Toxic Manipulation; Archonic Agenda

When we look at the larger Galactic picture of consciousness enslavement we see the negative alien agenda targeting the brain, the central nervous system, our thought forms through the promotion of trans-humanism brought on by the hybridization and synthetic integration of our species. All to keep control over our central nervous system and brain.

But, what’s becoming apparent is that our brains are neurologically wired with empathy which connects us to higher consciousness that has a spiritual connection. This negative Archonic agenda is made up of artificial intelligence synthetic infected beings and are missing the bio-circuitry that gives them empathy.

They are targeting our central nervous system with toxic chemical agents and low vibrational frequencies trying to create a human being without empathy. Like I’ve said many times as long as we are an emotional being they cannot completely control us.

An artificial intelligence network will try to mimic the functions of the central nervous system and brain of living things, people and animals. Basically, we continue to fight this genetic modification/manipulation by beings on and off planet. The genetic modification of the human being is big business and very dark business. It’s called bio-neurological enslavement. So, when the human race realizes that the beings of this very dark agenda who are coming from a very non-empathetic way… it’s very easy to understand and it becomes very apparent how they can do this to us.

The escalation of corruption, bribery and technological abuse that is being forced upon us by the controllers are somewhat difficult to observe via the deceptive marketing practices and the clever use of intimidation to force us into suppression into the larger agenda of bio-neurological manipulation.

People are being intimidated to allow their own babies to be used as experimental guinea pigs to make way for a future generation of disconnected Biotech drug consumers. We are in a transitional time and we must realize that we need to stop feeding into this global consciousness enslavement and mind control. We must take back our consciousness power through informed consent meaning people need to wake up and start researching and ask questions to why and what is being done to us.

What’s being done to the human race is not something random this is all an unethical, methodically planned out agenda and we all need to wake up to it. We need to wake up and see very clearly what’s happening to our central nervous system and brain.

We need to realize that our bio-neurological functions are directly responsible for our interconnectedness to our spiritual bodies. And, if our bio-neurological bodies are hacked it disconnects us from emotions, heart and soul. Are you seeing the bigger picture now why they’re trying to do this to us?

A brain being controlled by bio-neurological artificial intelligence does not feel empathy or connection to life. The health of our central nervous system and the functions of our brain are extremely critical in properly transmitting DNA signals and frequency that work with the etheric network.

During this Ascension cycle and those who are Awakening as well as the new generations being born are experiencing a positive range of genetic mutations that are impacting our nervous system development and brain processing. So what this dark agenda is doing to suppress this human awakening is to medicate all people that fall under a diagnostic label or umbrella term. If we continue to be bio-neurologically assaulted, implanted, drugged and overloaded with cocktails of energetic chemical toxins not only does this negatively impact our immune system and health it blocks messaging between the body, brain and our consciousness.

So basically these toxic chemicals that we are ingesting through food, water, air, pharmaceuticals and vaccinations are keeping us in an extremely low frequency that are blocking these higher frequencies all to hinder the messaging that is needed for the Ascension process.

**By Teri Wade


One Reply to “Toxic Manipulation; Archonic Agenda”

  1. harrrrrie

    Teri may be right. Maybe that’s why cocreators are helping us to get rid of the Deep State and constantly sending us the higher energies.

    If it wasn’t for their help, I think it could take us centuries to realize what we are finding out now. Then it may be too late. We would be “too damaged”.