Kanye West Speaks Truth

The media has been abuzz for the past few days on Kanye West’s choices, and messages he has been sharing.

Although mainstream media of course portrays him to be a traitor to the African American community, simply due to the fact that he does not go along with the dark’s agenda, Kanye has only been practicing his right to freedom of expression.

However, when this freedom of expression is used for spreading truth, it does not matter who you are, it is wrong.

In one instance during the interview, Kanye West says, speaking for the dark rulers and what they do, he says the following; “These people were practically made in a laboratory, in my opinion.” Play video below.

The following is from Kabamur Taygeta on twitter. Who with his mother are in contact with the benevolent extraterrestrials from the star system of the Pleiades. They receive and share messages on important matters and wisdom relating to the process of Earth’s ascension.

Here is what Kabamur shares;

“Kanye knows about human cloning because like many A-list celebs, he was forced into it by industry controllers. This has been happening in mainstream entertainment since the 1970s.”

“Kanye is forever loyal to Trump because in 2016 Trump helped to free him of cabal cloning control.”

The truth shall set you free. It is time for people to understand the greater picture. What Kanye has done by coming forward, is not only for himself. He has come forward to help awaken the masses.

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The dark sees all humans the same. To them all humans are ‘useless eaters.’ They have used everything in their book to get humanity as divided as possible. One would think they have succeeded. I say they have not.

For the awakening continues, as each more and more realize the deceit and manipulations used by the media, and other institutions ran by the dark’s agents. Their time is up. Humanity rises united.


3 Replies to “Kanye West Speaks Truth”

  1. eli

    hidden hand may want to expose itself to the masses by the time of “harvest”, so that everyone get contexts about their final message to us. Once this is done, do not let the get them trigger you into despair/suicide. Please keep in mind that they must be 95% or more negative towards us, this is their strategy for next incarnation. We should opt for the opposite.

  2. Linda Rosa

    Thank you, KejRaj – this was great. There’s so much sick stuff going on by the hidden hand that rules the earth. Yet, it is continually withheld from the masses. Reason for that? If we knew the truth about who and what controls this plainet, we would finally stand against the tyranny and take back control of earth. God bless you.