Ascension Update; Body Exhaustion

Beloved Ones,

As we approach the eclipse season and the sixth and seventh-dimensional frequencies that are coming to assist us in our ascension journey, we may feel exhausted, with extreme confusion and fatigue, as well as many other unique sensations that tend to appear when we consciously integrate plasma waves and begin to build the light body.

The light body, often called Merkabah, is the result of having our chakra system, hara line, shoulder wings portal, and many other body structures properly healed and activated. It is something that we need to work with, as this is precisely one of the many reasons why we ascend, while we are still in a physical body.

Building the light body is a long process that takes time, devotion, and a higher understanding of ascension mechanics. It is a process that many are experiencing, at this time, as they build it and start rehabilitating their DNA.

To support the healing/clearing taking place in our bodies, or help us regain more vitality, while we are in this process of working with our light bodies, Guides invite us to call upon the fifth ray of Creation, the green one. Infuse your body with this green light, directing it towards the specific body parts that need nurturance, restoration, healing, or more purification, and surround yourself with a green orb, that will protect you and help you remain in this loving and healing frequency until your body is ready to emerge, stronger again.

However, it is not the only process that these current energies that are already among us will help us with, as many are also beginning to embody higher aspects of their soul, and with them, the wisdom and power they need to heal and reclaim their sovereignty and personal freedom.

It is a similar process of soul retrieval in which we have prepared the body, and activated it, so now we can hold more essence from our soul. A process that is different from the soul retrieval healing one that we often need to do when we have a traumatic experience.

To be able to achieve this process, we need to understand that for our bodies to be able to embody this liquid plasma light, first, we need to release all programs and everything that holds a low frequency in our physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

This is where many are at the moment, although there are many phases, and initiations, within our evolutionary journey, and we are all in different stages. The most important is to understand our bodies, try to drink plenty of water, and eat as light as we can, which is vital. Remember that as long as we continue poisoning our bodies with many substances, but also with lower thoughts, etc. our bodies could not integrate the plasma energies that will begin to build our crystal body, as both are not compatible, and we cannot choose to remain in both opposite frequencies, at the same time.

For those who are under this process, Guides recommend a clear quartz crystal, which together with sound therapy will help the body conduit the light, and anchor it, if our bodies are ready for this process. Afterward, it is up to us to learn how to manage and direct these light codes in our bodies, for we are the ones that have to give these energies a purpose.

Above all, respect your bodies, we all have our own personal micro cycles, in which sometimes we are going to be more active and other times we will need more rest. When we do not accept the phases of less action, we create a resistance that can become stressful for our bodies. We can too create anxiety and many other sensations that are not due to our evolutionary process, but to our egoic tendency, as humans, to push ourselves when it is not yet time to move forward.

It is pivotal to know ourselves and our bodies, and personal cycles, to understand the unique process that we are experiencing and how we can cope with it in the best possible way, for no one can know better than us.

This is a time of profound purification, and it is important to understand where we are, and what we need to be able to step into the next phase. We have powerful healing energies coming as well with the Full Moon in Aries, as it conjunct Chiron, the Great Cosmic Healer, to assist us in our clearing process, we just have to release impatience and trust that we are where we need to be and give our bodies what they require at this time, to continue embodying a higher Light.

Within Infinite Love,

**By Natalia Alba