Argorians’ Update: Schemes

Together with all friendly space races, Galacom continues to actively transform Earth and the common energy field of earthlings. The work, in which is used the entire spectrum of quantum energies coming from the Center of the Galaxy, is carried out 24/7.

As DNI noted earlier, the run of quantum flows is constantly changing, taking into account the current situation, to increase their efficiency and make them less traumatic for the transitioning in 4D/5D.

From October 15 to October 22, 2022, the Argorians’ space fleet conveyed several brief summaries about the progress of their work. Schemes 1-3 below show how it is carried out.

SCHEME 1 depicts the ongoing transportation of 5D Earth to a new vibrational orbit in the Gerios Galaxy, closer to the core of the Milky Way. The Argorians’ ships tow it through the fifth filter (out of six) inside the intergalactic channel.

In it, 5D Earth moves in a stream of high-frequency red-pink energy GREMO (of Love). The quantum flares it creates around the planet are fractals of six-dimensional space. Moving towards us through the Gaia’s Multiverse, they form 5D structures in our density, including the inner planetary crystal.

GREMO is only one of many high-frequency streams directed to Earth in different modes.

SCHEME 2 shows how seven multicolored quantum energies enter through the South Pole into the Earth’s crystal (wavy lines at the bottom of the figure). They fill the inner space of the planet with their power spheres (vertical circles around the crystal). Each uploads new programs to the Earth’s field and earthlings.

The brown energy GLASSO accumulates knowledge of the previous stages of human civilization.

The blue FIRSCO cleanses and stabilizes the earthlings’ mental development.

The red ERMA finishes building of the 5D Matrix energy structures and matter.

The yellow SFIRO removes side effects our adaptation during the Transition to the transitional 4th and final destination in 5th dimension.

The green FEARO upgrades our thought process, helping us accelerate the inner transformation.

The dark lilac GLEGES cleans the near-Earth space from 3D energy, as well as from negative radiation of earthlings.

The orange-gold ERCADO forms the new Time and its programs, and also enhances the fluctuations of force fields.

The SCHEME 2 demonstrates, that from the outside, in the area of the equator, Argorians, applying four energies, impact on numerous interplanetary structures. Each stream has its frequencies.

The brown with a yellow tinge ERMIGO (top right), 721 Hz, accumulates and transforms 3D energy, emitted from the inner Earth, as well as regulates the climate on the surface.

The blue with silver BLISKO (bottom left), 875 Hz, is multifunctional. In the 5D Hologram, it uploads a program for the intellectual development of earthlings. It forms a new plasma space around the planet. Regulates the operation of the ultrasonic transducer, which Argorians use to split and remove 3D energy, and run the 5D matter accumulators.

The green ARTREM energy (top left), 375 Hz, helps to maintain the new planet’s parameters, created by ultrasonic impacts in different directions and modes.

The dark red BAROUR (bottom right), from 0.5 Hz to 582 Hz, builds a new information field of Earth and regulates the movement of 5D plasma in atmosphere.

The planet is being actively transformed from within. The interplanetary crystal is circled by pulsed golden LOBE energy (light orange dotted line). It loads temporary programs, maintains the global signal system, and programs the removal of waste energy.

The crystal is saturated with the light blue energy BLISCORI, which forms new mental abilities of earthlings and contains the entire spectrum of necessary frequencies.

A vertical channel of ASTRO white energy passes through the crystal, accumulating Intelligence plasma and new space information.

When coming to the surface near the North Pole (upper part of Scheme 2), the vertical channel widens by the pink-cream energy GAROL (oblique wavy lines). The orbs, coming out of it, are 3D energy, matter, information and other recycled substances being removed from the planet.

On October 22, 2022, at 10:03 AM CET, Argorians’ space flagship command reported on the new energy structures they had built in near-Earth space.

As SCHEME 3 shows, on the Subtle Plane, they created a large multi-layered energy platform. Along it, three channels of wave energy pass horizontally.

Through the upper channel, energy is introduced to accelerate the transformation of Earth. The middle channel is connected to a repeater-converter of quantum flows located at the Siriusians’ Lunar base in 23D. The lower channel is used for the energy output.

The contour of the channels is made of the dark pink energy SLESURIS. It also forms Matrix structures of 5D plasma and helps to preserve it.

Inside, the channels are filled with orbs of blue FIRSCO energy, by which the Argorians upgrade the mental development of earthlings.

Two large streams of pulsed blue FIADO energy (a group of dotted lines) pass along the sides of the multilayer platform. One stream has frequencies of 628 Hz, the other – of 389 Hz and 729 Hz.

Using this energy, Argorians align the fields and transfer them from a four-dimensional state to 5D. By it, they also rebuild and update biological bodies. When field structures morph, spectral changes occur in matter.

From above, the gray energy FAMIGO (shown as a dotted line in the form of the letter W), 551 Hz, is directed to the platform. With its help, Argorians run the Earth’s magnetic field and sift earthlings by their consciousness vibes.

As noted above, the platform consists of several layers. The outer layer of GLEMAR energy, a synthesis of light purple and lilac spectrum, forms 5D structures, and simultaneously cleans incoming information flows.

Green FEASK stabilizes the development of Intelligence plasma. It is also used to influence magnetic fields and climate.

Further, there are five layers of light blue BLISCORI and a wave lattice of blue and silver BLISKO. Both energies carry programs to transform the thinking of earthlings necessary for the Transition to 4D/5D.

Three energy cones enter the multilayer platform in a spiral. By their vibrations, in a certain rhythm, they draw in the split 3D plasma and throw it out of the Earth’s space. The colors of the energies in the cones can change, depending on the given soft.

The upper cone, shown in Scheme 3, is filled with two energies. The yellow SFARGO captures matter (dots at the end of the cone), cleans it from outdated Intelligence and helps us adapt to space with new wave impulses. Red-yellow FERIS uploads new, 5D programs to the Hologram.

The middle cone works on oncoming traffic and contains purple energy PURZH. With its emissions, it also cleanses space, changes field structures, concentrates plasma formations, fills the Earth grid with 5D energy, increases the perception of new information, and slows down negative processes.

The lower cone includes two energies. The scarlet-colored FERMO, from the energy and matter drawn in, builds Matrices with new, 4D and 5D programs for info fields and a new consciousness. Multicolored ERGAMO, combining crimson, green and blue quantum waves, affects the human brain, changes its work in accordance with the state of consciousness.

By left-hand twisting, at a frequency of 521 Hz, new elements of the Earth’s multidimensional fractal are actively forming (on the Scheme 3 at the bottom right).

The green energy ERGINO stimulates the awakening of the vital forces of matter. It also accelerates the oscillatory movements of magnetic fields, equalizes the energy of the planet, and provides a certain climate and the work of the Hologram.

Combined fractals of dark pink energy GLEZIS condenses Intelligence l-gamma particles in space, and forms Subtle structures from them.

Blue ERMO energy transforms the environment for 5D matter with the introduction of initial Time programs for its development.

And finally, a photo of the new crop circle in Wiltshire, UK. It informs that the Earth’s core is actively creating a five-dimensional quantum space in a enclosed interplanetary 3D sphere. The 5D Hologram for this space is already ready on the Subtle Plane.

**By Lev


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  1. sonja zoghlami

    Merveilleux . C’est la fête pour GAIA . Comme un feu d’artifice multicolore en l’honneur de GAIA. Merci Argorians pour ce magnifique message et bonne continuation dans cette œuvre Divine pour GAIA et l’humanité. Je vous aime.

  2. Scroogle McDuck

    At no time did this entity mention that it’s *SOURCE* Who is behind all the changes and ascension. Instead, this ET and a bunch of sci-fi characters are taking all the credit.