From 3D To 4D And 5D: Our Batches

After the autumnal equinox on September 21, 2022, events on the Subtle Plane accelerated dramatically. Today, in mid-October, the 4D high-vibration ethereal field on Earth has reached 73% of the future volume.

Many, who are in three- and four-dimensionality, physically felt the 4D growth, which manifested itself as powerful energy-informational jets into the Earth’s space, actively impacting the horizontal and vertical energy exchange of absolutely all inhabitants of the planet.

There are only 27% left before the completion of its final 100% stabilization, that is, quite a bit for the full scaled launch of 4D Matrix and the introduction of its basic programs batches into people moving into the fourth dimension.

Today, at the Soul level, the planet’s population is divided into three scenario vectors. And each group has its situations, according to their vibrations: 3D events, 4D events, and 5D events.

A significant part of earthlings are still 3D people who continue to emit low-frequency energies. At these frequencies, almost nothing ever changes, but only repeats. In all ages, it was in this freqs range the wars, catastrophes, global epidemics, and world floods occurred. Even if the civilization is technically very advanced, but not Spiritually oriented (like the Third Atlantis), it could not survive, the law of karma led to its death.

There is only one way out for each of us – to raise our vibrations after Earth, and not to emit animal frequencies of the third dimension. In 3D, only technogeek’s civilization can exist, this is its controlled and run territory. During the Transition to the fourth dimension, other Divine rules and the level of protection are in effect.

If our frequencies are at the 3D level, it means that we are under the jurisdiction and subordinated to 3D Matrix, its induction and recruiting space. In this case, we have nowhere to run from Earth, and we cannot get rid of planetary problems. “Horizontally,” wherever we go, we will obey the laws of duality everywhere, which is sharpened so that we produce ONLY low energies with which it and its creators maintain their existence.

Two years ago, people began to wake up more and more actively and switch from the old Matrix consciousness to a new, 4D planetary network. It has radically changed the future of them and their families, thanks to the persistent and hard inner work.

If we are already connected to the 4D network, then, despite we are carriers of mixed batches of programs (3D and 5D at the same time), our life unfolds according to a new scenario. We fall under the tighter tutelage of Co-Creators and Higher Light Hierarchy.

The 4D Matrix is programmed to enhance our protection, moving into a new dimension, keeping us safe from others’ mistakes. We don’t produce low frequencies with our thoughts and emotions and no longer belong to the old, 3D world. We can and have to help low-freqs brethren to get out of difficult harsh living conditions, but not to die for them.

To upgrade “vertically”, we need to continue to change ourselves and our consciousness, raising the vibes, which will make it easier to load first batches of four-dimensional programs, and then five-dimensional ones. This is the only way we can change our life scenario.

If the fifth dimension is already available to us, then Co-Creators will include us to their ground team and its work, which extends far beyond our planet. They also do a lot on Earth. For example, they continue to build five-dimensional Cities of Light. There are already dozens of them, where we will soon move, and help transfer others with us.

In 5D, we can create science towns, laboratories, new forms of education and art. Or to build four-dimensional rehabilitation centers for the recovery of Lightwarriors and Lightworkers after heavy operations, which DNI narrates a lot. The restructuring of Earth will not end in six months, and will continue until its field is completely cleared of low frequencies.

Batches of four-dimensional programs uploaded to the Earth’s field on September 21, 2022, will be actively working until 2025, when it is planned to fully open the fifth dimension, having previously loaded its soft into us.

Depending on the events, this may happen sooner or later, but in any case it is already inevitable. The door to a completely different reality of the fifth dimension will open for our civilization.

Like fusion, this process already occurs in two large streams. One is at the level of people, individually and in groups. The second is in the realm of minerals, plants and animals.

For each person, the transition scenario remains strictly individual. People of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions have always been present on Earth at the same time.

There are 3D people who live at the animal level and work out batches of low-frequency programs, very primitive and tough.

There are 4D frequency personalities who have higher relationships and multi-component tasks embedded in their life scenarios.

There are people with 5D programs who then moved directly to the Earth’s five-dimensional spaces, as the Shambhala’s inhabitants. Outwardly, they have an ordinary body, but inside all the organs are ethereal, which we will have when we move to this level.

Under different programs, we get different energies, with different frequency spectrum and strength. In those who finish their animal-level programs, the old 3D codes are reset to zero, and batches of fourth-dimensional programs are loaded. They rebuild the body for 4D dimensionality, after which they have access to the “vertical” energies of higher vibrations and Intelligence.

How exactly does this occur?

We change the settings in the brain, as if in a phone, this even sparks the neural network on a Subtle Plane. At one moment we become a different person, and start thinking differently.

However, immediately after changing the settings, we will not be allowed to enter the external circuit yet, since all energy must first work for the body’s morphing. Our bio-matter will decompress, blood will transform, new DNA strands will be activated, and the psyche, intentions and life goals will change.

We are like a chrysalis in a cocoon, which turns into a butterfly inside. Doing ordinary things, without interrupting work, we are simultaneously “pregnant” with ourselves, already different, being born anew. According to the updated batches, we will mutate into another creature, which will then begin to live according to the new 4D programs.

This procedure usually takes nine months, which on Earth is the optimal time for the birth of a new human being. After mutation, a cocoon, a protective force field, or barrier, a Veil is thrown off from us. And the multidimensional energies from the Single Field of the Absolute enter into us with a powerful flow.

What are batches of four-dimensional codes? These are soft settings for the body and psyche, which will function in an unusual mode. They can be compared with a tree. The roots remain in the third dimension. The trunk with outstretched branches is in 4D. The tip anchors in the fifth dimension.

3D programs forced us to generate energies of different polarities, positive and negative. We are their carriers; they were wired into us at the cell level.

Batches of 5D programs work only on positive high-frequency energies. We cannot lift to the upper level if we don’t completely unload the software of negative polarity from ourselves, don’t get rid of the duality in our thoughts and emotions.

We must prepare physically and mentally to be clean from all low attitudes, beliefs, and actions. To learn to recognize what is good and evil for us, and to resolutely abandon the latter. To purify the body and Soul, we will have to say goodbye to many attachments and habits that destroy us.

It’s not easy for 4D people to live here and now. These are a lot of men with dual citizenship: 3D countries and 5D countries simultaneously. In the 5D State, where they are preparing to move, people live in love, respect, and creativity. This world is of like-minded Light beings, and therefore safe for us in all respects. There we will forever forget what anger, hatred, envy, and rivalry are. Fear will go out of our lives forever.

However, in anticipation of the opening of 5D, we have to live for some time according to the laws of the lower, 3D State. This means working for it, paying “taxes” in the form of generating multipolar energies….

No matter how the four-dimensional space is getting closer to us as a transit stage and gateway to the fifth dimension, the 3D Matrix still milks us, takes its bribe from us, slipping negative events. This maneuvering between two scenarios of our life is often exhausting, and many of us, from the 4D level, voluntarily return back to 3D.

But they’re making a big mistake. Only by stubbornly remaining on what has been achieved, keeping inside the vector at 5D, patiently raising our frequencies, we will reach a critical level of vibrations sooner rather than later, and switch to 5D programs. Its batches are set up to produce exclusively high-frequency, positive energies.

This has never happened on Earth before. The planet was tightly “sitting” on animal energies and could not leave third dimension. Therefore, Co-Creators have always developed personal evolution programs for 4D and 5D people.

In December 2021, Earth left the closed, isolated space of the 3rd Universe, filled with multipolar, opposing energy, and is preparing to enter the new, the 4th one, for which the Absolute and the Pleroma’s Supreme Hierarchs are preparing.

That is why, at the end of December 2021, they loaded Earth the batches of codes and programs of the fourth dimension. For the past nine months, our planet has been “chrysalis” and being born.

On September 21, 2022, the internal mutation ended. The planet has emerged from the cocoon, and now it is actively upgrading further, according to new tasks and goals, transferring us, its inhabitants, to a New World. Gaia will no longer tolerate anything and anyone on her territory that is not aligned with her high vibrations. Now it’s only her territory.

**By Lev


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