Coming Around the Blind Corner

As dimensional fissures become an everyday initiation laced with coyote medicine, we find ourselves sailing down new corridors of time. What was long sought after within self, within history, and text, now slowly shift sidestepping the laws of physics. We have become Navigators in patterns of light that are not familiar. We are at a point of coming face-to-face with many aspects of our many selves on an ancient ancestral astral level.

Days and nights time dances creating a Vegas 24 hour effect. Like lights slowly dimming in a Great Banquet Hall, one does not always feel or sense the change when sitting still in the arms of time itself. Humanity has developed innate ability that Allows them to see inter-dimensionally; seeing into the past and future while riding the now. Each experience is decoded with a different cipher using a different index. Many have become prickly pear of nature as what was one stuffed deep in their gut now rises to the surface causing 3rd chakra solar plexus issues for mankind and the planet herself. The solar pleus has a brain of its own and all that grumbling you hear is that powerful chakra talking in tongues.

Love and forgiveness are a great balm for anything that still hurts.  Like a wounded mama bear any criticism could be deadly. The pure Child of Light that lives within each person seeks to float to the surface effortlessly like Casper the friendly ghost. The Light within us wishes upon itself, to glide to the surface, like a message in a single cloud that seeks to be found. All species are aligned with life but not all species have the ability to love, to weep, to pray, or to mourn.  Humanity is truly and deeply loved by that which created it.

As the good within thrashes about trying to get out of the ‘See of Confusion’, primordial codes come to the surface; codes of Honor & Valor, codes of Truth & Justice. The very word promise itself has the vibration of two joining hands, two hearts joining, in a promise that will hold Through Time. Promises we made to ourselves, now fly higher than our ability to capture them. No longer are we bound to what we once promised ourselves we are free to be.

We all come around a blind corner as we move our awareness into November 2022, coming face-to-face with all parallel and dimensional aspects of selves.  Everything now mirrors what we need to address to most, to heal the most, to remember the most! Some days we just want to just stay home and board the windows, but life demands active participation and she always gets what she wants.  So many truths from so many lifetimes comes to tease us parading naked around our subconscious.  Humanity is in a virtual program and hologram of its own making. Everyday humanity changes that picture thru every thought every word and every action, altering the presentation, the pigmentation and permeation of the pixels of  life.

As we come closer to the hallowed days of un-timely celebration, we enter a higher heart choice, Christ-like, a place within self and soul that we gather to give and receive blessings. The holidays come to heal with the evergreen balm of the season bathed with love and kindness. We have all become a little tainted, a little meaner, not believing every word we hear. Believing is a Powerful gift that was given to Earth. The ability to believe in miracles, to believe in Love and trust in each other, is exactly the good-medicine earth needs.

**By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan


One Reply to “Coming Around the Blind Corner”

  1. Scroogle McDuck

    Humanity is not completely responsible for the hologram. One faction decided to hijack it long ago. They will fail of course.