Mira of the Pleiades: Receiving Higher Energies


I am Mira, the Pleiadian High Council, and I am happy to connect to everyone through Universal Channel.

Your planet recently started to receive very high energies, which were never send before in the Milky Galaxy. These vibrations are going to help more humans to wake up and open themselves to the truth. I am looking forward to seeing a bigger number of humans to be ready to the next step of their evolution.

Evil has been interfering with the transformation process like making a different sort of the negative events to disturb and distract from the process of Ascension. Unfortunately for them, they are not capable to exist in high vibrations. These new vibrations are very toxic to them, so their plans keep falling apart. Divine is destroying the outcomes of preplanned agendas to harm humankind.

The system, which was made millions years ago, right now is on verge of collapse. They can’t anymore patch the broken Matrix. Evil is realizing that their ruling is coming to the end, and many of them are leaving your planet in despair.

I want to specify the importance of stopping the consumption of meat. Your bodies were not designed to digest a living flesh. In order to ascend the human body needs to switch foods to more healthy ones without any meat. The bodies need to transform from flesh into Light ones. Please, include the meditations into daily schedule as essential part of your day.

I receive daily briefings about the situation on Mother Earth. My team is ready to land on New Earth as soon as transformation occurs. We will introduce peaceful technologies to humankind to help to advance as Galactic Civilization. Thank you Universal Channel. Please, embrace my Love.

We are Always Together Despite the Distance.


**Channel: Erena Velazquez

9 Replies to “Mira of the Pleiades: Receiving Higher Energies”

  1. tigersnack1114

    Per my Mission to come here, I was raised in a hunting/fishing carnivore family and I am picky, not liking most veggies. I’m the corn, rice, potato, meat guy. Love spinach in a salad but cannot stand it cooked, same for carrots!
    We really should move to vegetarian but…..

    I am Half joking, half serious as I ask you to think about something.

    Plants have the Spark of Life. My Mom, (aka Crazy Plant Lady and owned her own landscape company) loved to talk to her plants and she would tell us what they said or if they needed something. They are ALIVE the same as microbes and mammals.
    Should we be consuming any Life? I never asked my mom what her veggies in the garden thought about us eating them…….. (joking but at the same time, Im not)

    Someday, we will move back to existing as one with Light so that will make the above a moot point…but we still have a ways to go before we fully move into the 5th. Getting soooo close!!!!!!!

    I have reduced meat intake about 80% but still crave it occasionally.

  2. Matthew

    Well, no animal cooks their food and they also don’t wear sunglasses 🙂

    My belief is if something produces saliva in your mouth, then it is meant for you to eat it.
    But only raw form counts !!!
    When you see raw meat in a market, it’s disgusting.
    But when you see fresh raw figs, you just can’t stop eating them 🙂

    Also, when you eat meat, the smell in the toilet is terrible.
    If you only eat fruits and vegetables, then there is no practically no smell afterwards.

    I was also big proponent of meat eating, but I changed overnight 5 years ago.
    It all part of our journey, so I think people stop eating meat when they are ready, you can’t force it..

    Take care 😉

  3. Candinho

    Ser vegano é crença falsa, quem rejeita a carne rejeita Gaia também. Temos que parar de negar as coisas

    1. Greg

      5D Beings do not eat meat.
      It lowers the vibration level.
      Try switching to stir fried vegetables and fruits.
      For protein try beans.

    2. tigersnack1114

      Felt the same Kristen. Maybe the translation was off but I’ve enjoyed Mira, one of my favorites, for the last 15-20 years.
      I think this is the first Ive seen a channel by Erena from Mira.

  4. Ginger

    I do not see a future of meat consumption. Eating it now is still delicious though. Life does reincarnate. Affordable food is challenging with the current condition of our economy. We will sort out most difficulties and/or adjustments when the time is appropriate. But for now my earthling brothers and sisters must stay alive and that means eating what is affordable or understandable given the environment were in.