Sananda: The Great Changeover Is Gaining Momentum

I am Sananda. I am here now with you in these times, in these grand momentous times of change which you are right in the midst of now. Everything is evolving and revolving around you and within you. So continue to allow the process of change to move through you. Do not shy away from it, for it is all purposeful. But the changes and the movement from the third-dimensional expression to the fourth and higher dimensional expression shall continue.

As you have mentioned within your discussion earlier, the momentum of those changes is increasing rapidly now. Everything at this time is certainly in flux as the light is pouring into the planet, and the vibrational frequency is increasing across the planet and bringing higher consciousness, bringing a knowing and a remembering to more and more people, as more and more are awakening from their slumber.

Yes, it appears to many of you at times as little is changing, it is the ‘same old, same old.’ But I can tell you now with complete certainty that it is not the same ‘same old, same old.’ What you are witnessing is the same playbook from those of the dark forces. That is why it seems the same, for they are showing the same. That playbook that they continue to utilize is known by those of the Forces of Light, including those of you who are a part of the Forces of Light.

You are a part of the Alliance. You may not even be aware of that. For you are the Awakened Ones. You are the ones that have come from many different systems, many different planets, to be a part of this changeover process here. And everything now is leading to this Great Changeover.

It appears now at this time that this Great Changeover will move ahead in small increments, and then gain more and more momentum, just as it is now. For you have been through the small increments, and the larger changes are upon you at this time.

All you need to do is to continue to be aware of what is happening, but not a part of what is happening, and not become re-attached back into the third-dimensional expression. But rather, look at it from afar, just as we are from our ships.

That is how we look at everything. We watch it play out, and we assist wherever we are able to. And that assistance is growing more and more now. For we are able, and encouraged, and allowed to intercede more and more, including the showing of our various ships to more and more people that are ready to become awakened to our presence.

The time is upon you now, each and every one of you, my brothers, my sisters, my friends, to continue to embrace the changes as they come. And also to continue to trust in the process. The process of your ascension. For all is included now in this process of ascension. All that is happening, all that is going now is moving now toward your own personal and collective ascension. You only need now to continue to trust and allow for everything to continue to play out.

Just as I have used this before, this idea of the finish line. Know now to that finish line is approaching, or rather you are approaching the finish line. All of you, just as when you run a marathon, it is mile upon mile, moving to the finish, where you have moved many miles to come to this finish line.

Just as when those are able to finish a marathon and they come toward the end, some will sprint to the finish line. They will get that added energy at the last moment to sprint across it. Others have lost some of their energy, but they still will make it, and are making it across the finish line. Others fall into walking to get there. They’ll get there, but it will be in a slower time, you might say.

And then others still have lost the complete energy to continue to move on. And that is where those of you that are in that sprinting motion, and sprint across the finish line, for you to step back. Go back across it and assist those that need assistance. They need the light. They need the energy. They need the truth to help them cross that line. That is where all of you come in, if you would but allow for that process within you.

I am Sananda. And I leave you now in peace, and love, and oneness. That you would continue to move freely toward this finish line. Allow the momentum to gain within all of you. And let the process within you continue to play out just as you destined for yourself long ago.

**Channel: James McConnell

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7 Replies to “Sananda: The Great Changeover Is Gaining Momentum”

  1. harrrrrie

    Emma, As we are discovering, we have so much to learn about everything in our universe as well as why being a Earth human is so special. We have been told we are the most psychically powerful beings in our universe. Creator needs us to be this strong for many reasons.
    We know Jesus occupied a human body while on Earth. We were told in the 70’s that he will reincarnate here again as a woman to teach more about love. This woman will not claim to be the soul of Jesus but I think we will eventually figure it out.
    As our souls spread everywhere, and pieces of our soul go into many bodies here on earth and through out the universe, so does Sananda’s. If he chooses to live in a body on a ship, the rest of his soul is spread out (as in energy) in to whatever form or forms he desires. Our souls are also magnificent and our souls spread into 1/2 million to a million incarnations throughout the universe for our and Creator’s learning.
    We have much to learn and we help ourselves to learn everything through our higher selves, souls, various spirits and material incarnations.
    All souls are equal and Jesus has said what he can do, we can do. When he was incarnated on Earth 2000 yrs ago, he was able to perform his miracles because the part of his soul he brought to Earth was 3 times bigger than the parts of soul we have and thus he was more powerful. For many millennia our souls sent to Earth the smallest piece that was needed for us to survive here. We needed to be almost powerless so we could learn our lessons.
    Now that Earth school is finished, we can concentrate on ascending into love, compassion, peace and kindness. As we are ascending, more and more of our soul is expressing its being. We will find we have many powers and as time marches on we will eventually regain all of our soul powers.
    Creator stated we are all equal and does not want to be worshipped, nor does Jesus. Jesus has stated many times he came to teach us about love and all its attributes, not to be a God figure.
    I’m so glad Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and many others came to Earth to teach us about love. And someday we will all be doing the same.
    I hope you are not offended I took this opportunity to give some of my knowledge. I love to pass it on. I hope it helps.

  2. Emma

    JmC is among those I trust, but I am surprised to read that Jesus (Sananda) is on a ship (flying ship), like he is incarnated.

    I know Asthar and Salusa is on ships, but Sananda?.

    Just like i.e AA Michael I would expect AA and Jesus to just be everywhere, not on ships.

  3. caroline

    I have seen the ships go over, such a magnificent sight. My first sighting was 2017. I love my family very much but none of them are awake, hopefully any seeds I have planted will awaken them soon like a light bulb being turned on.
    Much comfort from the messages of Sananda.

  4. Glenda Butcher

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us today, this is very, very informative and exciting, please continue to stay close at this time, I know you will, but these one on one conversations are so valuable to me. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon. With great love for you, Glenda Butcher from Stephens, Arkansas!!!