The Ascended Masters: Maintain Inner Peace

Do not be afraid of the future!

What is dawning now is the great time in which the change becomes visible. The light of truth shows things as they are, and new ways are revealed to mankind. Off the beaten track you build a world as it was unimaginable for you so far. Light pushes upwards and the true being in God becomes the all-determining power.

Until it is so far, the old burdens of mankind will be worked up, removed or redeemed. This phase of change is associated with great challenges. On a spiritual-mental as well as on a physical level, everything will be demanded of you.

When the essence of things is revealed to people, there is great astonishment – in the positive as well as initially still in the negative, because it is necessary to understand what held the old world together inside.

3 Phases

This first phase of revelations is followed in the second step by the phase of the great clearing up. In the course of this, many entities will leave this earth. This is followed by the great cleansing by asking forgiveness and practicing forgiveness.

In this way, a healthy foundation will be laid for the building of the new human family, for only people who have entered their inner kingdom of peace will populate the NEW EARTH.

The golden age of light will be built in no time on the pillars of love. What is still unthinkable and unimaginable for you today will then be the most natural thing – with each other, for each other and connected with the source of all being.

Unity with God will lead to unity among people. Then there will be peace among people and there will be peace among nations.

All efforts of the powers from the light aim at this, because development steps of unimaginable extent will then be possible in a very short period of time.

That is why every single phase in the ascension process is of great importance and that is why, first of all, the evil with the “root race” that embodied it will be removed. This is the work that must be done now, a work that will not end until the last powers of baseness have also been destroyed and removed from this earth.

Redeem envy and hatred!

Meanwhile, you, beloved human being, are called upon to keep real, true and deep peace. If you have not yet entered your kingdom of peace, since you still find remnants of envy and hatred within you, then detach yourself from them and thereby redeem humanity.

Stifle the swelling flame of envy, remove the ground from the all-destroying fire of hatred! Feed what nourishes you, preserve what preserves you, love as you are loved by God!

We are the Ascended Masters.

**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

**Translation by


2 Replies to “The Ascended Masters: Maintain Inner Peace”

  1. Bella

    I need the ascended masters to send me a healer though. My throat, nose, allergies, and skin needs to be healed. My soul is getting very irritated by it.

  2. Denise G

    This is kinda OT but I have received much new information the last couple of days for my personal enlightenment but for some reason I am being guided to share something slightly personal and I can only guess someone else must be in need of it for some reason, SO:
    Have you ever seen an animated graph? Where there’s a flat blank field in which columns or points will move up and down in 3-D at varying levels? Anyway, that’s how I see the Creator and Souls as the All That Is. Souls are those tiny pieces that go up and down, levels varying at different levels of Soul Evolution.
    The Creator is the wide open field and everything else moves up and down from that field. 🤷‍♂️
    Anyway, hope that may help someone!