Healing Our Morphogenetic Field

Today so far there we have more powerful Diamond Plasma light, Gramma and Cosmic Rays flooding us, along with KP5 geomagnetic storms for the earlier part of the day, now back to 3.67 LOL, as shown as some very interesting readings on the Spaceweather app! Along with Solar Winds and some minor C-Class flares. The perfect reality shifting type of Cosmic weather as I call it, as we continue to RE-BIRTH OURSELVES AS OUR ONE TRUE DIAMOND AVATAR SELF & NEW EDEN, all being ignited from within us in this timeless NOW!

Decimal numbers yesterday and earlier on today, never seen this before, and it was also showing the KP5 in yellow instead of its usual red colour. I’ve also noticed that the Radio Blackout graph seems stuck over America for the past two days and is not moving across the globe. All confirming the massive final quantum leap between the old artificial Matrix realities and New Organic Divine Creatrix field, that were navigating, as we keep merging, jumping and aligning with our One True, already ascended, Diamond Avatar Self and New Ascension Earth realities.

During Friday’s Activation, which are Collective in nature and we help anchor on behalf of ALL willing Hearts, assisting our own, as well as Planetary and Cosmic Ascension, I saw the following unfolding and being the focus right now, along with what is outlined in the event description:

Special focus was on dissolving and overwriting judgements, compartmentalized beliefs and thought forms that keep us feeling separate from One another. Seals, membranes, walls around our Hearts, defense mechanisms, feelings of betrayal, fears, doubts, worries, nervousness, resentments, guilt, shame, etc.


The thoughts and beliefs that make us feel better or less than any other, total equality returns as we can see parts of ourselves in every other. Dissolving all false projections and perceptions, based in separation and fear.

Divine Union with ALL of life everywhere has been ignited in the field and is being fully rolled out.

As all-ways, all that is being cleared has to come up and out. Know it for what it is, don’t believe the negative thought forms and beliefs as they arise to be purged as part of the cellular clearings. Observe them for what they are with as much neutrality as you can, and do not feed them, don’t believe them, they’re not true, to allow it all to fully clear from your field and bodies!

All of our not knowing dissolves within the Buddhic no-mind as we surrendering ourselves to Source. Opening us up to pure Cosmic Consciousness Embodiment as we let go of our linear remind and false ego Self fully, in this timeless now, re-membering who we truly are. Allowing Pure Source Consciousness to rewrite and reset us at the deepest cellular, atomic and molecular level. Returning to our True Self.






As we fully re-member again and awaken.

Returning to what always was, THE ONE True Self and our One True Organic Divine Creatrix field.

I was shown us continuing to walk the Stairway to Heaven, which is us merging and blending all the multi-dimensional layers and realms of matter and antimatter as ONE. As we merge with our multidimensional Self’s and Source. Merging Heaven and Earth as One.

Divine Inner and Outer Unions complete and are making this possible, as we return to the start. Resetting our Blueprints to from before the Fall in Consciousness happened, but with the lessons learned and Consciousness expanded.

We are navigating through a deep cellular and atomic rewrite and reset, returning to the Divine Original Cell Blueprint, overwriting all carbon matter, POWERFUL CRYSTALLISATION & DNA ACTIVATION PROCESS ENSUES and ACCELERATES VASTLY, along with our Merkaba and Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody!! Taking extra good care of ourself over the coming days is advisable. Whether it’s sugar (helps Crystallisation), salt, magnesium, salt baths, massage, yoga, plenty of water and fresh air to ionise your atoms and cells, as well as plenty of rest and relaxation all support! Focus on a deep nurturing of your self as if you’re looking after a new born baby or about to give birth! Whatever your body calls for really, only YOU KNOW what’s right for you and every-body is different and this is Quantum and not linear. Embrace those crazy carvings! Multi-dimensionality doesn’t make linear sense and normal rules don’t apply here.

Pure Divine Love from Source is opening up our sacred Crystal Hearts fully, overwriting and dissolving all remaining implants, attachments, entities, density and blocks in our field.

WE’re fully re-CLAIMing OUR ABUNDANCE NOW, our birthright, as we realise whole we truly are! All from deep within as we fully re-claim our power and responsibilities of our realities! Unlocking the Abundance, Freedom, Divine Union and Love, Edenic/ Paradisian, Sovereignty and Ascension keys and codes fully now!!

OPEN UP WIIIIIDE TO RECEIVE all that you are as you align with the Frequencies of the Realities you wish to co-create, and keep CALLing IT FORTH!! IT’S YOURS TO CLAIM!!

Your open, sacred Crystal, healed heart IS the KEY TO ALL of this!!


Fully at home inside of our body and Heart. Now-here to go to!!

Now we fully claim the HAPPY EVER AFTER we so very much deserve! But we have to truly believe deep within that we do and claim our own worth and abundance! Without attachment to how and even what exactly will manifest! Celebrating all that arises as we remember everything is always happening FOR us, so we can’t step further into our mastery and empowerment. Re-claiming ALL of our gifts, abilities, power, wisdom and quantum back!!

We aim the arrow, the rest is up to the wind/ Source!

Now is the time out of time to finish what we started and us believing we can make this happen is what makes it happen!

Total conviction that we can and that it is happening, as well as full surrender to Source and the Divine Plan. It’s bothand. We are the boots on the ground to make the magic happen. When we become atOne with Source, there’s no-One doing anything here anyway. We become vessels for Source to work through us and that’s when the false ego personality dissolves and merges into the ocean of the One Heart-Mind, activating the Unity field, atOne and in Divine Union with itself and ALL of life everywhere.

Also, Sovereignty means that we no longer blame anyone else for our Realities and where we’re at. That’s giving our power away, when we make another responsible for how we feel. No other person can make us feel any one way. It’s how we react to it and perceive another person’s actions or inactions f.e., often based on our own beliefs and projections. The only way to see through the Eyes of God is to become atOne with Source and fully trance-ending our false, artificial ego, which is what is dissolving the artificial Matrix hologram.

This is an inner alchemical process and transformation that no-one can do for us or we can do for another.

That also leads me to the reminder that no Activation or Healing can do this fully for you. There are no quick fixes but it’s all there to support you, help make it go a little bit more quickly and easier, but whatever has to be still cleared from your field will come up and right now that’s everything that is still preventing us from fully Awakening from the dream. The illusions and false perceptions, thought forms and beliefs rapidly being overwritten now. But we’re also making it happen as we become Super Conscious and responsible for our every thought, word, belief and action we take.

That’s the only way we can become fully SOVEREIGN and invincible, as we heal our wounds and traumas, we heal our morphogenetic field, which is what is healing the Planetary Morphogenetic field, which is our Divine Blueprints. That holds the instructions for our DNA and Krystar SAphiRA Diamond Rainbow Plasma Lightbody. Which is what is igniting our full power, gifts, abilities, wisdom and re-membering, as well as our New Eden. It’s all interconnected. All as we shift in Consciousness, as we shift the way we look at and perceive things, the things we look at change.

The trauma is held as energy, information and templates within our bodies and cells that needs to purge, as well as for our Consciousness to shift. Don’t judge it and know it for what it is and it will clear much more quickly and easily.

Re-member what is really REAL and what is not.

Now we fully awaken from the quantum dream, and greet the dawn of our New Eden, beckoning from deep inside of our own sacred Crystal Hearts.

All you have to do is listen to its wisdom and follow the call.

Eternal Love,

**By Ramona Lappin


One Reply to “Healing Our Morphogenetic Field”

  1. Denise G

    I had an old pattern show up yesterday where I got upset but it was different, as if my heart wasn’t “in” the anger, almost as if I WANTED to be angry but it just wasn’t there, it was very strange. Lol
    I’m confused about SO much through all of this but oddly it’s the stuff that SHOULD be confusing me that I feel the most comfortable with!
    Like the stuff I’m getting about the Creation of Duality, the Negative Image of Source that we live within, that “Dark Sun” you’re just starting to hear about the “discovery” of?
    Flying IN to that negative image and creating worlds, now THIS stuff I can’t even begin to understand the technical side of all of this sciencey stuff but it’s comfortable, familiar and it comes easier than the rest, the rest of it is all fits and starts and confusion. Lol
    Anyway I DO know things are changing, I’m actually SEEING it finally but I still just take it one minute at a time one day at a time and try not to “expect” anything, just be grateful for what DOES show up if that makes sense? If it’s something that I would normally consider “bad” I start examining that “bad” to FIND the “good” that came WITH it, a lesson, or maybe that it was someone ELSE that was being helped through it and when I look, I ALWAYS find it!!!
    That’s actually how I made it this far through all of the confusion, I have no one but this site to talk to about any of it cause my family is already worried I’m 😜! 😂
    Love and Light to All,
    Denise G