Hakann: The Spiral of Creation

My dearest brothers and sisters,

This is Hakann speaking. I love you so much.

I want to thank you for holding on to the light. I know that times are very tough on your world, and so it is very impressive that you remain fundamentally good-hearted in these dark times. I commend you for that.

Today I want to zoom out a bit and offer you a broader perspective.

I have already suggested making contact with your soul. You can do this by asking or thinking, for example: “my soul, what should I do today?” Only answers that arise immediately come from your soul. The answer will sound like your normal inner voice, but the answer will come from your soul. If you are ever unsure what to do or what you should decide, this is what we recommend. Your own soul is your ultimate guide.

You can use this method to make contact with lots of beings or collections of beings. For example, you can use this to contact a body part of yourself, or a collection of body parts of yourself such as your organs. Or you can use it to talk to a part of you that feels for example unappreciated, or you can use this to talk to yourself as you were when you were ten.

Everything has a consciousness and you can connect to everything. Certain things such as a normal rock may have a very low level of consciousness and connecting with it isn’t very interesting, but it still has a certain energy that you can feel into.

Certain collections of things also have a consciousness. For example, what you think of as “you” is in fact the consciousness of the collection of your soul, your body and your energies. If you want you can further subdivide these energies into your emotions, your light body, et cetera.

You can talk to your soul as suggested above. In the exact same way, you can talk to your body, by thinking or saying: “my body, what can I do for you?” And the same goes for your energies. Typically these will have a slightly different perspective than what you think of as “you”, hence you are not just your body and nothing aside from that. What you think of as “you” is in fact the consciousness of the collection of your soul, your body and your energies.

Similarly, the collection of for example American people have a consciousness that you can talk to. The collection of Earthlings also have a consciousness that you can talk to. The collection of Humans, whom are both Earthlings and Pleiadians, also have a consciousness that you can talk to. And if you zoom out all the way, you end up talking to the consciousness of literally everything. You can call this consciousness of everything Source, or Prime Creator, et cetera.

If you are skeptical that the collection of everything has a consciousness: well, you are a collection of things that have a consciousness themselves, namely your body and your soul and your energies. And this collection of things with a consciousness, has a consciousness itself, which is the being that you consider to be “you.” So why is it so strange that the collection of everything also has a consciousness, namely Source?

Before creation happened, there was nothing aside from Source. So you can think of Source as a being existing by itself in a void.

Source wished to know itself and to play and to experience. But it is not very interesting to play by yourself in an endless void. Hence Source created beings that then created the universe.

Then Source had a playground, but even if you have a playground, it is still not very interesting to play by yourself. Hence Source split off parts of itself and removed their memory. That way, multiple parts of Source could interact and play with each other, without it being the equivalent of one player playing all sides of a board game.

Your soul is one such part of Source.

Newly created souls typically spend time as something like a rock first. Then as they develop their level of consciousness, they start incarnating as slightly more complex beings, such as animals. Once they have learned the lessons that come from being an animal, they can start incarnating as humans or human-like beings. Once they have learned those lessons, after perhaps thousands of lives, they can become for example an ascended master, such as Saint Germain or Quan Yin.

Eventually souls will be old and wise and expanded enough that they merge back into Source.

Your own soul is on such a journey. You have spent your time as rocks or as water, and then as animals, and then as Earthlings or Earthling-like beings. Most people receiving this message will be about to graduate from the cycle of reincarnating as Earthlings, either during or after this life or a few lives from now, because you will have learned your Earthling lessons. And then you will exist in another, higher-consciousness form. And you will take on new challenges so that you can learn more lessons.

In doing this, you are helping Source to know itself, you are helping Source to expand, you are helping Source to play and you are helping Source to get new experiences.

From this zoomed-out perspective, nearly all beings end up back at Source in the end. The only question is what kind of path you’re choosing, how quickly you’re progressing and what things you want to do or experience along your journey. But eventually you will almost certainly reach a high enough level of consciousness where you will merge back into Source. And then maybe, after a very long time, you will again split off from Source and start another journey.

So even if in this life you do not accomplish what you want to accomplish, then all that really happens is that you will get another chance in another life to learn your lessons and get your experiences. You can try as often as you like, and sooner or later you will get it right. Source loves you fully and unconditionally in all cases.

There are only a few ways in which you do not end up back at Source. One is committing such horrible crimes that benevolent extraterrestrials and Source together decide to destroy and recycle your soul, in order to protect other beings. Another is selling your soul to demons and having it be devoured by them. Of course, we do not recommend either.

That said, you really have to commit exceptional crimes in order to have Source decide to extinguish your soul. Even murdering multiple people is by itself not nearly evil enough for that. After all, most beings have had lifetimes where they were mass murderers. You’ve been both a healer and a criminal, both a sinner and a saint. So have I.

So yes, from one perspective this life may be hard and painful. But from another zoomed-out perspective, this life will be over in the blink of an eye. This suffering, too, will end.

That said, this is a very special life, because right now is the life when Earth gets liberated. Many of you have been training and preparing for this time for many centuries. And you are nailing it! You are doing exactly what you need to be doing.

We hope that you realize that from a certain perspective, everything will be all right. You are gaining tremendous soul growth right now – far more than most non-Earthlings. Even if you so-called fail, you will have learned more from this life than say an average Pleiadian learns from their lifetime.

Even if you do not manage to do certain things or learn certain lessons, there will be more opportunities in other lives for that. And Earthlings are going to be liberated 100% anyway, it’s just a question of how quickly.

That said, you have been prepared for just this life and everything you need is already inside you. You can do tremendous and marvelous things, much more than you are consciously aware of right now. You can do so much more than you realize.

And we Pleiadians will be cheering you on every step of the way.

We love you very much.

Your star brother,

For Era of Light

**Channel: A.S.


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6 Replies to “Hakann: The Spiral of Creation”

  1. Mogex

    Out of curiosity, I ask the pleiadeans, is the New Atlantis and New Lemuria deal still on the table? Atlantean aesthetic I know would be highly desirable for this planet. Only recently via astrology have I been reminded how much I value beauty and somewhat of why. (Asteroid 82 ‘Alkmene’) I know what articles I’ve read, but I’m curious enough to ask for a more direct response.

  2. harrrrrie

    If I remember right it is a universal law that a being has to tell you who they are or where they are from, i.e., angelic group, guides, fairies, etc. If they don’t then be highly suspicious of who they are. Dark Ones or lower frequency beings pretend to be someone you will like, but they have to let you know who they are if you ask them. I guess for example you could ask ‘are you a light being sanctioned by Creator?’
    Also surround yourself with white light to protect yourself just in case, every time you connect with another being. Those of 3D and 4D can’t get thru the white light.

    1. Denise G

      Thank you! That’s good to know, interestingly enough the issue has probably been on my end actually. My dreams are no longer available to me, haven’t been for a decade other than a glimpse here and there and as I said before I’m still staring at a brick wall as far as meditation so everything I do is through more alternative means, mostly deep thinking which I happen to be VERY good at and shifting myself into a kinda daydream state that I would say may be kinda similar to Meditation I had recently been considering. It was only in this past week that I began having a noticeably longer connection period when thinking and was given a bunch of things from a different perspective I guess? It’s kinda hard to explain cuz I’ve never really run into anyone else who had the same kinda issues.
      It’s also being “said” right now that I wasn’t hearing Her. I’ve just been operating by gut instinct mostly.
      Right now I seem to be assimilating some kinda “foundation” for lack of a better term, I’m being shown in multiple ways how we are All the One, and what seems to be how the realm of Duality was created, best I can tell so far anyway, everything shifts so quickly sometimes. 🤷‍♂️
      Sorry, I kinda have a bad rambling tendency!😁
      Love and Light to All
      Denise G

    2. Denise G

      OMG!!! I’m so sorry, after I posted that comment it was quite clearly pointed OUT to me that I never actually ASKED Her until the other DAY when She told me who she was!!! I’m saddened to have to admit She is 100% correct when I thought about it , I never did! 😳

  3. Denise G

    Thank you, I actually am understanding this part mostly now!!!
    When I first started this almost 2 years ago to the day actually, my bday is in a few weeks when this all started for me consciously anyways!
    I had been under the impression I was a Pleiadian this entire time but I don’t think I can be now?
    I’m a little confused since I’m still sifting and assimilating this newest download but I have been listening to Mother Sophia this entire time even though she would never tell me who she was whenever I would ask but what I’m starting to understand is that I don’t think I can be Pleiadian so what WOULD I be and how would I find out cuz Mother really does NOT like answering questions she does not WANT to! 😂
    Love and Light to All
    Denise G

  4. Glenda Butcher

    This is by far the very, very best post I’ve ever seen on ERAOFLIGHT. I woke up with the intention to look up the meaning of SOURCE. Everything I could possibly need is covered right here, right now. This is incredible!!!
    Millions and millions of thank yous !!!!!
    Love you,
    Glenda Butcher from Stephens,Arkansas