The Energies of October 2022: Soul-Realization

We have ended a very harmonic and peaceful month, as its six universal frequency within a too universal year reminded us. A month that helped us to retire to our soul space, where we can witness our human self and journey, removing what is not serving us any longer, clearing all of our bodies and the different timelines where we too reside.

It is now in this new energetic month of October that we, gradually, begin ascending again, into a new expansive cycle, where manifestation will be key, although we will also continue having many harmonizing energies, helping us transform what is not aligned from within, as in the following months revising our life experience and creations, is going to be pivotal.

A month in which we welcome again a new eclipse season. One that invites us to put all we have previously created within, as the Eclipse in Scorpio will remind us, into our tangible plane, as the next one in November in Taurus will too emphasize. A month in which from a planetary perspective, many structures that were once manipulated and controlled, have finally been restored, for even though of the massive distractions, there are too important victories regarding the rehabilitation of the many Earth’s fabrics.

October is a seventh universal month, a month whose energies are precisely about soul revelations, regaining the wisdom that is only found within ourselves. It is during this month that we have to do the work of clearing old timelines and beginning the reconstruction of our lives, if where we are is not resonating any longer, with where we would like to be.

It is not so much about material manifestations, but about mastering personal alignment to remain as long as possible in our chosen frequency, the one that will allow us to remain centered in our hearts at all times, as the planet continues experiencing the natural challenges necessary for it to evolve. Our main task is to remain in our Illumined Essence, as the only way for us to anchor more love, peace, and compassion.

As a seventh universal month, October is a mystical and master number, for it holds all the wisdom required for us to manifest in the tangible, all we desire to experience, as the Taurus eclipse in November will help us to do, for only we can master the self, in this physical plane that we have chosen. Contrary to what is often thought of this number, it is not a passive one, for its masculine essence means the one who wisely brings into a form that which was once nurtured and properly discerned from within, from a space of love and connection to All That Is.

Number seven shows us where we have been and where we are going. Have you mastered all the challenges that showed you what you needed to remember? Have you realized the illusion of separation? Have you found the mystic within?

It is a time of soul-realization, when we begin to discern about our creations, by moving inwards, observing if there is anything we still need to transform, to be able to proceed with our journey, knowing that where we are heading is where we need to be next, within Creation for the betterment of All involved.

Supportive tools for October

  • The first tool that Guides offer us to navigate this month in which soul-realization is so important, is an Icosahedron, inviting us to visualize ourselves within it, as it is the main element that is associated with Scorpio, whose energies will be very present this month of October, as well as with the element Water and the feminine essence that creates all from within.
Guides invite us to visualize the icosahedron for two purposes: one, to bring into form new beginnings in any area of our lives in which we feel guided, and secondly, by helping us to open our upper chakras.
We sit in meditation with our spine straight, so the energy can flow, and begin to visualize the icosahedron, a few inches above our head, where the eight chakra, the first non-physical one, resides, so we can begin to open it, reconnect it with its correspondent eight dimension, where our soul’s records too reside, in a parallel dimension, within the eight one, accessing to all the guidance and information we need to continue with our personal ascension path.

It is important to use our words, the power of our own voice, to direct the exercise, directing it towards the removal of all false timeliness, manipulative tactics, programs, etc. so we can open ourselves to the original connection we were meant to have with the upper dimensions, allowing the energy – light, information – to descend to us.

Scorpio is a sign that invites us to visit the depths of our being, healing trauma, from both a galactic and a personal human perspective, and navigating into our inner realms, rediscovering who we really are, as well as the many dimensions where we dwell.

This is where we begin to anchor consciousness in our physical bodies, and when ascension starts as well.

  • The second tool is to do a purification treatment of our choice, with water is possible and guided, as a vital part of the transformational process that our bodies are experiencing. As we heal and let go, we too must combine it with any purification technique that we are guided, as it is a very important step after healing, one that stabilizes us and our bodies, after the profound inner alchemy work made.
  • The last one is a crystal, a celestial quartz one, to help us support ourselves in this month of retrospection, inner transformation, and above all, re-connection with our Illumined Self, and God Planes. This crystal, as its name indicates, is a wonderful one for us to work with the opening and reconnection of our seventh, eighth, and ninth chakras, which is how we begin to descend light, information, and wisdom, from the Above channels to our physical bodies.

As always, we are all unique and are on different paths in our ascension journey. This is why it is so important to listen to our own body and guidance, knowing where we, personally, are and doing what helps our bodies, at this time, as universal tools are of great help, but they may not always help us in all we need to work with.

Astrological Alignments

At a cosmic level, we begin October by having many planets turning direct again, for those who resonate with retrogrades and direct phases. However, we too will have Mars and Jupiter retrograde, together with the first eclipse in Scorpio, to keep us reminding us of the importance of balancing both our inner and outer worlds.

October, as the seventh universal month that is, shows us that it is when we are in perfect communion with our inner self and worlds, that we can bring all this wisdom into the physical, as if we do not take the proper time to listen to our guidance and what our soul, in many ways, has to tell us, we cannot move forward in our evolutionary journey, as the outer is only a mere representation of what is within ourselves.

We begin this month by stepping out gradually from the harmonic space created, during the past month, and initiating the transformation required that will lead us to the massive changes that are about to come, as the result of the inner work achieved and the new opening in consciousness that we and part of the collective are actually experiencing.

As a metaphoric representation of this, we start October by having Mercury, Vesta, and Pluto direct again, on the 3rd, 5th, and 8th of September. Although as you already know I do not believe in or focus on retrogrades, I simply leave this as another part of the October astrological report, for those who wish to expand on it.

Ascension is precisely about breaking free from limiting beliefs that impede us to see who we truly are, in nature, and our true Divine potential. Fomenting retrogrades only continue feeding the belief that these planets have a profound impact upon us, cursing or blessing us, as they shift in our Heavens. However, all has been a perfectly planned illusion created for the sake of humans to find an excuse not to take full responsibility.

We are now aware of who we are, retrieving our authentic essence, and personal power, and as ascending souls, even though we all have our time to disengage from these beliefs, it is vital to do so, even though gradually, so we can allow ourselves to move forward from delusions to a more empowered state of being.

These three planets whether retrograde or not, always have the same essence, and at this time it is wonderful to align with them to foment clear communication with our feminine essence, as Vesta reminds us, and empower ourselves by healing all feminine distortions, emerging as the sovereign beings that we are, retrieving our power back and using it to heal and create, rather than continuing destroying.

On September 9, we have a Full Moon at 16 degrees Aries. As the first sign of the zodiac, it rules the self. It is during this moon, as guides shared, where the ones that need to clear their genetic bloodlines will benefit from it, as Aries rules the first chakra and everything that anchors us to earth, to our families, and to the traumas and wounds that we carry related to it. It is a time for us to clear survival fears, blood distortions, reptilian undesired inherited essences and programs, and all karmic, so to speak, attachments.

On the next day, Mercury enters Libra. Mercury in Libra is about bringing balance into our mental plane, although at this time is going to have more impact on the collective mind, helping them to bring more diplomacy, at a time when there are many conflicts arising, as well as global equilibrium.

This is going to be a month for us to keep dwelling on the illumined and peaceful essence of our Soul, for there are many distractions that can make us fall apart and come back into old states of being. However, as many planetary workers know, through their own experience, there are many openings and structures being restored, as I previously shared, on the Planet, thanks to the effort of many. Not all is lost as we are trying to be taught and not all is what they show us in the media. Therefore, dear ones, have the utmost respect for your energy, focus, intention, and attention, at this time, direct your energy only in that which brings you joy, healing, and love.

The most important contribution to the creation of a more peaceful and loving planet is to precisely create this same frequency from within and remain there as long as possible, even though as humans, there will be challenges that may often make us oscillate between two different frequencies.

The next day, on October 23, we have a conglomeration of planetary alignments taking place in our heavens, to help us find unity from the separation that we were taught to experience, by moving inward again, in the stillness of our soul, where we can be reminded of the power of unity in both within and without.

We begin by having Saturn direct, for those who will resonate with it being direct, together with Venus, and the Sun in Scorpio, building the energy for the Eclipse in this same sign, a few days later, and lastly, Juno turning direct again on this same day.

It is a month in which many planetary forces whose main essence is feminine, such as Vesta, and Venus, remind us of the power of the feminine, creating from within all we wish to achieve in the physical, as the feminine is the one that connects with the aspect of us that knows best what we need for our journey, creating it from the cosmic womb before the masculine can make it tangible.

This is why balancing both essences is so important, because if one is imbalanced, the other could not work on its own, as even though our illusion of separation, in our dual world, all forces work in perfect unison.

On October 23 the Sun enters Scorpio, a Water sign, that invites us to continue visiting the depths of our being, navigating through our inner realms to illuminate those dark corners through the wisdom we have regained during all this time, embracing as well the “dark” aspects that are also a part of who we are and Creation – that makes us whole and One with All.

A time to look within to receive all the revelations that these last months bring to us, as the last part of this year, will show us where we are going, as well as new ways of being of assistance, which is of great importance to change direction if the timeline we have chosen no longer resonates with our true destination.

On October 24, we have again the True Node semi-sextile Chiron, which I previously shared in the past month, it is going to be a very significant alignment, as it is a push for us to continue moving forward, focusing on healing the present, not the past, as when we awake as multidimensional beings, all parallel timeliness and selves heal as well. This is a wonderful reminder to build our next moment and to focus on retrieving more wisdom about our unique purpose within Creation, which is always to serve All.

Finally, the next day we welcome the first eclipse of the season, a New Moon Solar Eclipse (Partial) at 2 degrees Scorpio. I will dive deeper into it as we approach the eclipse. However, this is going to be of great assistance to help us heal our eight chakra, the one that also connects to our thymus and heart, and that works in unison with the seventh and ninth, for all chakras work in triads. This is what is often called the Higher Heart, as it opens the gates to the Illumined Planes, its wisdom, and hence the retrieval, through our soul’s records connection, of all the information and guidance we need to know, at this time.

A time as well to continue as the previous alignment too reminded us, clearing parallel timelines, the trauma that we still carry within our DNA and emotional body, and all the mental manipulations associated with it too. As I said, I will enter deeper into all this, when the time comes.

On October 28, Jupiter will turn retrograde, once more I share it for those who resonate with it. Jupiter as an expansive unstoppable force is helping us to dive more into our soul, as it resides in Pisces and together with the Scorpion energies, it is a time in which all the planetary forces, along to help us retrieve our soul memories and strength to continue with our mission of service. Jupiter in Pisces is about soul expansion, wisdom integration, clearing, healing, and above all, the inner recognition of who we are, as Divine limitless beings.

The next day, we also have Mercury entering into Scorpio. This is the macro representation of the profound planetary mental shift that is already taking place, and that we all are seeing from our unique perspectives. At a global level, a lot of change is happening, especially at that precise time of profound planetary transformation. On a personal level, this is not just about experiencing the change that comes from outside but the one that we can create in our mental plane, if we desire that our physical reality change, for all comes first from what we create in our minds.

Mercury in Scorpio invites us to go deeper into our old ways of thinking, clearing all distorted and fake beliefs and searching for the truth that lies behind a situation and a thought pattern. It is important that we clear our mental plane from time to time, or we will fall into the trap of believing that all we think to be true is direct guidance when it is often the result of perpetual negative thinking or a delusional one.

Lastly, at the end of the month, on October 30, we will have another planet turning “retrograde” Mars, the Great Cosmic Warrior. Once more it is a human illusion, as the Warrior essence of Mars, which represents in the macro the qualities of strength, willpower, and perseverance, can never be retrograde. It is a time for us to take of ourselves, and above all, energy, paying attention to where we put our vital force, our intention, as our energy can grow or decay, depending on what we put it.

In October we find ourselves crossing the threshold to a new destination. It is this month for us to commune with our Illumined Self, ponder about our journey, all we have learned, all we still need to clear, and all we desire to create next.

These last months of the year, are for us to recover, nurture ourselves and continue transforming that which we do not wish to repeat, focusing on creating new ways of living that support our bodies and soul purpose, and hence, that of All.

I wish you a loving October, Beloved Ones!

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba