowledge that the beings we work with are extremely powerful but also very kind, and compassionate and some of the time they are very funny like the Arcturians! Connecting with them in this way through humour and playfulness, really helps the connection grow closer as we learn to understand each other.

**By Cendrine


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