Sai Baba: Sometimes It Only Takes One Word

Beloved people,

Honor your relationships, love your partners, and pass on your love to your children. Your love is a never-emptying vessel that is filled through devotion to God. On this foundation, you will solve all problems and difficulties. Hatred cannot pollute your heart, and rash words or actions cannot poison your relationships.

Those who have walked the spiritual path find kind words in every situation, are kind on every occasion, and have patience when it matters.

Live your relationships and partnerships in mindfulness! Avoid hurting your fellow human beings – especially those who are close to you – by words or deeds. Even your thoughts should be pure and elevated, full of love and understanding for the weaknesses of others. Are you flawless?

The 4 pillars of human relationships

Relationships and partnerships built on the solid foundation of true inner connectedness need daily nurturing – and that consists of not hiding your love, but backing it up with words and gestures on a daily basis.

Kindness, gentleness, understanding and forgiveness are the 4 pillars that support human relationships.

What matters is that you are aware that all your relationships need daily care and attention. The daily interaction of people determines the level of peace, joy and harmony in human society.

It is not the one-time social celebrations in the annual cycle, but it is the everyday little things that strengthen a relationship and stabilize the community.

It is in the small things that the great things are revealed, and it is in the everyday things that the quality of relationships is revealed. Nurture the seed of love so that it can sprout and grow.

Do not spare your love where it is expected and accepted with an open heart. Cultivate a loving relationship with each other, where you are closely connected and where there may be friction – and be sure: Sometimes it only needs a word at the right time and everything will be healthy.

Keep peace in your family and you create peace in the world.

I love you infinitely


**Channel: Jahn J Kassl

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