The Pleiadians: Time for Vast Changes

Beloved ones we greet you,

Your Earth is shifting, like the sands in a desert. Be willing to allow the changes within your own consciousness as a complete metamorphosis begins to take place within you. Know that the time has arrived for these vast changes to occur within yourself and the earth plane. You and the Earth are transforming from one state of being into another. These shifts are radical and there will be a continual evolution that is to take place over the next calendar year.

We witness you as you navigate your way within life. There is a higher frequency open into the Earth’s atmosphere supporting you in entering a higher state of consciousness.  As the light on your planet intensifies further, another level of light is creating a shift to support you in launching yourself within a different framework within your life. The framework begins to align within your physical and energetic body creating a transmutation. These changes allow you to begin another element of your journey to unfold within your life as you live it now. Your own consciousness will be enabled to unfold into a higher realm of reality Truth.

This time is about dislodging yourself from the illusion of your ego mind. The launching takes place as you choose to release yourself, taking moments to view your ego mind’s misperception and bring yourself from that illusion into your Heart space. The essential piece is not to fight the illusion of your ego mind, merely to witness the dialogue presented by your mind and to move your awareness within the space of your Heart. Through this conscious action you contribute positively to the vast consciousness within humanity. You shift an aspect of the density of the illusion through identifying this illusion as it arises within you and in that moment re-orientating through your Heart to move beyond the illusion. As you allow moments of unfolding in your Heart you begin to recreate your own energetic profile and break aspects of the forged illusion in your world.

Know that during this time you are entering a phase of complete re-orientation to what is reality in your world. Beginning by giving yourself permission to consciously choose to enter Truth and experiencing the redesign of that Truth being made active in your life. To be enabled to move through your world in this diverse framework of reality made manifest. This manifestation is interwoven and created by the God consciousness state that interweaves through all life force in the Universe, which includes you! You are currently being made ready to re-enter this higher consciousness state, this is part of the mission that you have pre-agreed to participate.

Letting go involves your willingness to choose to believe that you play an essential role in the transformation of humanity on your earth plane. Knowing you hold the unique God frequency component within your makeup which brings a gift to humanity. Understanding that every human being carries a unique aspect within them, whether they are aware of this Truth or not. Your role is to hold this truth within you and walk through the world witnessing every individual in their potential to awaken to play their sacred roles when the time arises.

This is your time to begin to play your role consciously in the world. Not by making great announcements to others about this. You slowly quietly make this known to yourself, as you allow the opening and anchoring of this truth, breath this truth, you begin to make this manifest through you. Then the God light that is part of your Higher Self makeup begins to actively work within your day-to-day life. Allow the energy the essence of your own sacred life force to guide you in your day, allowing moments to reflect this truth and breath it into your cells allows this truth to merge within your consciousness. Create an infusion of this truth within.

The human dynamic on your planet is extreme and this entire playout creates a situation that has a root cause which arises from a lack of self-compassion. Through the basic misunderstanding of your human experience there is self-judgement which in turn opens the door to condemn other human beings. Judgement creates separation within you and your human ego mind creates a separation with others. Hence there are internal wars within yourself and external wars with people in your life.

Shifting your perceptions of who you are, who you have been in relationship with your human journey is essential for the ultimate success of your mission. Reviewing your life, the decisions you have made along the way, your interaction with family, friends and others is essential. Most importantly is for you to investigate where you continue to hold guilt, shame, the feelings of betrayal of anger, hatred…

In truth there are no wrong decisions or actions that you have created in your life. Simply put, you have created a series of situations to have experiences so you could learn. You were never a victim and others were never a victim. You came together with family, friends, acquaintances as a pre agreement to have these learning experiences. Everyone has played their roles perfectly, including yourself. You are not responsible for any other person’s feelings, experiences, or decisions.

This is the juncture for a new level of Community to be established and realized. These formations play a large role in the energetic covenant pre-agreements that has been made to implement a new divine order to be established on Earth. For this to be successful you are required to shift your current perception of your human idiosyncrasies, your imperfections. Letting go of the self-judgment of your human aspect and the illusion that you need to attain perfection to move into your enlightenment process.

Community is a group of people coming together with common goals for living. Each member of this community brings their own unique divine aspect of energy to the group. The heart is the tool that carries the unique divine component. Through your Heart you are unlike any other member within that group. Collectively that sacred aspect which resides within each person aligns, the purity of each one is merged to activate a creation principle to fulfill the mission that is held and built between you as a group Heart.

Within the group, one person is not greater or more than the other, each person brings their unique component to add to the collective. There is to be a group commitment, a promise made, to honor each other. To have compassion for each group member within their human component. There is a commitment to witness the Ego, and to not allow the Ego mind’s human element to create a separation within the group through judgement, creating rifts within the group itself. This doesn’t mean there will be perfection within the group, you are human, you will make mistakes. The journey within the community is about doing the best you can in each moment, knowing that there will be issues that arise and a willingness to accept the imperfection and to learn and grow.

As a human being you are vulnerable, this next step of your journey is to include inner work with your human component. The time is coming when the forming of these new communities will be necessary to your wellbeing. Creating a healthy relationship with your own human self is part of the work that you have come here to achieve. Balance between your human self and spiritual Higher Self is imperative for full self-realization.

Building an understanding of your human idiosyncrasies creates a liberation within you. The sense of freedom assists you in opening into a self-acceptance of your humanity. Self-acceptance is the action of self-love. Through this journey you unfold, not to achieve perfection as a human being, that is not possible. As a human being you are ‘perfectly imperfect’ and this will always be the case. Grow to love your imperfections and hold yourself with love, compassion, and patience as you make your way Home.

There is a powerful surge of higher energies coming onto the planet beginning in 2023, which are designed to work with Community groups. These light patterns are specifically designed to allow communities to utilize pure patterns of consciousness to become more united within their collective Hearts. These unions of the Heart will launch a higher framework of consciousness on Earth, setting in motion waves of the new frequencies of a higher order for the planet.

You hold the torch for the Earth. The flame of this torch is within your Heart cells, each cell has a small flame which is alight. We witness you as you step forward and take your place.


The Pleiadians

**Channel: Christine Day


13 Replies to “The Pleiadians: Time for Vast Changes”

  1. Nick

    I knew yesterday what I was to do.. I am to move on in my journey she said it is time to accept who I am for myself. I am love I am light I am soul invocation I am you I am divinity I AM ! Love and light show me my subconscious and I finally love Myself to be me… I will always love you Ellen Francis West 5/6/1969—6/14/2022 .thank you for your guidance and support in believing in me! until the next time my love. yours always, Nick.

  2. Dhara Wood

    Non-interference is the rule those who are assisting the Earth and humanity. However, there is one exception to that rule. Nuclear war will not be allowed to happen again, because of what happened centuries ago when the dark forces destroyed planets and humans (splitting and scattering soul energies so they had to scooped up to return to them) The dark forces understand this but continue to use the threat of nuclear war to create fear and submission to their absolute control agendas, including forced toxic and deadly vaccinations.

  3. Wiseman

    Again we r hearing the group give mind propaganda, truth be told most souls have zero interest in a future without free thinking and individual EGO I will NEVER conform to a hive mind, same as communism, is it not??

  4. There is path

    There are still negative rulers who hide in shadows plus their toplet bombs tied to humans auric field . When they are gone then will something energic happen.

    1. edgyLORDzzxc

      ToPlEt BoMbS bro ??


      You gotta ask yourself which one is more powerful :

      Your consciousness as a divine fractal of the Divine Source itself

      Or these puny as heck toplet bombs that apparently is getting so many aliens in a scare mode and cant do sht because of it ?


      Never underestimate yourselves dude


      they are actually non-issue

      the real issue here is on the awakening humanity itself and how many are there now !!

      with enough awakened humanity, aware of their divine powers as a fractal of the divine source ,,

      these toplet bombs or any other obstacles there is can be yeeted out of existence in an instant !! LMAO

      Aliens won’t do the heavy lifting for us, they cannot and they should not

      what erases these toplet bombs or any of that lame weapons and “obstacles” are humanity’s awakened divine consciousness itself


      Divine Source is all-powerful and omnipotent, with a snap of a finger, solid I AM decrees, every problem is solved. What are we !? ASPECTS OF SOURCE


      stop waiting for aliens or anyone outside of yourselves to save any of you,

      with just an awareness of your divine powers, you can decree these obstacles like these lame toplet bombs be yeeted out of existence now

      It’s that simple.

      Quit underestimating yourselves lmao

  5. edgeLORD

    all in divine timing, people
    No one can say the exact date, and if they are saying exact dates, its often to mislead the enemy
    or make a fool of you, or both !!
    “No one” [emphasis] can say the exact date peeps. take a hint lmaaaoooo
    take a hint !! HAHAHAHA

  6. khann61

    If that leap into ascension means dying in global thermonuclear war, then January 2023 sounds about right.

    1. edgeLORD

      LMAO DUDE, why you do this to yourself ??

      i dunno if YOU even want to ascend above 3D or not ,,

      but throughout your posts here, it’s often negativity, defeatist, powerless attitude nonsense

      you deadass just keep using the divine power of your consciousness to give more energy (attention) to negative scenarios and events that has zero chance of happening LOL

      and if it “did” happen, is nothing but a planned “scare event” thats a total dud !! Lmaaaooo

      don’t tell me you are waiting for aliens or these “space going Bonobos plonobos” (your words) to rescue humanity ? still waiting for some knight in shining armor to save the day

      duuude lmao, cmon man, i told you already, and so are many other postz here ,,

      that these aliens are in the SUPPORT role, humanity are the real heavy lifters here .


      so if you want to contribute in humanity getting out of this mess,

      then i suggest you start using the power of your consciousness and attention in WILLING the best outcome for yourself and everyone and

      stop giving attention to the things you dont want to happen to you and the rest of humanity !

      being in the victim/defeatist/powerless mindset right now is not gonna help !! lmao, you doing yourself a disservice

      Do some shadow work, dude, meditate, study and practice some Franz Bardon or Neville Goddard teachings or something like that

      and actually use your divine consciousness powers for something worthwhile

      rather than using it to pay attention to these mess AND letting it affect you negatively (and thus you empower it because of that), causing you to have these defeatist/victim/powerless mindset kekmao

      but hey dude, just my suggestions ya know, i aint your dad

      but i gotta say, you, and others out there who has a defeatist/powerless/victim mindset, are REALLY doing yourselves a disservice man, you peeps are better than that LMAAAOOO !!!

      1. khann61

        Allright dude, yeah man gnarly, cool dude. I learned my lesson bro-tato-chip. I have to be like Bro-methius and lift the world up on my shoulders with my cool vibes bro. Really bra, all I have to do is chill and everything be chill. 😎 🤙
        Thanks Bra, your are so chill n shit. 😎

        1. edgeLORD


          yea you gotta chill bruh

          so if you wanna help improve your life

          dont take anything seriously

          Relax and chill

          and focus on good stuff brah

          If you wanna read the news and be aware of the negative stuff thats ok .

          Just don’t let it negatively affect you broooo LMAOOO LOL XD HAHA kekw

    2. Emma

      I think you will create your own timeline where you die in a nuclear war, and the rest of us is on another timeline where things get better and better and better.

      You cannot get what you do not believe, and seems you do not believe things are getting better and we are winning battles often in this abnormal war.

      I hope you will train everyday to look for winnings, and join the better timeline. Sort of like edgeLORD says.

  7. Katarina

    Possibly the most accurate chanelling to date – the anchoring of the new cosmic energies into our galaxy began in March 2020 and the final anchoring was completed on 5/11/22. Our planet will be functioning off the higher cosmic energies of peace, love and light from March 2023. Humanity is now required to attune with these energies so that we may become one with them. The final leap into our ascension will occur in January 2023.

    May peace, love and light reign.

    1. Nick

      I knew yesterday what I was to do.. I am to move on in my journey she said it is time to accept who I am for myself. I am love I am light I am soul invocation I am you I am divinity I AM ! Love and light show me my subconscious and I finally love Myself to be me… I will always love you Ellen Francis West 5/6/1969—6/14/2022 .thank you for your guidance and support in believing in me! until the next time my love. yours always, Nick.