Krystar SAphiRa Fully Embodies on Earth

Eukaristic Planetary Body Activations are heralding the Return of The Christ/ Kryst, the Sophionic body, in the flesh. Clearing the remaining black magic field and spells, blood sacrifice and covenants, and clearing all remaining satanic overlay distortions and dark portals.

Enabling Krystar SAphiRa/ Christos-Sophia to fully embody on the Earth again which has now fully opened the Gates to the Seven Higher Heavens and the God Worlds, as ALL MERGES AS ONE! ALL Grids, Networks and Stargates sites have been fully re-claimed! With the Sphere of Amenti and our Original Divine Blueprints returned, the Ark of the Covenant passageways and Halls of Records opened wide, our full and true memories of our ancient future past, are being fully awoken again from deep within the Crystalline Core and Caverns of Earth, our blood, DNA and cells.

We have KP5, solar winds and ongoing C-class and another M-class Solar Flare in progress right now, so that’s 5 within the last 48hrs, as well as one X-class Flare. All supporting our final quantum leap of The One Consciousness out of the artificial Matrix simulation, completing now. The AI Grid is fully dissolving along with any remaining AI signals, materials, nanos, black goo, graphene, shadow beings, parasitic entities, demons, demon seeds, ALL and anything that is artificial and inorganic.

Bio-spiritual rehabilitation is being vastly accelerated: We are returning at extra super fast, quantum God Source speed back to our Original Divine Blueprint plus Upgrades with the support of the Divine Union Activations coming to their completion, and the rising of the Original 12/ 13 Tribes, the Original Grail Queen’s and King’s, the 144 plus 3 as ONE, and as they do, so does our Multidimensional DNA and our true memories and Organic Realities return, and ignite from within us fully now! Dissolving any remaining inorganic and artificial Holographic Matrix overlays and inserts, false memories and history records, clearing the false Akash to reveal what really true.

The Grids are being lit up with Diamond White and Rainbow Plasma light, as our and the Planetary Plasma and Merkaba Lightbody are receiving final attunements and upgrades, ready for us to fully ignite our ancient Supernatural gifts and abilities. A BIG THANK YOU to all the amazing Grid- and Gateworker Souls doing the work in bringing all of this together as ONE behind the scenes!


ALL Timelines/ Realities, Dimensional layers, Universes and Realms are being unified as ONE in this timeless NOW moment, supported by the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies merging as ONE with Source in Holy Matrimony. The Holy Trinity and Threefold Founder Flame awakens within our and the Planetary Heart and Core, as the Amoraea Flame Activations are igniting our God/ Cosmic Seed Atom within our High Hearts, as well as the Crystalline Core of Earth, enabling full Collective Monadic integration and merging.

These are assisting the completion of Planetary Ascension and bringing the Oversoul Groups and Divine Counterparts back together again, as they hold the instruction sets for Ascension Earth and the new Organic Creatrix field to manifest, within their Blueprints.

As ALL UNIFY AS ONE TRIBE again within the Singularity, the ONEness, of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Grail, Mother and Father Arc, Platinum White, Diamond Rose, Emerald and Krystal Lotus Heart configurations and Grid Activations are lighting up the Grids and fully healing and activating our Tribal Shield, Crystalline and Zero Point Field/ Free Energy Technologies, and restoring Earth’s natural, organic magnetism, with the Pole flip and magnetic field shift imminently coming to it’s full completion, along with our missions.

As the last veil of forgetfulness and black magic spells and field dissolves that has been cast over Earth, ALL awaken from the dream within the dream and re-member the REAL TRUTH again, along with our history. As the memories of our past change, so does what we call our present and future, as all is in truth happening in the now and in parallel, all is inter- and inner-connected. Time but a false Matrix construct and also not real.

As we step fully into our One True Self, we become the Full Disclosure manifest, unafraid of anything. The artificial Matrix build on false memories, projections, perceptions, limiting and false beliefs and thought forms, lies, manipulation and deceit, crumbles and is electrocuted by the Frequency of Truth that we emit and which radiates from each One of us now. Our Hearts being our Compass that leads and reveals to us, what is true and just.

As we LET GO OF THE PAST, the stories of good versus evil, dark versus light, fully trance-ending all the stories of the old Realities based in distorted Polarity Consciousness, any remaining false layers, burdens, masks, fear, doubts, nervousness and defensive mechanisms dissolve, as we stand tall and unafraid, as we look forward to a new dawn rising now as our eyes adjust and start to fully open to the Truth and secrets held safe inside the chambers of our own Sacred Crystal Heart’s and bodies, now fully igniting, unfolding and revealing The Truth we have been seeking all along.

The Great Re-membering, Awakening and Unveiling of the Truth some call Armageddon, is but us leading and triggering the unveiling as we stand tall and unafraid in our own.

As WE SHINE OUR LIGHT, Ascension Earth awakens from beneath our very own feet and all around us now, as the old begins to fade away along with the memories of the dream..

All as the REAL TRUTH starts to ignite and is being re-membered fully again by ALL, as we align with and embody The Truth, Divine Love and the Light, that we all seek. All projected out from within.
Eternal Love,

**Ramona Lappin


2 Replies to “Krystar SAphiRa Fully Embodies on Earth”

  1. akane

    Happy Birthday!!! I am very happy to receive this message from you dear one. I look forward to more wonderful messages from you.
    I wish you many more wonderful days ahead.

  2. Denise G

    I have seen the most beautiful Rainbows in the Clouds around the Sun the last couple of days! Got some great pics of some!
    Denise G