Electing Trump as Speaker of the House

Greetings to You! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am KejRaj. The information expressed here is that of my perspective my point of view. For all truth awaits you in your heart.

The possibilities are endless on this magnificent planet of freewill. The people have always had the power. It is only that the dark ones used manipulation into making the masses think that they are powerless, among many other false claims.

One thing that is also a possibility is Donald Trump returning to the White House, and picking up where he left off. Here we speak of him returning prior to the 2024 elections. The chances for Clone Biden completing his term as president are low. For certain events are to unfold in the next sixty days which may very well lead to his removal.

There is more than one way in which Trump can return to the White House. The take over of the mainstream media by benevolent forces, and broadcasting real truth. Showing a lot of what has unfolded behind the scenes for many years, what the dark is responsible for, and all their dirty puppets. While showing what Trump has truly accomplished while in office as President.

Which would bring a vast majority to rise, and demand that all the corrupt leaders be imprisoned and replaced around the world. And in America with the reinstatement of Trump as President.

The chances of such happening aren’t high, however should the masses be pushed, people will take action. An event which would shake the masses awake is perhaps what’s needed.

The other way in which Trump can return is if the Republicans win the majority of the House of Representatives, stop being cowards and traitors. Then they would be able to elect Trump as Speaker of the House.

Followed with the process of impeaching Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. There are hundreds of crimes the two can be charged with. Not to mention the fact that they are inorganic and soulless beings, placed there by their dark masters.

The future is bright regardless of what takes place. However, having Trump become president again, it would only fast forward the clean up and restoration process. And trigger the world to the next level of its awakening.

The next few weeks are to be very interesting. As we always say, focus on the reality you desire, not on the obstacles which may appear on your journey towards the new reality.

Donald Trump becoming president again just might shake the masses awake after all.  It is show time my friends. Justice will be served, as the tsunamis of higher light wash over the world.

I am Kejraj!


14 Replies to “Electing Trump as Speaker of the House”

  1. flazak

    This vaccine and covid thing seems to me to be a neccessary step on the road to the new reality as it is part of a culmination of many decades if not centuries of work. These underlying patterns of energy are part of any growth cycle leading to harvest. I think these events including Trump are part of a balancing process, we are subjected to the aforementioned events and many other stimuli and must react to them and then work on balancing because if you don’t balance the incoming force you fall over. It’s difficult to put into words, just think about a tree and the forces upon it. Do I like what happening? No it sucks but it is temporary and apparently neccessary to go through. Look back from the culmination, you exist at the end/beginning and you see the steps taken.

  2. Tammy

    Trump’s return is the culmination of the light forces and boots on the ground’s quest to dismantle thousands of years of unchecked evil, destruction and greed with, until recently, very little help from the population. Naysayers may want to walk a mile in his shoes as he and his family, close associates and alliance were required to swim in the unfathomable darkness and murk of the swamp everyday for the best and highest good of humanity. Judge not. Lots of arrogance that everyone has all the answers but most truly do not understand how deep and dark it goes. Loyalty, support, compassion and love is how we win this battle rather than tearing down the ones who put it all on the line to shift this planet to the light.

  3. Holistic

    Confusion and wishful thinking reigns. Truth is still far from humanity’s reach. We are easily bamboozled. I don’t trust Trump– real or fake. Why try to bring back someone who did not use his time in office for tangible, verifiable good?
    Whatever his intentions, he comes off as a traitor. We need new leadership in the world and keep a clear mind to ensure the KM is defeated once and for all.

  4. Mike Ohira

    The USA,Inc is no more…went bankrupt in 2021. Trump will officially announce the USA New Republic most likely during this year. However, Trump will not become the President of the New Republic, he probably will be assigned to the task but eventually Tulsi Gabbard will take over. Yes, Tulsi Gabbard will become the President of the New Republic. Where did I get this info?…from “One of the Highest of the Universe”.

  5. Douglas A James

    All comments have validity .. Some form of trump promoted the vaxx.. ex wife died from it…his own daughter promotes it…so who is who?? He paused warp speed…perhaps to speed up the timeline it wld happen anyway…? Still all have free will nobody should listen to a politician about being injected thats simply ridiculous be an adult be your own person ..it’s the children I can’t stand ..but then again soul contracts and all that ..who knows.. I know this…if we don’t see something happen in Nov…it’s all been a lie sorry but no more words…and why can’t Trump be president due to fraudulent election in 2020 where is the truth there?? KejRaj rem you said that wld be overturned already ..just saying perhaps we are all fooled..

    1. Holistic

      In agreement with your thoughts. Putting the likes of Trump on any pedestal is just another fantasy. Remaking the US in line with its original intent may require new leaders…none of which are now in the public view.

  6. Mihai

    Right from the night of the elections in the Communist Republic of America, the US military knew the exact number of Trump’s votes: 80,744,263, but because the theft was gross and done by several methods,
    there were those public processes and technical expertise in which irrefutable evidence was found that the elections were stolen.
    On January 6, 2021, the Senate was to discuss for 2 hours for each state where it was stolen as in the Wild West according to the evidence, and then give the final verdict in favor of Trump.
    All the Democrat Satanists and Republican traitors knew this, so Soros paid ANTIFA to infiltrate Trump’s supporters and when the Satanists withdrew for discussion, the Capitol Police removed the security fences and invited the Trump supporters into Capitol to be able to facilitate the entrance of the ANTIFA hooligans to do what they did, to accuse Trump of inciting the riot, destruction, etc.
    But among those who entered the meeting room were also three FBI officers who took 12 laptops of the main satanists starting with Pelossi.
    In those 12 Laptops, the FBI found a lot of evidence of electoral theft, and other information that was used as evidence for the arrests of many Satanists.
    Although officially Trump was no longer president, and the Senate only judges politicians, the Satanists tried him for inciting riots and destruction, etc., but Trump was not illegally convicted, with a difference of one vote, because traitors too Republicans voted against him.
    This year, 2022, on June 29, the US Supreme Court confirmed that the election was won by Trump, but since then something is not right with Trump.
    He is an actor who looks like Trump and goes out in public but is an agent of the Khazarian Mafia, and then the real Trump is either dead or arrested, because normally he should have announced the decision of the SC of the USA, but he didn’t- o. WHY?
    If Trump is not dead or arrested, then he is also an agent of the Khazarian Mafia and is waiting to be elected to have legitimacy when he shows his true face as the ANTICHRIST.
    There is no other logical and common sense explanation that would justify Trump’s silence and not announcing that he won the election as the US Supreme Court said.

  7. khann61

    I see no indication of any benevolent forces that will take control of the media and start broadcasting the truth, unless these Pleiadeans break into the programming with their superior technology, and they have already said they won’t do that…allegedly. I don’t know that there are Pleiadeans.

    I see no advantage to bringing back Trump. He sold us out to the fake Pandemic. He played along with this Operation Warp Speed whereby he allegedly developed and manufactured billions of fake vaccines in 6 months. Any person with half a brain on duty knows these deadly clot shots were manufactured long in advance of the fake pandemic.

    He handed over control of the country to Fauci, a Hobgoblin, and lifelong psychopath who must work for Satan himself if not Klaus Schwab and Harari.

    Trump continues to promote the clot shot as a great thing and tells us we should be greatful for his Trumpcine.

    I don’t know how any person with a shred of humanity and empathy could forgive this exercise in mass murder by injection. I have read of story after story of very young people just dropping dead for no apparent reason. Of course it was the clot shot. Millions upon millions have died already and the corrupt medical establishment is blaming it on other causes, or laughably previous COVID infection.

    Kejraj will censor me because he does not believe in free speech, and on some level I wish his predictions had some validity. But he does not like “negative vibes”. I call my negative vibes pragmatism.

    Kejraj, are you of the Q mindset that claims the real Trump is hold up in Cheyenne Mountain with the White Hat military and the vaccine promoting Trump is an impostor or an evil clone?

    As far fetched as that sounds, it would seem however remotely possible, the only way any man with an ounce of compassion for those killed and maimed by the clot shot could still support Trump.

    Please explicate how you reconcile Vaxxy Don Trump and the horrors of this clot shot.

    I just read about an 18 year old girl dying suddenly from cardiac arrest. Of course the Satanic medical establishment claims this happens all the time. Sure it does.

  8. Scientia Qaesitor

    Military is the only way.

    I’m seeing

    1. Economic collapse

    2. Sky sign ala blossom

    3. Fungal disease causing lockdowns

    4. 10 days of communication darkness, DECLAS, televised tribunals

    5. New Earth: NESARA GESARA, jubilee, Trump returning to office, SSP reveal, medbeds, First contact, basically a New Earth unrecognizable to us, giving us the breathing room necessary to work towards ascension

    I’ve been meditating towards these goals for about a year.

    1. LORDedge

      you may also wanna try coupling that meditation with “feeling”, if you haven’t done so already

      a la Neville Goddard’s “Living from the End” / “Living from the wish-fulfilled” techniques ya know

      like, not only do you imagine and meditate on those awesome neat things

      but aslo combine it with the feeling as if those things are already happening, like, NOW

      you know, like, what would you feel should those aawesome neat things are already commonplace and is happening and the peoples are happy kekw

      might be extra powerful !!! worth a try lol

      1. Scientia Qaesitor

        This is exactly the path I’ve been on. I’ve been trying to envision what it will feel like the day this all happens. It involves a lot of cheering and running.

    2. khann61

      The military is on the way to starting WWIII. The USA will be reduced to ashes. That’s the globalist prime objective. They are going to kill off humanity and there appears to be no stopping them.

  9. One who Knows

    Then again Kimberly Ann Goguen maintains that the original Trump is no longer with us. Some sort of TRUTH must out.