Former CBS, Fox Journalist Goes Full QAnon, Says Elites Dine on ‘Blood of Children’

Former CBS and Fox News journalist Lara Logan unleashed a barrage of bizarre conspiracy theories this week involving everything from the blood of children to Satanic control of the planet.

During an interview on the conservative outlet Newsmax, Logan, who was let go from Fox News earlier this year for comparing Dr. Anthony Fauci to a murderous Nazi physician, argued that so-called open borders were the work of Satan while discussing immigration policy in the U.S.

“God believes in sovereignty and national identity and the sanctity of family and all the things that we’ve lived with from the beginning of time,” she said. “And he knows that the open border is Satan’s way of taking control of the world through all of these people who are his stooges and his servants.”

Logan then took the rant one step further by arguing that members of the World Economic Forum “dined on the blood of children,” a conspiracy theory derived from the QAnon movement that has its roots in antisemitic tropes.

“And they may think that they’re going to become Gods—that’s what they tell us, Yuval Harari and all the rest of them at the World Economic Forum, you know, the ones who want us eating insects, cockroaches, and that while they dine on the blood of children?—those are the people, right? They’re not going to win. They’re not going to win.”

The comments are entirely on brand for Logan, who has championed numerous far-right conspiracy theories in recent years.

As noted by Media Matters, Logan has theorized on everything from Darwinism to the assassination of John F. Kennedy to “the Rothschilds.”

Logan has also pushed debunked election fraud claims and asserted that the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol was an event manufactured by the government.

**By Mikael Thalen


10 Replies to “Former CBS, Fox Journalist Goes Full QAnon, Says Elites Dine on ‘Blood of Children’”

  1. caroline

    Some people on this planet have no idea of the horrors committed by this evil Cabal for centuries. If and when it gets televised these people will walk away from it. They won’t be able to comprehend it and worse horrors.

  2. Emma

    Ohh I see.
    The writer does not believe Lara.
    But he will, unless he is a satanist himself.

    There are no debunking of all the fraud in elections. Watch 2000 mules.

    Why are Hillary out warning that 2024 will be stolen, when “her side” has said USA has the most secure elections?.

    Very stupid of her to become a election denier when her side has mocked election deniers for 2 years now.

    1. Emma

      Sad to say… No.
      Blood with adrenelin in it (adrenecrome) is said to make you younger, so they do dine on it.

      Also if they are satanists they want to hurt children, as children are closets to God, and they are always seeking ways to mock God.

  3. spiritual924

    Right on Logan…you are a brave woman to speak Truth. I have tried to share the same for decades and fear keeps this perpetuating itself because one’s don’t want to See. Do your own research instead of using the same rhetoric…conspiracy.

    1. Emma

      This is ANTI cabal.
      It is no secret that they use not only blood but also aborted fetus’ to try and stay young.
      Body parts from abortions are big business.

  4. Lara

    From a fellow Lara & fellow South African: You stand in Truth, Lara. Standing with you. Thank you for having the courage to speak out in God’s name. Godspeed!

  5. Closetheranks

    Article couched in derision feigning ignorance of these truths they know to be so.

    No one is buying your denial and outright lies any longer. This is an awakening en masse- the servants of satan are being called out and Logan is but one voice in a veritable tsunami of of people who can see through the veil.

    Time runs short for the demonic enablers such as this (ahem) journalist. What awaits you is richly deserved.