Wisdom of the Council: Reconnect to Your Soul’s DesiresWisdom of the Council:

We bring you into remembering the desires of your soul. Not that any desires are more important than any other, but so many times you get so focused and entangled on your human desires, most always based on an experience of separation, where you are from where you want to be, an experience of lack or limitation, not having what you think you want or need, from a place of fear or worry, or just not even remembering all that is possible for you.

Your human needs things like food and water and air and sleep. And we understand there are other things that your human needs: to feel like you belong, to have companionship, to feel purposeful or like you matter. And all of that is well and good, but sometimes your human forgets that there’s something so much more going on here. There is something so much more going on here. And your soul, your higher self, the grander part of you that has never forgotten the truth of who you are, knows what’s really going on here, knows the bigger picture of you, your life, your destiny, your potential, the possibility, and all that is moving towards you.

The desire of your soul is for complete and total freedom. The desire of your soul is for absolute abundance and love and wellbeing. The desire of your soul is for expansion. The desire of your soul is to fully express all that you are, and the desire of your soul is to experience yourself as God within the magnificent human experience. These are the desires of your soul: freedom, abundance, wellbeing, love, joy, expansion, expression, experiences that all provide data and information that lead to the expansion and seed human consciousness with potentials and draw the limitless potentials and possibilities to you and through you in every moment.

You have the power to unleash the magic of the entire universe, which means anything is possible for you. 

You are a master, a master of great love, a master of great abundance, a master of wellbeing and peace, a master of freedom, a master of beauty, a master of play and fun. You are a master here to create your life and have the experiences you choose for you. The desires of your soul are to know the freedom you have to be all that you are, the power that you have as Creator to allow yourself into the expansion, not holding yourself in limitation. The desires of your soul are a full expression of all that you are, not holding back and playing small. The desires of your soul are not for you to express the way someone else told you you should act or how you should be. The desires of your soul are to be all that you are. The desires of your soul are to have the experiences that you choose for you.

So, when you notice that things are clearing, when you notice that things are coming up, when you notice yourself maybe a little more agitated or defensive or resentful or angry, that is clarity about what is being released that is no longer a vibrational match to all that you have expanded into.

There is a vibrational price that you pay to hold yourself apart from the expansion and the new levels of consciousness and the new energy and the new you and the New Earth. The price you pay is your joy. The price you pay is giving up love and joy, abundance, wellbeing. The vibrational price you pay to hold yourself apart is that feeling of not feeling good, of being angry or exhausted or confused.

You are so much more than you have ever known yourself to be. Really, we want you to hear that as if you’re hearing it for the first time. You are so much more. Not that who you are now it’s not absolutely divine and perfect, but allow yourself into all that you are beyond needing and wanting, beyond resistance into expansion, and unleash the magic, the miracles, the manifestations that are here for you. 

We understand that you feel the desires of your soul. And when you really get beyond the needing and wanting and the knowing that you have it all you can feel those desires, but it’s not motivation to avoid the unwanted. It’s the desire to feel the expansion into all that you are. It’s the desire to know you are free to explore and create any reality that you choose for you.

Reconnect to your soul, to your soul’s desires, to your soul’s highest vision of your life experience, and everything else will be easy, effortless, harmonious, choiceless, choiceless. And then allow your soul to clear the way, to clear the old, to clear the path for you to invite in the ultimate experience of all that you are here now and forevermore in this life.

**Channel: Sara Landon


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