The Telosians: Harmony in Your Life

We are close to you, dear children of the Earth, ever closer to you. Why is that? Because in this period of the life of humanity and of the planet Earth you need, great need of moral and physical support. We speak of physical support because your physical bodies are being challenged to the highest degree by the modification and amplification of the energies within you and around you. All of this creates uncomfortable and unpleasant moments in your bodies, disturbed sleep, etc…

So, we are close to you and what do we do to support you? First of all, at the level of human beings that you are, we surround you more or less with energies of Peace and Serenity. These very particular energies come to attenuate the uneasiness that your bodies can feel. This discomfort that you have been experiencing for the past two years in particular, will continue for some time, as your own energies rise and harmonize with those of the Earth. We are close to you to help you in this.

But, you may ask, how long will we suffer in our bodies? How long will we live through such upheavals?

We have already spoken to you about this. It is important that you realize that your earthly life is only a momentary experience in the Great Life that allows you to live on this planet. Your earthly experience brings you what your divine being needs to evolve in the Energy of Love in order to spread it to all that lives on Earth.

You are being shaken, stirred deep within you because it is very necessary. If you do not become aware of your Divinity, if you still think in the way of the 3rd dimension of consciousness, that is, if you still cling to materialism, power, disrespect, etc., the events that you are experiencing will be prolonged and will shake you up even more.

It is in this way, through the electroshocks that you are experiencing and will continue to experience, that you will think at some point of taking a closer look at your life, of trying to understand what is happening on Earth, what repercussions it has on you, deep inside.

As we have already said and repeated, it is important to become aware of who you really are: wonderful Divine Beings who are no longer aware of it but who, by a welcome burst at a certain moment, will find the True Truth of the Great Life.

The human being has always needed and still needs to be shaken out of his sleep in order to harmonize with his own divine energies and those of the Earth. As long as there is no HARMONY in your own life, and in the strong link that you have with the planet Earth, the Celestial Energies will try to wake you up in many ways not only in your bodies but also around you.

What we are telling you here, we have already told you in many messages. But as human beings forget very quickly what they are experiencing, what is happening around them, it is very, very important for us to reiterate what we have just told you.

In the coming months, be prepared to live, for some of you, delicate moments. These moments will be accompanied by movements of the Earth, various movements such as floods, very heavy snowfalls, violent winds etc. …. This is the movement of the Purification of all that lives on Earth but also the beginning of the erasure of ancestral ideas too strongly anchored in you, deep in your cellular memories. These ancestral ideas have been imprinted in your beings by those who have always wanted to have power over the people of the Earth. But these times are coming to an end for them, and that is why we are waking you up more and more by watching over you with Love. Alone, you could not advance in your spiritual evolution. This is why we are the support on which you can rely to better understand yourselves. All this is a matter of inner work in each of you, of continuous introspection and of the possibility of going beyond all that your beings had stored in them in totally inane beliefs.

Dear children of the Earth, you will still have to open your eyes to the True Life that is not only around you but especially within you. When you have had the click of this understanding, Harmony will be made between the Earth and you and everything, then, will go in the most beautiful way to lead you on the path of the Pure Light.

We accompany you with Great Love, do not doubt it, we thank you.

**Channel: Marie Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by