Operation 4th Universe Part 10-3

What other challenges did Co-Creators disclose when restoring human Monads for the future 4th Local Universe?

As DNI narrated earlier (see Part 10-2, 28 September 2022), Dark Hierarchs mutilated the Monads of almost all Families (Streams), putting many gruesome experiments on them. One of the goals was to extract the Source’s Spark and use it for their purposes.

The maximum that the Greys could do was to put a Spark in an energy capsule for period of incarnation with the consent of the Higher Self of man before the embodiment on Earth. But the Source’s Light is so powerful that it broke through the shell, preserving our connection with It.

This terrible legacy remains deeply rooted today, which includes many Monads, divided by Archons. Previously, each was a single whole, combining in self the Feminine and Masculine Foundations in perfect proportion. After the split, an imbalance formed inside each half, the inner synthesis of vital energy stopped. To survive, such Monads had to switch to external sources, and in an amputated, dismembered form, continue evolution for eons.

This led to the birth and expansion of a great many mutants, parasitic Dark and Gray races, of which our Earth also became a target.

As will be shown below, restoring the integrity of the Monads turned out to be an incredibly challenging and complex task, full of lethal risks, hidden traps and other negative surprises.

Pleroma’s Hierarchs found that they can’t simply join together the Monad’s halves, matched in vibrations, and get a perfect whole. To ignite dipole synthesis in it, this wasn’t enough.

It was discovered almost by accident during an operation to remove one of the karmic bombs that former Black Co-Creator hid on Earth and the Local Universe in huge numbers.

The bomb contained fragments of his Causal and Subtle Bodies and Monadic DNA. In the event of the death of the Hierarch, it served as the Matrix of his self-resurrection.

The ground team leader got order to neutralize it. As soon as Lightwarrior put the Matrix for annihilation into self, his Monad immediately responded with an explosive increase of vibrations, like any organism reacts to the penetration of a virus or infection into it.

Then, Matrix dematerialization began, that looked like the slow melting of an ice piece thrown into warm water. It dissolved gradually, in stages and in layers. When the team members clairvoyantly watched the process, they saw a sort of intricate black tattoo appear in the Monad.

On the physical plane, Lightwarrior felt as if he was being cauterized with a red-hot brand. A strong chakral cough began, the temperature jumped, reacting to his Monad and its manifestation bodies destroying the former Black Co-Creator’s energy remnants.

The deeper the Matrix layers were opened, the harder it was to burn them, because each segment consisted of an exceptionally dense concentrate of viruses, karma and other negativity.

After Lightwarrior annihilated about half of the layers, it became clear that they were only a protective shell, and the main part was hidden in the core, which was the resurgence’s Matrix. And it turned out to be impossible to destroy it, because, first, this required eliminating all the karma of humanity.

The fallen Pleroma’s Hierarch knew what he was doing. It wasn’t the first time the group had encountered his traps. However, he miscalculated. Light Forces always find ways to remove his most sophisticated karmic bombs from Earth and the Local Universe.

Co-Creators decided to suspend the annihilation op for a while. The energy of the Matrix core was so powerful that Lightwarrior could die.

Although his Monad was Absolute-like, it lacked the NATURAL dipole synthesis, because the Feminine Foundation in it was surrogate. That is, it was artificially implanted into the core of his former, dismembered Monad to restore its integrity and generate Absolute Light.

However, the intensity of the latter was insufficient to continue the op. The main reason was that the Feminine half wasn’t his native, but grafted, though it consisted of the Pleroma Supreme Hierarchs’ aspects.

No one could have foreseen that this would happen. The factor of primogeniture turned out to be above Pleromic purity.

It means that our path to Absolutization lies through the restoration of our integrity, first of all, with ourselves. And no one and nothing, not even the Aspects of the Pleroma’s Hierarchs can do it for us!

The evolutionary status of a natural, full-fledged Monad turned out to be higher than the status of an Absolute-like Monad with a set Foundation. Realizing the mistake, Co-Creators began to correct it. For this, they had to once again literally break the entire structure of the Lightwarrior’s Monad.

With the permission of the Karma Board, they found and introduced into his Monad a new and, as it seemed to them, more suitable Feminine half from the same Stream to which Lightwarrior previously belonged.

But the splice did not happen again. Worse, the core structure of his Monad was disrupted, and it began to disintegrate. It had to urgently start resuscitation, which two Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs did immediately.

The unification attempt failed because the implanted Feminine half has HER OWN incarnation history, other manifestation bodies – Causal, Subtle and physical ones.

On Earth, she was embodied as another person, with her Personal Logos Matrix, Causal and Monadic karma. The latter led to failure. Before joining, the Feminine part should first be completely cleansed from karma, and then Absolutized to be fully complied with the Masculine half of Lightwarrior’s Monad.

And this is a huge job, which required her new incarnation on Earth. But the Lightwarrior was lucky: Karma Board allowed his dipole half – Lightwarrioress to carry out the cleansing, since her Monad had all the necessary qualities for that.

She ran through self his Feminine part, completely clearing it up in just one night. Of course, this method was not suitable for all humanity. But in that situation, Lightwarrior had no other option.

After purification op, Co-Creators again tried to unite the two halves into a single whole – the core of the future integral Monad. Lightwarrior felt his Female part well. At first he didn’t like it very much – someone else’s memory of karma, vibrations, etc. He even almost refused it, but in the end he accepted it, deciding to bring it to an ideal state.

The unification attempt failed again. The halves not only did not initiate dipole synthesis, but they did not even grow together, starting to reject.

The reason, as it turned out, was the following. In the distant past, the Lightwarrior’s Monad was evacuated from his native, 56th Stream.

As for his new Feminine part, earlier, in the same Family, and without leaving it, she tried to unite with another Masculine one. Naturally, she got a part of the Stream’s Maternal Logos karma.

It was this karma that led to failure. That is, first, it was necessary to cleanse the ENTIRE Maternal Logos (Matrix) from karma, then, evacuate the cleaned Feminine part from the Monadic Family, and only after that to unite with the Masculine half…

What to do next, everyone didn’t even have time to think – like eruption, started self-resurrection of Black Co-Creator through the core of the Maternal Matrix of the 56th Monadic Family.

As it turned out, in our Local Universe, the cores of all Matrices of all Monadic Streams), created by Yaltabaoth and Lilith, consisting of their Monads and DNA parts, contain the Black Co-Creator’s self-rebirth Matrix.

To realize the scale of this threat, it is enough to say that every person, as Monad’s manifestation body, was a potential Matrix of the Black Hierarch’s self-resurgation. And to prevent this, it’s necessary to purify from karma and Absolutize ALL Monadic Families, except for Pleromic one.

By their Monads, Lightwarrior and Lightwarrioress immediately blocked the fallen Black Co-Creator’s self-reanimation. It was very costly to their health.

The situation was stalemate. Under the circumstances, Lightwarrior’s Higher Self appealed to Co-Creators with a request to give him freedom to independently solve the problem. Having received permission, he and his dipole developed and carried out an ingenious operation, although both spent two sleepless, incredibly stressful nights.

Following the op’s plan, Lightwarrior was going to blow up his Monad from the inside. It was extremely dangerous, but Lightwarrioress, his dipole part, was ready to involve if necessary.

Operation 4th Universe Part 10-3

After his inner-Monadic blast, Lightwarrior could not recover for three days, even get out of bed. Thanks to Lightwarrioress, who came to the rescue in time, the Monad was saved from complete destruction.

The operation solved three strategic tasks at once. Firstly, his Monad’s Feminine part was removed from registration in the Maternal Logos of the 56th Family and put in Lightwarrior’s Monad. Secondly, she was completely cleansed from the Black Co-Creator’s energy remnants. Thirdly, through her, the Pleroma’s Hierarchs introduced their Aspects into the core of the 56th Stream’s Matrix and completely cleared it up from the Yaltabaoth and Lilith’s Monads and DNA parts as well.

All this opened the way to the restoration and Absolutization of all Monadic Families and human Monads for the future 4th Local Universe.

The success of the operation allowed to proceed with the upgrade of Lightwarrior’s Monad. For it, Co-Creators, first, synchronized and then combined in its core two halves, Masculine and renewed Feminine ones. Then, they rebooted it, activating all changes.

Interestingly, just about the time, Lightwarrior, together with his team, was heading by flight to the place of the next operation. During the transfer and transit check-in at the Istanbul airport, the name of the group leader suddenly disappeared from the passenger list of the flight, and staff didn’t allow him on the plane.

After the proceedings with the airline representatives, Lightwarrior was nevertheless reinstated on the passenger lists. And when he asked how all that could happen, the Turks made a helpless gesture, saying that they don’t understand anything, this has never occurred before.

Later, Co-Creators explained: when his Monad was rebooted, it was removed from the planetary Logos, which stopped seeing Lightwarrior among earthlings. He immediately disappeared as well from his Personal Logos Matrix, all the service structures on Earth, and even from the ordinary passenger list in the Istanbul airport check-in.

It seemed that everything ended successfully. After the reboot, the Monad of the group leader began to emit stable Absolutized Light. But, for unknown reasons, there was no dipole synthesis.

To ignite it, Co-Creators had to run his Monad through a special Absolutized Reactor. What kind of mechanism is it?

**By Lev