Kryon: Hidden in Plain Sight

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service.

So much is happening, dear ones, with you. Spirit knows you and knows what you are going through. Spirit cooperates in so many ways to help you, and sometimes, your dreams are one of those ways. Today, some have asked about dreams. [In the Q&A section of the live-stream program.]

If you haven’t noticed, dreams seem quite multidimensional. What I mean by that is that they are never linear: In dreams, you find yourself in places that were in the past, often meeting people who shouldn’t be there, or who never knew each other, or have even passed. So, dreams are often metaphors of something else you are dealing with in your subconscious. Sometimes, they distract you while you work on more 3D things in your mind. Sometimes, they are a direct relationship to what you are learning or going through as a lightworker.

How many of you dream in color or, perhaps, dream you are flying? These are dreams, dear ones, which clearly show you that you are on the right track. Perhaps, you have wished you had dreams like that? Let me give a suggestion: Before you go to sleep, give intent for the dreams you wish to have, and see what happens. Those of you who have dreams you don’t like can control them as well. Again, before you go to sleep: “Dear Spirit, let the dreams tonight enhance my magnificence. Let me awaken refreshed and smile at the lovely things that I’ve had presented during the night.”

You are very much in control of things that you might not think you are in control of. None of you are a slave to bad dreams. You can control them completely and totally, like all the other things that we’ve been telling you that you are in charge of. This exercise I just gave you is a form of positive Human programming that creates a release of many of the programs you have had from birth, where you are taught that you can’t do this or that. It creates dreams where your fears are manifested, or your worries are enhanced. It’s a story that you believe and dream about because you never go to see what is next.

Things Hidden in Plain Sight

This is channel number four of four in a series we titled: Things Hidden in Plain Sight. In this series, we’ve given you three other titles and ideas of things that are hidden in plain sight, and some of you knew about them already but were not aware of their profundity, or how you might actually use them. For those of you reading this, the other three attributes can be easily found and realized. They are there for you to listen to on my partner’s website.

I’ve saved this attribute as the last one I discuss, because it’s the most practical and not as esoteric as the others. After you hear what it is, you may disagree, saying that it’s very esoteric. If that’s you, then you simply were never told about something that no spiritual organization on the planet has ever told you. Here it is: As you sit there and experience your life from day to day, you have the ability to control your own reality.

Human Beings Can Control What Happens to Them

When we speak of this subject, it always gets objections from intellectual and logically thinking people. They will immediately say: “This is fantasy. Chance is randomness. It’s luck. If you step off the curb and a truck hits you, that’s chance. You have no control of this.” This may actually sound right, but there is something they don’t know about. There is a measurable, physical energy that can alter what you may feel is “luck.”

How could you possibly steer around things like the chance of bad luck? How do you create a reality where you will not step in front of a truck by chance? This is where it gets good. Let me present something to you.

If you do not have any consciousness toward your path, in other words, if you simply let chance happen, then your life will, indeed, unfold as random luck. However, imagine there is a path before you that is filled with potholes and dangerous areas. So, if you step into a number of them, metaphorically, that’s called chance. Now, think for a moment what would happen if you had an energy of conscious control toward your path. What if I told you that it’s like putting a light in front of you? But, instead of a physical light, it’s an intuitive one. So, when you use this consciousness tool, dear ones, you are presented with a path that either has no potholes, or one where you get to steer around them using intuitive timing and synchronicity. You won’t be at that junction where the truck comes along, because you have asked not to be. That is how it works. It really does.

The Field

We have spoken of the Field before. It’s not esoteric! It’s the energy of consciousness of all humanity on this planet, and it’s measurable and real. The Field has the energy of all consciousness going on right now, as well as the potentials of things that may or may not happen. Connecting with the Field lets you start to steer yourself through that consciousness into areas with no potholes because you are now in control of your path.

For decades, governments have used what they call “remote viewers” to help them discern what is happening in other parts of the planet. These people are ones who are very good at discerning what is in the Field. It’s not a mysterious gift. It’s the one we are speaking of.

In the past, my channelling gave you a prediction about a new Pope coming your way, who would change the church. Thirteen months later, you got him, but the other one didn’t die! That information was all in the Field, known by many at higher levels – but in the Field!

Dear ones, I am telling you that you have the ability to completely steer your reality and not be a victim of luck or chance. How can you do this?


The first step, which is absolutely needed, is for you to create a positive consciousness of what you expect. This sets the energy in place for the rest to happen. Your intent and affirmations for your life start to create new energy and begin to cooperate with the Field in ways that are very real. But first, you must change your old programming (your current reality), and that is actually doable. We will call it “reframing your story.”

What are your current perceptions of what you think you can do? Do you think it’s possible for your own body, your own mind, to project yourself into safe places? Can you actually create an energy where you will be at the right place at the right time, where there is safety, or someone you are supposed to meet? What would happen if you say, “Dear Spirit, tomorrow let me meet the people I should meet appropriately. Steer me into the correct places. Give me the intuition of those places. Bring me this or something better.” That seems like a simple prayer, but it’s not for God to give you any special power. Instead, it’s a verbal intent to release your old programming, and your subconscious hears it and starts to allow an energy of intuition in a way that has always been with you, but unrealized.

When you begin to do this every day, it starts a growing energy that allows you to have greater intuition, where you actually “control chance” and you won’t be in front of that truck. In fact, you may meet people you need to meet in order to go to the next level – one that you projected for yourself, but never could attain.

I wouldn’t tell you this if it were not true. This energy is actually being measured and seen by others as a viable energy that Humans can use. Many Old Souls and lightworkers are participating in this. Your intent and your verbalization create viable energy, which, in the past, was never seen as real. One of the reasons is that consciousness is now being seen as a physical energy, instead of an elusive and hard to explain mental attribute.

Bringing in the Worst

Now, this creative ability of your consciousness is exceptionally powerful and also works in reverse. Many times, we have told you that you are not a victim of this planet. There are those, however, and I hope some of them are watching and reading, who feel that, indeed, they are. If you are one of those, and you feel you are a victim of this planet because bad things continue to happen to you over and over, let me ask one very powerful question: What do you expect next? The answer is often MORE OF THE SAME! If you analyze your thoughts and what you say out loud, dear ones, you will see yourself as a victim, telling others how bad things are. Then, you often find yourself verbalizing your fears. “I just know I won’t get this or that, since I never do.” You just put out the energy of things not going well for you! Then, surprise! – they don’t. This is powerful!

Is this you? You are controlling your own life and you’re steering yourself into an ongoing series of negative things through the energy of expecting them. Let me tell you something that I’ve said before: Your verbalization of your expectations is almost like you’re in a restaurant ordering from a menu – and you just ordered things that will create a reality for you which makes you think you’re a victim. The worst things you can imagine come out from your lips, and you’re not even aware of it. If you change your intent and start to expect good things, you start to change your reality. This is the way of it. This is a tool of the Human Being, through consciousness, which has always been there. Some will even call it a law.

The Law of Attraction is a 3D name that has been given to a process that is far larger than that. But, indeed, it seems that, as you put things out there, they come to you. As you put things out on that menu as things you are expecting to happen, you start connecting to the Field in a far more positive way. The good things, the synchronistic things, the things that others say are impossible, start happening to you. Then you know it actually works.

My partner has seen this over and over in his own life. It is so real to him that he even designs his life through expectations of things that have not yet arrived, and he smiles and knows it works. There are many who are beginning to understand the process of consciousness creating reality, and are generating intent to be in the right place at the right time. This allows you to meet the right people and have things happen to such a positive degree that you might think that you created the future. That’s how powerful it is. There are others who even teach it in courses and conferences.

A Guide to Creating Your Own Reality

I would like to involve all of you in this kind of projection. Perhaps right now, with me, you might take a moment to use this gift and follow my lead to give this intent:
“Dear Spirit, I now realize that I am not a victim of chance.
Dear Spirit, I understand this gift of energy is real, and I can use it.
Dear Spirit, my magnificence will help create a reality for myself that is healthy, positive, and will steer me into the correct place.
Dear Spirit, I am not a victim of chance.
Dear Spirit, I intend the best for myself, and I know it’s there for me.
Dear Spirit, let me be in the right place at the right time.
Dear Spirit, I know that as I create positive thoughts into the Field, it also helps those around me, as well as others in faraway places.
Dear Spirit, I wish to take my magnificence and push it to the future and see the solution to all the things today that are inappropriate in my life.
Dear Spirit, this is my legacy. I am aware of this energy in me, and I claim it for myself – knowing that light will shine upon me. It’s the light of my own Soul. It’s the light that I came with. It’s the light that will change everything from now on. It’s powerful for the planet.
Dear Spirit, I expect good things in my life, daily.”
And if you want to put an Amen at the end of that, go ahead. That’s traditional and it means “let it be so.”

Indeed, it’s an affirmation, a prayer, and it can change your reality. These things are real, dear ones, and are proven over and over. Some are even measurable, and they qualify as “Things hidden in plain sight.” You can change your life with these ideas, all by yourself.

I am Kryon, in love with humanity.

And so it is.


**Channel: Lee Carroll


5 Replies to “Kryon: Hidden in Plain Sight”

  1. Denise G

    Until I stopped remembering my dreams a decade ago, other than bits and pieces here and there anyway I was always able to control my dreams that way, since childhood!!!
    I was able to do the same thing when “daydreaming” as well, still do it when daydreaming actually, I pick the starting point then sit back and watch the show unfold as it will. I miss my dreaming but years in pain management had an effect sadly.
    I may be blocked from Meditation but my dreams have apparently been filling in for it and I never knew until recently. Lol
    I Am ALWAYS Flying, I Am also always watching the Eagles who nest next to my house as they glide on the currents just enjoying that complete freedom of the wind carrying them in circles!!! Usually though I Am a White Dragon who is oddly very colorful for a White Dragon😂
    She has always been kind of like a living tattoo who wraps around my body resting her head on my chest but a week and a half ago she suddenly repositioned her head onto mine. Then a few days later turned into armor of beautiful Dragon scales covering my entire body.
    Oddly She LOVES dancing, dances while doing everything, and I say it’s odd because I have NEVER been a dancer, got 2 left feet!😂
    Love and Light to All
    Denise G

  2. Mary

    I Never Visualized Or Called For The Abuse That Was Done To Me And It Keeps Happening To Date. Is This A Way Of Blaming The Victim

    1. Denise G

      It’s not victim blaming Sister, it’s understanding how energy works, either for you or against you and the only way to know the truth of that is to know the Truth of You.
      It is why you must look in the deepest darkest corners of your Soul and shine the Light on All within, only YOU can do that work and until you do it will always seem things are happening TO you instead of THROUGH you.
      All things must evolve, it is the nature of eternity for when you STOP learning and evolving you stop growing and become stuck, like a record player with a scratch🤷‍♂️
      May you be Blessed with the Light you need to find that which you truly seek,
      Denise G

    2. Linda Rosa

      Mary, you never visualized or called for the abuse that has and is being done to you, yet it happens. The way I see it, you need to know deep in your heart of hearts that this abuse is absolutely wrong. We are not put here on earth to have to endure this pain. However, after a lifetime of having to endure abuses of all nature, it could very well be that the people in your life are determined to put out the light of love that apparently still burns brightly in your heart. The demons in them cannot tolerate your bright love and will do everything to try to extinguish it. But, you will not let that happen. You can realize that they (yes, not you, but they) are extremely cruel and dark-spirited – and go your own way. Wish them well, pray they will not victimize anyone else and make your life knowing they are the culprits – and you are the flaming heart of love on this earth, the salt of the earth as Jesus has said. The salt is what will keep this earth going – not the dark spirits of evil that are prevalent right now on this planet. I wish you a world of love and the courage to see past the insane madness of the cruel people in your life. You are not like them (and that infuriates them…) Peace and love to you – and may God protect and guide you in your life. Sending my love.