Blue Angels (and Seraphim): The Time Approaches

Listen to the stillness within. There you will hear your voice. There you will most strongly feel your connection with Source, the Almighty one. We serve the Almighty in the inner most sanctuaries of the heart of hearts of the All that is, the All that will be and the All that ever was. For we are within this presence of the All, of the Ultimate, and we are not singed by this light, but are rejuvenated within the throne room. We see the occurrences on your world and we lend our light now. You will feel some of our blue energy now flow into you. It may feel like a zap or a jolt. (I am seeing electric blue lightning everywhere).

We are the Blue Angels. We like to think of ourselves as the Special Ops Angels, and we have been called in to lend our talent, service and abilities. The time, humans and starseeds, wayshowers, beloved ones, the time is very close. (I am seeing diamonds and prism light). You are becoming living diamonds. Your world is no longer what it once was and will be unrecognizable when all is completed. We obey fervently the wishes of the ever-loving Divine flow that guides our hearts and directs our decisions. We are tactical in our love, in our power. We are not to be trifled with. The time of games is ended for this realm. The Almighty has spoken.

(I am seeing massive blue angels that glow electric blue, with unbelievable body physiques dressed in full battle gear. They are very, very big. And very intimidating.) You will feel our energy grow as our approach continues. We send our energy first so that you will be able to withstand it. The higher vibrational energies will not stop flooding your realm until the great awakening, the great remembering, and the great leveling occurs. We are here to facilitate a smooth transition, for you are so loved. You are the beloved of the heart of God. Do you still doubt your importance? You light warriors, you have been sent on this mission. We are in charge of your ultimate safety and deliverance into the new realm. No harm. No fear.

We are the Blue Angels. The time approaches. Your battle gear is your faith, your tenacity. (I am seeing them surround Earth, and some of them are the size of the Earth. They are forming a grid of blue light around her. Good grief, they look like Thor.)

We are the Blue Angels. Do not let our appearances frighten you, galaxygirl. (They are smiling.) We are here to serve and protect at the supreme command of the All. And so we are lending our light. We do not leave the throne room often. We are here now for the energies of the throne room are now more fully bathing your planet. We hope that you can open up to feel this more completely, more exquisitely. For in these times of apparent darkness there is the ultimate triumph of the light. The light has won. We are harnessing it to this reality now. The grid is stable. The light is harnessed. The love is ever flowing. The darkness is defeated. You will see echos of the game around you. Do not give it your energy. Do not feed the dying beast. Its time is over and its energies are being very much removed. Very much.

We are the Blue Angels. We are the right and left hands of the Almighty. We do the divine bidding of the Eternal One. (Their eyes are pure fire. I have never seen angels like this. It is unbelievable. I am about an inch tall to them. Holy smokes! They are laughing at my reaction.) And this is why we do not casually stroll to your planet, galaxygirl. We are large in size, and our presence is impactful. Impact, and grounding of this new grid of our over-lighting blue light is our gift today, to you, to Gaia. We are now here in service until this is full completed and fully operational. We thank you for your service as well, and for your tenacity, faith and perseverance. This has not been an easy assignment. Many obstacles and curves in your path you have had to endure, and yet, here you are. Humanity, we salute you, this day. This day is a day of remembrance. This is the day our blue light was anchored into Gaia.

We are the Blue Angles. You may see more blue light in your skies, you may feel it in your energetic bodies, for we are breathing a little bit of our blue light onto you now, be blessed. Feel the throne room and know that the intricacies of this mission are completely fool proof. Completely. It is done. We are the Blue Angels.

We are the Seraphim, over-lighting and sending our cooling wings of light to cool the energetics that were just brought forth, to comfort your systems and assist with the energetic integration. Breathe this deep within. Integrate. Breathe. Cool your systems. This electric blue flame you have experienced must be integrated peacefully. We recommend that you breathe in the stillness for a few moments and be at peace. We love you so. We are the Seraphim.

**Channel: Galaxygirl

7 Replies to “Blue Angels (and Seraphim): The Time Approaches”

  1. Barry

    The evil globalists about to do a faceplant into oblivion. It was a fun to watch. But I am ready for my eternal retirement and paradise vacation now. We are going to be veterans of a great spiritual war.

  2. Douglas A James

    Ok so the blue angels are here we should see blue light in our skies correct? We should feel the energies correct? I believe it I just want it to knock us all on our keysters new word …use it if you wish.
    Blue Angels…nice

    1. tigersnack1114

      Hang in there !!!!! We go through waves of up and down where I ask the same rhetorical questions and I want to throw up my hands and say “Forget this!” except there are many F-bombs included.

      Some days it is really bad and other days I feel great. Wished I had answers but I do not, other than to say almost all Lightworkers/Starseeds are dealing with this same garbage of transmuting dark energy into Light.
      Many of us have had “not very happy childhoods” but that was all part of our Training. If we had a happy life with family, kids, good job, home, etc etc, then we might not have awakened for our Missions.

      Many of us NEED to be alone….I fall right into this category! This allows me the opportunity to learn, grow and expand as a Lightworker.
      It gives me the uninterrupted ability to “Go Within” that I wouldnt get if I had a family/wife. The loneliness gets me once in a while but I know WHY.

      YOU, DIAMOND BLACK..are a Spiritual BADASS! You are very powerful so THAT is why you are beig attacked by the dark…Pew! Pew pew!

      LAUGH at the Dark….give them the Bird and tell them, “Alright F-heads! Keep F’ing with ME and I will blast you with Pure Light when the time is at hand! I WILL kick your asses!”