UFOs Are Interdimensional, Explained In FBI Report Same Day Roswell Crash Occurred

This might shock everyone, but the first “Interdimensional” explanation of UFOs appeared on the same day when the Roswell crash happened. July 8, 1947, marked the date of the legendary UFO crash in New Mexico, but it also provided a possible explanation of the origin of the UAP phenomena that would take another 30 years to surface.

On that day, Colonel Jesse Marcel stated in a press release that “the US Air Force has recovered a flying disk with alien bodies had crashed in New Mexico.” Unfortunately, a new press release was issued later, which certainly was to change the facts of the first one, and now the crashed UFO turned into a crashed weather balloon.

The updated weather balloon theory did not add any significant details that would explain why or how a highly decorated war officer (Col. Marcel), who participated in delivering the first nuclear weapons used in war, mistook a weather balloon for a crashed disk with alien bodies.

That day, three important things were introduced to the world (at a large scale): Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UFOs/UAPs), Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, and Interdimensional Hypothesis of the origin of both. The latter was not noticed until the scientists like Jacques Vallee started considering the alternative origin theory for UFOs, which is “interdimensional.”

The FBI vault contains thousands of declassified files about various mysteries of the past. The topic related to UFOs and aliens always remains the most discussed one, and the FBI has a lot of documents stored in its vault, speaking of this strange phenomenon. “Memorandum of Importance” or “Memo6751” is most important to the UFOlogy, according to Former FBI Special Agent John DeSouza.

The story behind this document, however, is more complex than a simple whiff of opportunism veiled in a swirl of ectoplasmic public service. And perhaps, if you are inclined to delve, quite interesting. Above all, let us remember that it was in 1947.

It is hard to believe that Edgar Hoover, a director of the FBI was very worried about justice or respect for the right of society to know the facts. He was the ultra-conservative and reactionary who thought differently.

But the fact is that in 2010, it became known from the FBI’s The Vault page that the agency included in the category of declassified a report prepared [specifically Memo 6751] in July 1947 by a special agent of the FBI. He was a lieutenant colonel, whose identity was in the interests of “national security” and, at the direction of Hoover, erased a report based on an interview with a witness of the appearance of a UFO. The witness shared his own experience of contact with a non-human mind and could tell quite a lot.

Memo 6751 acknowledges the existence of an alien presence. Former FBI officer John DeSouza, the author of “The Extra-Dimensionals: True Tales and Concepts of Alien Visitors,” points to the memorandum as a significant document in UFOlogy.

According to the report, among other species, we are visited by creatures not only from other planets but from other dimensions as well. In particular, they are from the etheric plane coexisting with our physical Universe, materialized entities that appeared as translucent giants.

Memo 6751
Memo 6751: Credit FBI Vault

Let us see what presented in this short memo might apply to what we tend to believe today after intervening decades of reported UFO encounters:

“If one of those [flying saucers] should be attacked, the attacking plane will almost certainly be destroyed.” There are accounts of unfortunate outcomes for military pilots — particularly in Russia — who were told to try and bring a UFO down.

“Part of the disks carry crews, others are under remote control.” Lue Elizondo tells there have been glimpses within UAP that reveal “occupants,” and the Tic-Tac that engaged Navy pilots in 2004 can be seen as possibly remotely controlled.

“The disks possess a type of radiant energy, or a ray, which will easily disintegrate any attacking ship.” Former Air Force First Lieutenant Robert Jacobs reported filming in 1964 a UFO taking down a nuclear missile test in flight with beams of light.

UFOs can “simply disappear from our vision, without trace.” There are many reports, some documented with video, from people saying UFOs simply vanished from their sight without a directional trace.

“They probably cannot be reached by radio, but probably can be by radar, if a signal system can be devised for that apparatus.” Somebody tells SETI, though perhaps Lue Elizondo hints that the black op folks have already figured out the pulsed communications bit.

The main idea of discussing this report is that we already have the foundation of the Interdimensional Hypothesis for the origins of UFOs on the same day of the Roswell report in 1947.

The FBI staff has hidden the name of the person behind this memo but they left the two clues, “Round Robin” and “The Flying Roll.” This reveals that the cautionary UFO advisory was produced by Newton Meade Layne (1882–1961).

Layne started publishing “The Round Robin,” a newsletter of arcana in the style of Charles Fort, via mimeograph in 1946 since he could not afford to print it. The second venture dubbed “The Flying Roll” was added to this. The Fortean Society journal Doubt, edited by Tiffany Thayer, may have inspired the outreach.

One of the oldest known ideas is the notion that there are other, unobserved universes apart from our own. It appears that humans have always recognized that there is more to existence as a whole than what our physical senses can perceive.

Layne was attempting to make sense of UFOs in terms of what he had already experienced in his research into the unseen realm. In “Memo 6751,” he says: “The region from which they come is NOT the ‘astral plane’, but corresponds to the Lokas or Talas. Students of esoteric matters will understand these terms.” In other words, UFOs are vehicles that permit travel from one dimension of being to another.

From Layne’s early spark in applying an ancient cosmological idea to UFOs, the Interdimensional Hypothesis took a couple of decades to evolve.

By the 1970s, the interdimensional hypothesis is viewed as an alternative to the popular extraterrestrial hypothesis, which is advanced by such experts as Meade Layne, John Keel, J. Allen Hynek, and Jacques Vallée. According to it, UFOs are a modern manifestation of a phenomenon that has occurred throughout recorded human history, which in prior ages was ascribed to mythological or supernatural creatures.

Popularizer Brad Steiger said: “We are dealing with a multidimensional paraphysical phenomenon that is largely indigenous to planet Earth.” This is said to exist beyond our normal range of vision.

In his 1969 book “Passport to Magonia: On UFOS, Folkore and Parallel Worlds,” Vallée argues for a “parallel universe co-existing with our own.” The idea was reiterated in Vallée’s subsequent writings. He summarized his objection in his 1990 paper “Five Arguments Against the Extraterrestrial Origin of Unidentified Flying Objects”:

1. Unexplained close encounters are far more numerous than required for any physical survey of the earth;
2. The humanoid body structure of the alleged “aliens” is not likely to have originated on another planet and is not biologically adapted to space travel;
3. The reported behavior in thousands of abduction reports contradicts the hypothesis of genetic or scientific experimentation on humans by an advanced race;
4. The extension of the phenomenon throughout recorded human history demonstrates that UFOs are not a contemporary phenomenon;
5. The apparent ability of UFOs to manipulate space and time suggests radically different and richer alternatives.

Could the phenomena at the Utah ranch, a.k.a. Skinwalker Ranch have been the result of interdimensional beings or time travelers accessing our space-time continuum, or physical beings jumping across vast interstellar distances via wormholes or stargates?

Dr. Travis Taylor joined businessman Brandon Fugals’s team at Fugals’s infamous Skinwalker ranch three years ago and firmly believed he would be able to resolve the ranch’s assorted mysteries in short order. But the longer he stayed, the stranger things became.

In his recent interview with investigative journalist George Knapp, he said: “You know, I had never seen a UFO until I got out there. Now, I have seen more UFOs now than you can count.”

In the surprisingly candid and wide-ranging interview, Dr. Taylor shared his opinion about the role of science in the pursuit of the unknown, his personal experience with strange phenomena on Skinwalker Ranch, the physical effects of close encounter cases, and the mysterious “hitchhiker effect” that multiple UFO/paranormal eyewitnesses had reported.

In his opinion, this unexplained phenomenon can be different for people in regards to their brain activity. Hypothetically speaking, he said that the phenomenon can be connected to different planes in the universe. He added that he could go along with the idea of a portal but was not sure. He believes it is bizarre but there is some truth to it.

**By Vicky Verma