Understanding Reincarnation and Rebirth

This physical existence cannot end as long as one believes in the dream of separation. That is the basis of reincarnation. We are all God but forgot who we were becoming immersed in materiality. We assumed bodies we believed are who we are setting into motion this entire dream of life. We ourselves banished ourselves from the proverbial Garden of Eden, our natural state.

The purpose of existence however is to eventually awaken to remember who we are and end this dream. We use the dream to awaken from the dream. You could say in a sense that God, our true self, is trying to wake us up by reminding us that we are not this false self that dies and is seemingly separate from other bodies and the world. The world is a projection of this dream of separation.

Reincarnation is not what most people think it is. It is not a punishment by some deity for your wrong deeds. It is a natural projection of consciousness. No one is doing it to you. As long as one’s consciousness still has beliefs rooted in the illusion of separation, the wheel of rebirth must continue. This is because cause and effect or karma do not just automatically cease upon the death of the physical body. God told Noah in Genesis 8 that while the earth remains, seed time and harvest shall not cease. And he gave the reason for this: “because man’s imagination is evil”. As long as the dream remains alive in the dreamer, cause and effect or karma must continue. Our imaginations (creators of good and evil) create this world and perpetuate the wheel of rebirth.

reincarnation is the law of cause and effect in operation

Consciousness has nothing to do with the body. It is consciousness that projects the body. Once a seed is planted it must grow. If we have not exhausted our lessons here on earth, then consciousness automatically projects another body into time and space to continue the soul’s journey of awakening. This process cannot be stopped unless by awakening from this dream. On awakening or enlightenment, the soul wakes up from this dream. It no longer sets in motion karma or cause and effect because it is fully LOVE at this point. The soul no longer sees duality and has awakened to know itself experientially as God or Oneness/Unity/ I AM.

In practical terms, you could say the awakened soul is no longer planting seeds of good (in the worldly sense) and evil and has therefore nothing left to harvest. And so once that soul dies in the particular
lifetime it attains enlightenment, the process of karma ends and the soul no longer needs to project a body. The world has ended for this aspect of God and no longer exists. Some fully enlightened souls, however, choose to come back to help the suffering souls on earth through their radiant energy, like Jesus for example.

“Whenever there is the damage to righteousness, Oh Bharata, and there is an increase of unrighteousness, then I arrive myself onto this earth in a physical form. To protect the moral people, to punish the wicked, and to re-establish the principles of dharma, I reincarnate myself in every yuga.”

Lord Krishna verses 7 and 8 of Chapter 4 of the Bhagavad Gita

reincarnation is a gift we have given ourselves to help us remember who we are and grow

The way my higher self has explained it to me, it’s total science and common sense. You cannot transcend physicality as long as you’re creating karma. You will come again and project a body for yourself until the world ends for you. Karma is simply the law of cause and effect, nothing nefarious. Death cannot stop this process because death is only of the body. The soul sheds the body when the lessons that can be learned by that body and the character it plays are exhausted in that particular lifetime. That’s why we all die. These bodies are learning instruments and cannot last forever. The soul after each lifetime emerges into the spirit world for a post-life review and healing and then projects into another body to continue to cycle.

In each lifetime we don’t remember that we have had other lives. That’s the only way we can actually honestly live and learn our lessons and grow. Although some people are allowed to remember certain lifetimes for special purposes.

Reincarnation is a gift we have given ourselves to help us remember who we are and grow. We are divinely wise souls and can never be lost. The game is rigged and we all will awaken. There are many easter eggs the soul places along the path for itself to help remember. Some of these include from the beginning one’s birth family, pre-arranged meetings with certain people, spiritual teachers, books, synchronicity, seemingly challenging life situations, soul mate encounters, and so forth.

everything is supporting the awakening

Nothing happens by accident. And even though it doesn’t seem like it to the body, everything is perfect just as it is as far as the greater goal of awakening is concerned.

Being present in the NOW, and tools like meditation are some of the best tools we can use to progress our journey. By being present we detach from the illusions and stories of past and future and anchor in just BEING, a process that helps us remember that we are not the MIND’S PROJECTIONS or those CHARACTERS that we think we are.

Now is all there is. And the truth is that time and space don’t exist. Even past lives are actually simultaneously happening now. But we created time to function in the dream and it also helps us awaken from this dream we set into motion.

There is no need to fear the death of the body. It is simply part of the earth school. Who you really are, will never die.

**By Mwendwa Mbaabu


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  1. Douglas A James

    Bullshit! Reincarnation was tech out in place by archons to trap souls from ever evolving up to 5D even ndes wld see a simulation of yeshua judging people !! The simulator the soul catcher …trapping us on the astral and etheric planes…