Value or a Price?


It’s time for revelations. Nothing else will be hidden, not before the eyes nor from the consciences. We are in the last stage of the Transition, exactly the one before the bigger Event, the one that will break the wires that still connect us to the Third Dimension World.

Every System known to mankind will undergo a reset so that the New Systems reboots can be activated. The show of soul incarnate is grand right now. Even if human consciousness cannot yet grasp the grandeur of such events, the soul in its highest version glimpses clearly what is to come.

With each passing day, more and more consciences before wrapped in the veils of oblivion, begin to expand their understanding, allowing each incarnate to have the opportunity to awaken from the long dark night of illusion.

What you didn’t understand a year ago, now seems so familiar! Issues that you never cared about, now start to make sense. What seemed like fiction before, now appears to be in fact an acceptable reality. And everything that seemed real, begins to look illusive.

Yes you are waking up ! The high frequency energy reaching the Earth now causes such opportunities. All those awake will now have a convenient time to open their eyes once and for all. There will be no more illusions for this parcel of humanity. We’ve said so many times that the Planetary Transition is in its final moments. At least 1/3 of the incarnations will be able to ascension in this current incarnation.

Also remembering that this is the last chance, since there will be no other incarnation in duality here on Planet Earth.

Enough time for every soul to prepare. Hundreds and even more than a thousand previous incarnations, most incarnations have already had. No one can ever say that they haven’t had time to learn what duality means. All have experienced the possible and imaginary polarities offered by this School of Souls.

Time is running out quickly now! What took Centuries before, may now take only a few months. Urgent time for all of us! Wake up! Don’t sleep now! Vide the text of last week, October 12, 2022 Time is moving forward, and many won’t realize that time is running out too. The Portals of ascension are now open You have to go through them in order to get to the New Land. When the gong sounds, they will close for the retards, and nothing else can be done for their benefit.

There were no shortage of messages and no messengers bringing the Good News. There were no shortage of opportunities to redeem themselves from bad deeds. There have been no shortage of signs coming from all sides and from Alto. But it has always been said you have to have ears to hear and eyes to see. Understanding each one’s purpose of being here on earth incarnate. Everyone has been warned! Strongly warned!

The separation of wheat and wheat is now finished NOW EVERYONE WILL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN VALUE AND PRICE. Value and price are very different things. Many incarnate have given more importance to ethical and moral values, and to the qualities gained through hard trials. While others marketed through the price of each act or action.

A man of value has acquired the riches of heaven. Already he who determined a price for each act or action, has conquered the goods that will cease to exist, because they are ephemeral. You’re welcome now. On the contrary, that which came at a price will have to be redeemed, since all debts must be paid.

Many would rather sell themselves out for worldly gain. Theses are priced. Others prefer to build a life based on the smoothness of each act, always respecting everything and everyone, living their days in their most perfect awareness of ethics and responsibility. These are humans who have value.

The value can serve as barter currency when going through the Portals of Ascension. Already the price is the quota to be paid before crossing the Portals. So now you begin to better understand such differences. The price is the amount to be paid, and there is no other possibility. Value is what is really worth, and there is no money in the world that can pay for that.

Many incarnate allow themselves to be bought, and for that they set a price. They spend such resources amassed on mundane things, because what you earn easily, easily is also consumed. Like commodities, they are traded. Remembering here the parable of the Temple Merchants These will not inherit the Kingdom of Heaven, that is, they will not pass through the ascension that will lead to the New Earth.

Already those who honored moral values have gained the merit of inheriting the New Earth. And it is so priceless! There is nothing in the world that can buy you such a precious good of value. “Do not build up fortunes on earth to the detriment of the riches of heaven.” This message sums it up by itself, all that is written in today’s text.

Many allow themselves to be sold by any query. In this time of elections, we see how some people are still valued. Interests are sold or bought by those without value. Merchant your soul in Holy Temple They serve the interests of the few at the detriment of many. Have you ever calculated how many are sold for R$ 100,00? It’s those who don’t value themselves. They’re selling out for so little! Even those that sell themselves for millions. Little do they know that it will be the price they will have to pay, multiplied by all the harm they have caused to other people, for the redemption will require the summed price of all the suffering caused through such a greedy gesture.

Maybe it’s time for everyone to evaluate their moment. Are you valuable or just priceless?

I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!


5 Replies to “Value or a Price?”

  1. LEARN

    It’s also the incredibly fearmongering and overly religious tone and sarcastic remark (You’re welcome now) I find incredibly insensitive. We do have a colossal mental health epidemic right now, and posts like these, don’t help.

  2. FalseAwakeningShill

    Wow, what pompous judgmental attitude in this article. You just labeled a huge section of the population, retards, and thats just a TINY example of what makes you out to be a massive hypocrite here. Your attitude made me cringe. Hard. Be ready for a rude awakening once 5d is here, if you make it.

    1. Brian Potter

      As an observation, it is contradictory to judge (condemn) that which is judgemental.

      This text looks like a machine translation from Portuguese (Vital is Brazilian?), so naturally some phrasing will come across poorly. However, there are still some nuggets of wisdom here which highlight the different layers of consciousness between those who are externally focused with selfish intent (unawakened 3D consciousness) versus those who are internally focused with positive/loving intent (awake 5D consciousness).

      As one awakens it is important to be aware of the differences in consciousness, but in the same breath, acknowledging that both sides are valid perspectives under the umbrella of Source. The Souls of every incarnate know what’s coming and have made their decision on which path to take. We must strive to honour these decisions with allowance and love.

      1. Matthew

        You are correct. Retard also means “the one behind in progress”. It came across negative, but it wasn’t meant to..
        We all get triggered now and then, but it’s easier to hold back while typing than while talking aloud, so lets do our best not to judge over here..