The Telosians: Everything Will Change in the Times to Come

We greet you, dear children of the Earth. We are always very happy to accompany you on your spiritual journey and to guide you in the best way possible. It is sometimes difficult in our messages to explain to you what we see, what we feel about the evolution of your humanity. In some places on your planet, people are still in a state of sleep, in other places there is an important jump in the evolution of consciousness and understanding of True Life, and in other places it is more timid.

We tell you this to make you understand that your humanity does not evolve in the same way on your planet. This is often due to political problems that restrain the inhabitants of such and such a country, to religious convictions maintained and reinforced by religious leaders who maintain a certain reluctance to let the humans of these countries live their own spirituality in the greatest respect.

The evolution of consciousness of your humanity is disparate, but we will tell you that the evolution is underway, really underway. However, we ask you to trust in Life for the times to come. Indeed, as you know, the humans who want to have control over your life, the shadow government, will try in the coming months to muzzle you, to hold you by certain fears that will run through your humanity.

In spite of the last two years spent during the presence of this virus, years that you have spent without enormous panic, you will be able to realize that there will still be fear within a large number of people. These fears will be diverse: fear of illness, fear of lack, fear of losing a job etc. ….

At the moment the word “inflation” is being put in front of you. Automatically, you will be marked by this word which, for many of you, means the fear of not having enough money to feed yourself, to live in the earthly way.

As you know, everything will change in the times to come. Life on Earth will no longer be the same as the one you know now and have known for years and years. It will be very important to let go of all the habits that were part of your life. Even money will disappear in a way and will be replaced by another way of living. It is important not to fear this because everything will be put in place to make it happen in the best possible way.

Know also that everything that will be presented to you in the transformations that will take place on Earth, will be monitored by our Beings. Indeed, we will see to it that this happens in the best possible way for humanity on Earth but, of course, we repeat, we will not do everything in your place, you have your important part of action of Love to do and to live so that we help and support you in the best possible way.

It is also good to know that the more you awaken to the New Consciousness, the more you will push the world government backwards. At the moment this world government is in a panic because it feels that its good days are coming to an end, which is why it will try many things to debase you.

Have the strength and courage to counter it by being totally confident in Life. If you look carefully at the path of your current and personal life, you will always be able to see that beautiful things are coming to you with a great number of synchronicities. The more you pay attention to this, the more happy things will come to you and you will understand that Life, the Great Life, presents itself to you and wants the best for you.

Dear brothers and sisters of the Earth, keep within you Joy, tenderness, Love of course and let them radiate around you. This is how, by living trust in Life, you will embellish yours, you will spread this embellishment around you in humanity and on the whole Earth. By living this, the Earth will become the New Earth, the one that will vibrate and radiate with the most beautiful Light and the greatest Love that exists.

We love you and accompany you with great joy.

**Channel: Marie-Josée Andichou

**Translation to English by