COVID Vaccines Linked To Plummeting Fertility Rate, German Study Finds

An alarming study out of Germany reveals a “strong association” between the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and a sudden and dramatic drop in fertility rates in Germany and Sweden.

According to Germany’s Federal Institute for Population Research, “there is a strong association between the onset of vaccination programmes and the fertility decline nine months after.”

The description of the study explained that the fertility drop did not take place during the pandemic until after the so-called vaccines were introduced.

“Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, several countries faced short-term fertility declines in 2020 and 2021, a development which did not materialize in Scandinavian and German-speaking countries. However, more recent birth statistics show a steep fertility decline in the aftermath of the pandemic in 2022.”

The study noted that Germany saw a 14% decline in Total Fertility Rate (TFR) between 2021-2022, and Sweden saw a 10% drop during the same period.

Additionally, the study made clear that the drop in fertility was not associated with the pandemic policies or COVID, but the jabs.

“There is no association of the fertility trends with changes in unemployment, infection rates, or COVID-19 deaths. However, there is a strong association between the onset of vaccination programmes and the fertility decline nine months after of this onset,” the study noted.

The fertility decline in the first months of 2022 in Germany and Sweden is remarkable. Common explanations of fertility change during the pandemic do not apply in its aftermath. The association between the onset of mass vaccinations and subsequent fertility decline indicates that people adjusted their behaviour to get vaccinated before becoming pregnant, as societies were opening up with post-pandemic life conditions.

The “implementation of [jab] programs in both Germany and Sweden coincide very well with a distinct change in fertility levels exactly nine months later…fertility rates remained at reduced level during the entire 1st half of 2022,” the study noted.

Not only has the overall fertility rate dropped, but the stillbirth rate has spiked in Germany and Sweden in 2021 and 2022 compared to 2020.

On a related note, a leaked email from a California hospital reports a marked increase in stillbirths since the COVID jab rollout.

**By Jamie White