Living in the Joy of Transformation

Our ego consciousness lives in the vibrations of duality and is constantly under stress physically, mentally and emotionally, and we are barely aware of our spiritual nature, if at all in our search for fulfillment. It is only when we move into a different expression of consciousness that we can feel fulfilled in every way. It is the expression of our multi-dimensional consciousness flowing through the heart of our Being and symbolized by our physical heart.

Once we get a hint that there is more to life than we have been experiencing, we can begin to open our awareness to greater consciousness. We can learn to align with the level of vibration that flows through our heart. This alignment can lead to a life of adventure in growing awareness and great expansion. It is living in the moment in resonance with our intuitive knowing. At the beginning of this quest, we do not know the larger picture of what is happening in our world, but as our sensitivities become more acute to our inner guidance, we can see through the drama and roll-playing that we all engage in.

We can become aware of our ability to create a miraculous life for ourselves and everyone who is open to our level of vibration. Our presence becomes life-enhancing in every way, filled with joy, serenity and laughter. We can be aware of everything happening around us and in the larger expressions of humanity and beyond. As we learn to transcend our limitations, we gain the ability to understand our connection with all conscious beings. Without being intrusive, we can be supportive of life-enhancement for all.

It is our realization of the reality of divine guidance in every moment that transforms our lives. We always have the choice to be aware of it, and we are free to create whatever experiences we desire, when we are in alignment with the heart of our Being. This is where we can discover the depth and extent of our presence of awareness. Since the consciousness that all conscious beings share has no bounds, our realization does not have to be limited to the realm of duality. By being intentionally positive in every moment, we can open ourselves to a realm beyond polarity, where the vibrations are always high in alignment with higher consciousness.

This level of awareness can live in the same world with duality and be unaffected by the negative. Being embodied with ego consciousness has inherent limitations that we can transcend by paying attention to the vibrations of our intuition. When we can remember our infinite Being, we are no longer limited within the dualistic empirical world. We become a transformative radiant Being with unlimited creative powers.

**By Kenneth Schmitt


5 Replies to “Living in the Joy of Transformation”

  1. marybogdan

    Kenneth Schmitt… always great! Very uplifting and encouraging for all of us on this path. Stay in positive loving energies and if you’re not, change it! We are alchemists. Aware and ready to change those negative energies to positive! That’s why we’re here and we’re all doing a great job! 🦋🎈☀️

  2. harrrrrie

    In “this world” which includes the 10 positive energies and the 4 negative energies, balance was needed. But when Earth ascends to 5D, it won’t be “this world” any longer. Balance of negative and positive will no longer be needed.
    With 2% negativity or less on Earth, balance will not be possible.
    Which is just fine. Aren’t we tired of this negativity?

  3. Douglas A James

    I don’t think energy has a single polarity as it needs both to achieve maximum potential.. .much like AC current you need both to achieve energy right…nothing works unless it’s grounded along w the positive energy …

  4. Denise G

    Thank you for the message, I get this!!! It’s our OWN zero point, our personal balance, our positive and negative energies in perfect balance like Source IS. Source contains ALL energy, She just separated the negative energies, the mirror reflection of Her own positive energies to make duality and here we are. And I call Source a “She” not because I particularly feel She is female but it’s simpler to me as the word “she” contains BOTH “He & She”! Lol
    As the Ascension continues the energy of the planet will continue to swirl and transform until we have reversed the polarity of the planet and become one with Source again in Light, THAT is what we’re doing, the Colors swirling around the planet are amazing as this happens!!!
    I’m still very confused but the information comes in it’s own Divinely perfect timing and I’m OK with that.
    Blessings to All
    Denise G